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Hey there, movie lovers! Ever craving a cinematic escape but lost in a sea of theater choices? Well, buckle up, because I’m here to introduce you to NCG Cinemas, your one-stop shop for silver screen adventures!

NGC Cinema Movies

Movie Selection

Want to discover hidden gems from independent auteurs? Dive into their carefully curated selection. Planning a family outing? Their animation havens and kid-friendly features are sure to be a hit!

A Movie Feast for Every Palate: Exploring the Diverse Delights of NCG Cinemas. Ah, the movies! But the magic truly unfolds beyond the silver screen, and NCG Cinemas knows just how to sprinkle extra pixie dust on your cinematic experience. So, dim the house lights, cinephiles, and let me, your friendly neighborhood movie journalist, unveil the treasure trove of amenities that await you at NCG.

Concession Delights: First things first, the concession stand beckons like a siren song. Imagine buttery popcorn, its aroma swirling like movie trailer montages in your head. Hot dogs snap and sizzle, promising a symphony of salty satisfaction. Candy bars in rainbow hues gleam like buried treasure, and don’t forget the mountains of nachos, ready to be conquered with an arsenal of cheese and salsa. But NCG’s menu isn’t a one-note ballad. Think gourmet pizzas, tempting flatbreads, and even juicy plant-based options to keep everyone’s taste buds happy.

Arcade Intermission: Now, let’s say your movie has a particularly epic intermission. Don’t just scroll through your phone in the lobby! NCG’s arcades are brimming with classic games and modern thrills.


And let’s not forget the amenities that make the movie magic complete. Concessions stands overflowing with buttery popcorn and your favorite candy? Check! Arcades to unleash your inner child before the show? You bet! And for the grown-ups, there are even swanky bars to sip on a cocktail while you dissect the plot twists.

Customer Service

They’re there to answer your burning questions about which popcorn bucket is the real MVP, help you navigate the latest blockbuster labyrinth, and make sure your experience is smooth sailing from ticket purchase to post-credits applause. No grumpy ushers or ticket-ripping robots here, just smiles, helpful directions, and a genuine passion for film fueling their every interaction.

Sweet Deals and Perks Galore: And let’s not forget the icing on the cinematic cake: NCG’s commitment to making your wallet happy too. Think Tuesday deals that slash prices to make even the most frugal cinephile squeal with glee, loyalty programs that shower you with rewards the more you movie (popcorn on the house, anyone?), and special events that bring the community together through the power of film.

Now, grab your tickets, rally your movie-loving crew, and get ready to experience the magic of NCG! Just remember, don’t blame me if you end up addicted to their buttered popcorn – it’s a serious cinematic game-changer.

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Why Netflix’s Streaming Ads Are a Game Changer

Netflix’s choice to integrate streaming promotions into their foundation has been met with progress, as indicated by a new report. The investigation discovered that more individuals favor streaming promotions over customary television ads, and that Netflix’s customized way to deal with publicizing is changing the game for the business. Find out why this trend is spreading and what it means for advertising’s future.

Netflix's streaming ads

What are the streaming ads on Netflix?

Short promotional videos that play between episodes of a TV show or movie are Netflix’s streaming ads. These advertisements, in contrast to standard TV commercials, are tailored to the interests and viewing habits of the audience. As a result, viewers are more likely to interact with the advertisements and find them relevant to their interests. The advertising industry is being transformed by Netflix’s streaming ads, which offer a more personalized and targeted approach to advertising.

How are they not the same as customary advertisements?

There are a number of ways that Netflix’s streaming ads differ from traditional ads. First, they are tailored to the interests and previous viewing habits of the viewer, making them more relevant and engaging. Second, because they are usually only a few seconds long, viewers are less likely to tune them out or skip them. Finally, rather than interfering with the content, they are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience, playing in between episodes of a movie or television show. Netflix’s streaming ads are a game-changer for the advertising industry because of all of these factors.

What advantages do they provide advertisers?

The streaming ads on Netflix have a number of advantages for advertisers. They, first and foremost, consider profoundly focused on and customized publicizing, in light of the watcher’s advantages and review history. This implies that promoters can contact their ideal crowd all the more successfully, expanding the possibilities of change. Furthermore, the more limited length of the advertisements implies that watchers are less inclined to block out or skip them, expanding the possibilities of commitment. Lastly, the ads’ seamless integration into the viewing experience reduces viewers’ likelihood of being interrupted or irritated, enhancing the user experience as a whole. Netflix’s streaming ads are an appealing option for advertisers looking for a more engaging and effective method of reaching their target audience.

What advantages do they provide to viewers?

Advertisers and viewers alike benefit from Netflix’s streaming advertisements. Viewers are more likely to see advertisements that are relevant to and interesting to them due to the ads’ highly targeted and personalized nature, as opposed to generic advertisements that may not be of interest. Additionally, viewers are less likely to experience interruptions or disruptions in their viewing experience due to the shorter length of the advertisements. A more positive user experience can result from this, which is crucial for retaining viewers and keeping them engaged with the platform.

How might they affect advertising in the future?

The advertising industry could be completely transformed by Netflix’s streaming ads. Advertisers are able to reach their desired audience more effectively and efficiently by providing ads that are highly personalized and targeted. This could result in a shift away from traditional advertising strategies like print ads and commercials on television to digital and more personalized ones. Additionally, the positive user experience that comes with ads that are shorter and more relevant may increase viewers’ engagement and loyalty, which are essential for the success of any advertising platform. In general, Netflix’s streaming ads are revolutionary and have the potential to influence advertising’s future for many years to come.

Disney Netflix

Disney Channel Stars

You may be familiar with Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Zendaya, but there are some up and coming Disney Channel Stars and a couple from the past that you have not heard of. Take a look at our list of new and old lesser-known Disney Stars.

Disney Channel Star HENRY HODGES:

Where was he born: Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Current shows: Nothing on-screen or Broadway since 2010

Past shows: FILM-2008 Snow Buddies, Space Buddies-2010 See You in September — BROADWAY- Chip’s replacement in 2004–2005 Beauty and the Beast, Jeremy Potts in 2005 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Michael Banks in 2006–2008 Mary Poppins, Fleance in 2008 Macbeth, Understudies for Archie, Evan, Richie & Simon in 2008–2009 13 —

Most famous roles: Horace Robedaux(Age 14) in The Orphans’ Home Cycle


Where was he born: 1997 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Quinn Lord Disney Channel Stars
Disney Channel Stars

Current shows: 2020 Mattie Sullivan in the TV Series The F1rst Team

Past shows: Ant farm, Dexter, and Shorts

Most famous roles: Fletcher Quimby in A.N.T. Farm & Scott Smith in Dexter


Where was she born: San Marcos, California USA

Which Schools did she attend: Laurel Hall School, Campbell Hall School, and Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks

Family and relationships: Mother Eileen Joy Davis and actor father Bill Mumy

Current shows: Leni Loud in the Loud House Movie (voice only)

Past shows: Scrubs, The 70’s Show, Strong Medicine, My Wife, and Kids, Twighlight one, Crossing Jordan, Backyardigans, Help me Help you, Fresh off the boat, and The Leaner

Most famous roles: Cheaper by the Dozen 1&2, and, The Santa Clause 1&2


Where was she born: Riverside, California, USA

Current shows: The Voice of Ruby in Day by Day

Past shows: Medium, Masha and the Bear, and Castle Rock

Most famous roles: Voice of Agnes in Despicable Me 1&2

In 2018 was nominated for 23 different awards and WON 10 of them


Where was she born: Atlanta, Georgia,

Family and relationships: Her Parents are Rodney & Robyn Simpson Reid and her siblings are Older brother Josh; and also two elder sisters, Iman and Paris.

Current shows: Voice of Nia in Bravest knight and plays Gia Bennett in Euphoria

Past shows: A cross to bear, The Thundermans, Adam DeVine’s House Party, Twang, and NCIS Los Angelas amongst many others

In 2018 was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards for Fantasy Movie Actress for A Wrinkle in Time

In 2009 was nominated for the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Breakthrough Role in a motion picture

Nominated in 2020 for BET Award “YoungStars Award”


Where was he born: United Kingdom

Family and relationships: Parents Chris Jupe (filmmaker) and
Katy Cavanagh(actress): has a younger sister and brother

Current shows: Undoing and A Quiet Place II

Past shows: Downtown Abbey, Penny Dreadful, A Song for Jenny, and The Last Dragon Slayer to mention a few

Most famous roles: His role in 2016 The Night Manager.


Where was she born: Plano Texas USA

Which Schools did he attend: Cathryn Sullivan Acting for Film

Current shows: Diane Johnson in Black-ish

Past shows: Secured a major commercial campaign nationally with Meineke

Was nominated for the BET awards 2017/8 and won it in 2019/20
Was nominated in 2019/20 for the Black Reel Awards for Television
In her short career, she has won and or been nominate for many more awards.


I Had The Wrong Idea About Rogue One Star Wars

Rogue One Star Wars photo
Photo by Montage Communications

I found myself watching Rogue One Star Wars, even though I’ve told myself repeatedly that I didn’t need to buy a ticket for yet another Star Wars movie. An editor for a prominent Website forgot he was invited to a press screening, thus I ended up with the excuse that I was watching this film for journalism’s sake. By the time I walked out, I was forced to admit I loved Rogue One more than any Star Wars movie I’ve watched since 1980.

That’s not to say that Rogue One doesn’t have problems. Our main characters feel like they could have been a generic band of rebels if it weren’t for the actors carrying the story along, but that was true of the original trilogy as well. Despite a lack of character development, this is a promising start to Disney‘s anthology Star Wars movies. These will explore additional stories outside of the main plot. Rogue One focused on how the Rebel Alliance stole the plans for the original Death Star. This helps the plot to tie into that of the original blockbuster.

Each of the main Star Wars movies features a plot that focuses on grand heroes on a massive adventure that pits the forces of one major faction against another. It’s extremely satisfying to finally watch a Star Wars movie that focuses on the triumphs of people who otherwise would have been footnotes to fictional history. The story is compelling, many characters are memberable and the outcome of the movie is not expected.


Five New Theaters Options For Fandango Movie Tickets

On Wednesday, at Cinemacom, Fandango, a popular subsidiary of NBC Universal, welcomed five new theaters to its already extensive list of viewing options. Malco Theatres, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Frank Theatres, NCG Cinemas, and Paragon Theaters bring the enterprise’s already impressive offerings up to more than 23,000 choices for cinema attendees in the United States, and represent a whopping 83% of the country’s theaters. Now your Fandango Movie Tickets are more widely available.

Check out the new movie theaters at Fandango NCG. Now with even more options and locations to choose from.

While Fandango’s connections include mega theater ventures like Cinemark, with nearly 4,500 screens, the latest additions to the cinematic family extend the theater advantage by more than 1,000 options. Malco and its screens in Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee; Frank Theaters in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; Goodrich locations in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan; and Paragon screens found in Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida will all help Fandango offer the best in cinema resources. What’s more, independent operations across the country can now get a piece of the action, thanks to Fandango Movie Tickets’ new connection Veezi Cinema and its management software.

Fandango is the most popular and comprehensive source of movie information available online. It has one of the largest mobile apps in Apple’s app store, and it offers gift cards for use with any major credit card. The site can be accessed via most modern mobile devices such as phones or tablets, offering customers a choice in how they access their favorite movies.

Fandango Movie Tickets

The online movie resource offers an extensive range of services, from basic information to trailers and special offers, to gift cards and contests. It can be easily accessed through a variety of mobile and online apps, like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Almost half of all movie tickets purchased in 2014 were purchased online, and current downloads of Fandango’s apps exceed 40 million. Times are constantly shifting the face of entertainment and this popular service is leading the latest shifts.


MovieClips Site Just Purchased By Fandango

The popular ticketing website, Fandango, has just purchased MovieClips in an effort to expand its database of accessible movies. The merged company will be called Fandango MovieClips. All the great ticketing options and now with movie content.

Fandango is a fruitful movie company that sells movie tickets for more than 23,000 theaters across the United States. The company did not release any information on the financial aspects of the deal, but the business deal will surely give the company some extra footing in the movie business.

Fandango MovieClips
dbreen / Pixabay

MovieClips is a company that places clips from popular movies and puts them on YouTube for people to view. The company monetizes the clips and earns profits through advertisements. Check out their Youtube Channel to see examples of such movies.

MovieClip’s network has more than 25 YouTube channels in it, and each channel contains a wide variety of movie clips. In total, MovieClips has more than 45,000 curated clips that it displays on a daily basis. The video below was recently published of clips from the 2020 Best Picture Nominees

2020 Best Picture Nominees | Movieclips

The merger between Fandango and MovieClips will enable the companies to monetize the licensed clips to which MovieClips has access. User can give a Fandango MovieClips review to share their experiences after the merger.