Five New Theaters Options For Fandango Movie Tickets

On Wednesday, at Cinemacom, Fandango, a popular subsidiary of NBC Universal, welcomed five new theaters to its already extensive list of viewing options. Malco Theatres, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Frank Theatres, NCG Cinemas, and Paragon Theaters bring the enterprise’s already impressive offerings up to more than 23,000 choices for cinema attendees in the United States, and represent a whopping 83% of the country’s theaters. Now your Fandango Movie Tickets are more widely available.

Check out the new movie theaters at Fandango NCG. Now with even more options and locations to choose from.

While Fandango’s connections include mega theater ventures like Cinemark, with nearly 4,500 screens, the latest additions to the cinematic family extend the theater advantage by more than 1,000 options. Malco and its screens in Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee; Frank Theaters in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; Goodrich locations in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan; and Paragon screens found in Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida will all help Fandango offer the best in cinema resources. What’s more, independent operations across the country can now get a piece of the action, thanks to Fandango Movie Tickets’ new connection Veezi Cinema and its management software.

Fandango is the most popular and comprehensive source of movie information available online. It has one of the largest mobile apps in Apple’s app store, and it offers gift cards for use with any major credit card. The site can be accessed via most modern mobile devices such as phones or tablets, offering customers a choice in how they access their favorite movies.

Fandango Movie Tickets

The online movie resource offers an extensive range of services, from basic information to trailers and special offers, to gift cards and contests. It can be easily accessed through a variety of mobile and online apps, like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Almost half of all movie tickets purchased in 2014 were purchased online, and current downloads of Fandango’s apps exceed 40 million. Times are constantly shifting the face of entertainment and this popular service is leading the latest shifts.

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Dead Space 2 Review

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The ‘survival  horror’ genre in gaming has long been defined and therefore dominated by one franchise, and rightly so. Since 1997, the Resident Evil series has shocked, horrified and captivated gore loving thrill seekers across a number of different platforms. The combination of a deep involving plot, intense tactical combat and mind-bending puzzle sections made what fans affectionately termed ‘Resi’ a hit, time after time.

The series has of course spawned imitators – Silent Hill anyone? But nothing has really challenged Resi’s crown until now. In 2008 Dead Space came along, a 3rd person action-horror game that combined the helpless isolation of deep space with blood hungry beasts and a slew weaponry that could blast a hole in a barn door. The tense storyline complete with obligatory twists completed the picture and lead many to question if Resident Evil had met its match.

The second instalment of Dead Space confirms that the adventurers of Issac Clarke, a deep space engineer thrust into a world of religious cults, grotesque scientific experiments and deadly, mutated beings (Necromorphs) certainly holds its own against the original survival horror brand.

While Dead Space 2 doesn’t offer anything particularly revolutionary over its predecessor, it does deliver more of the same unbearably tense thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. This time round Isaac must navigate a vast space station that was once inhabited by humans but now lays in ruins, destroyed by corporations carrying out medical experiments.

The setting is far more shall we say, familiar than the original which took place on a ship, locations are recognisable as Apartment blocks, Schools and Churches, albeit futuristic interpretations. This does not make the game anymore ’homely’, in fact witnessing infected infants crawl towards you in a School hall emitting a piercing scream  is unsettling to say the least.

The weapons and upgrade system makes a return, old favourites like the Ripper, a powerful buzz saw are present alongside a few newcomers. The detonator emits proximity mines, useful for protecting yourself against hoards of enemies, while the Javelin gun fires metal bolts that pin Necromorphs to the wall where you can finish them off with a swipe of the fist, conserving ammo for later.

One welcome addition to Dead Space is an overhaul of the zero gravity sections. Now, by tapping the left stick Issac can use the thrusters on his suit to glide around freely in the environment , touching down where ever he pleases.

The fact that not much has changed in Dead Space is largely irrelevant, the format is still as fresh and chilling as it was back in late 2008, and the development of the gripping, unpredictable plot will be enough to tempt most fans back for a second helping. Dead Space 2 proves that the franchise can really it cut it with the best and in my opinion, beats Resident Evil at its own game.

A true masterpiece: 9/10



Joe is a gaming enthusiast working for a company that sell Ford Fiesta lease deals, he could do with the biggest and best people carrier to trasnport all his games from place to place! You can follow Joe on Twitter @joe__johnson__

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Three Brilliant Super Bowl Ads 2011

Super Bowl is done and dusted for another year and this year meant another crammed schedule of ads. The fact is that advertising in the time slot of the Super Bowl means you are going to reach an excess of around 95 million people and this is in the US alone. With this in mind advertisers try to make their ads the best they can be as even converting a fraction of this amount of people to sales would be a huge gain for a business despite it costing hundreds of millions to advertise during the big game.

So without further ado here are some of the best ads of this year’s Super Bowl.

VW- The Force

This ad was my favourite and not just because I am a huge Star Wars fan but because the ad made me smile. The great thing about this ad is that it doesn’t reveal the identity of the child meaning it could be a boy or a girl and for me this is encouraging as there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there that are women.

Bridgestone Beaver

Again this was another ad that made me chuckle and it is hard not to laugh at a beaver doing the respect sign to a human. I love that the whole ad has a back story and although the camera zooms onto the tyres a couple of times you are not force fed the brand until the very end.

Doritos- Pug

The Doritos adverts are a bit of a tradition on the Super Bowl and this year was no different. The favourite for me this year was most certainly the Pug advert. As soon as you see the dog running at top speed towards the guy you know it’s coming, you know he is going to get crushed but yet it is still funny when you see it happen.

You can see just by these three ads that the advertisers pull out all of the stops for Super Bowl and with all the money they are spending it makes perfect sense to do so.

Ryan is a sports fan working for a company that deal with baby friendly holidays and you can find him on Twitter @ryanogs.