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Identifying a Literary Fiction

People oftentimes become confused about the difference of the literary fiction from other kinds of fictions just like the commercial fiction.    For this issue, lots of opinions have been made.  A lot of times, this topic has been subject to debates. Sometimes, even writers would be confused.  Hence, it is essential to know the similarities and the difference of literary fiction to others.

So, how do you describe literary fiction? To start off, confronting life as it is, is the way for literary fiction. The conflict and the action in this kind of fiction does not have much difference. This type of fiction confronts issues that are related to the conditions of human beings. The critical thinking of the readers are challenged and provoked by literary fiction. Literary fiction is made usually in a beautiful manner, making these famous for their awards from different award-giving bodies. The character and the expression are the aspects where literary fiction puts focus on. The conflict in the story may or may not be resolved in the end.

Yet, there are things which are common to all types of fictions. Such qualities are ignored by authors and writers.  This, knowing these similarities is essential. Correct grammar and editions is important for a fiction to be considered as a good one. It is also important that it is character-driven. The readers’ emotions are evoked because of how well the piece has been written. The readers would easily understand it because of the concreteness of the piece.

One would ask himself if it is necessary to label his work as a literary fiction or some other type.  Nope, this is not necessary to do.  However, it is a good thing that you would understand how a fiction is made so that you will be able to write the correct one if you are planning to write your very first literary novel.

Home Rental Trials internet tv Netflix

Three Brilliant Super Bowl Ads 2011

Super Bowl is done and dusted for another year and this year meant another crammed schedule of ads. The fact is that advertising in the time slot of the Super Bowl means you are going to reach an excess of around 95 million people and this is in the US alone. With this in mind advertisers try to make their ads the best they can be as even converting a fraction of this amount of people to sales would be a huge gain for a business despite it costing hundreds of millions to advertise during the big game.

So without further ado here are some of the best ads of this year’s Super Bowl.

VW- The Force

This ad was my favourite and not just because I am a huge Star Wars fan but because the ad made me smile. The great thing about this ad is that it doesn’t reveal the identity of the child meaning it could be a boy or a girl and for me this is encouraging as there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there that are women.

Bridgestone Beaver

Again this was another ad that made me chuckle and it is hard not to laugh at a beaver doing the respect sign to a human. I love that the whole ad has a back story and although the camera zooms onto the tyres a couple of times you are not force fed the brand until the very end.

Doritos- Pug

The Doritos adverts are a bit of a tradition on the Super Bowl and this year was no different. The favourite for me this year was most certainly the Pug advert. As soon as you see the dog running at top speed towards the guy you know it’s coming, you know he is going to get crushed but yet it is still funny when you see it happen.

You can see just by these three ads that the advertisers pull out all of the stops for Super Bowl and with all the money they are spending it makes perfect sense to do so.

Ryan is a sports fan working for a company that deal with baby friendly holidays and you can find him on Twitter @ryanogs.


Reading Novels an Adventure in Itself

Reading for the sheer pleasure of it is one of the most satisfying pursuits one could have. This is because there are just so many worlds waiting to be discovered and so many characters that are waiting to be introduced to you and so many ideas needing to be shared. Knowledge has been mainly spread by the act of reading, and to have some enjoyment while doing so is truly special.

Novels form a major part of what is read for enjoyment. It is mainly fictional, which deal with an event or several events that are not based in real life. Facts take a back seat to the richness of an author’s imagination, to the inventiveness and creativity which his writing ability and experience allows. This is usually the case even tough novels could at times be based upon something that is real or factual. In any case, reading, and reading novels in particular, could be adventures by themselves.

Speaking of adventure, one of the best sources of that in fiction is the so-called mystery novel. These types of novel usually involve a crime to be solved, and it is this element of mystery which has captured the imagination of countless readers. Those who begin reading the best of these types of novels find themselves drawn in by the skillfully weaved tangle of crime. Readers find themselves drawn in, and read on until the end, when the mystery is solved.

And the obviously named adventure novel also draws plenty of readers because it usually involves much action and risk. In it, a hero usually goes on a quest or difficult undertaking, exposing himself to countless perils along the way.

Reading to enjoy is an action that can be beneficial in so many ways. First off, it helps in keeping the mind active, as the reader is actively thinking and anticipating what would happen next. And so in the process, it becomes an adventure in itself, with the reader taking the role of hero who conquers the day in the end.


How Social Games Keep Customers Coming Back

One of the most popular features of social media sites is the various social games.  Some reports show that millions of people are actively playing various games every day and the number of new players continues to climb at a breakneck pace.  How is this type of growth possible in such a short amount of time?  The answer is glaringly simple.

Reward Customers for the Right Actions

The various makers of 3D games have used different reward systems to get people interested in not just playing but in continued repeat visits to the site.  For instance, some rewards are free giveaways to people just for showing up at the site.  Other rewards are based on a time limit.  Some of the time limits involve tasks that can be completed in a matter of minutes.  Other tasks take hours or even a full day to accomplish.  This keeps people interested in coming back at a later date to check on the status of their efforts.

Give Customers the Controls

Another feature that is such a drawing point for newcomers is the control people have within the game.  Regardless of whether the player is building a farm, operating an automobile shop or designing a city, the player can make numerous changes and modifications with simple clicks.  These clicks are interactive and allow the players to feel that they are immersed in this new world even though their actions are limited mouse movements.

Promote Across Brands

A popular marketing tactic that has been around for years is the cross promotion of sister products.  A large corporation that manufactures floor cleaner may send out coupons for a new mop.  Snack manufacturers have been bought by soft drink companies so that each product could refer customers to the other product.  The same is being done with social games.  Some of the bigger players in the social game industry are playing to their strengths by promoting their new games to their existing base of customers.  This draws in new people based on the familiarity of the existing brand name.

Viral Has its Advantages

Besides the rewards system and the interaction with players, another tool used by social games is the viral component.  People on social sites see new updates about a friend’s progress in a game through the chat feed.  This encourages people that have not tried the game to investigate and see what all of the buzz is about.