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How to play Guitar for Beginners

Have you started playing guitar lately? It’s hard when you are starting out and when you have a very few resources. But there are actually some things you need to do first to make the most of your guitar playing. Once you focus on these guidelines, you’ll be off the beginner phase already. Try to check on them on these ways on how to play guitar for beginners.

Get a good guitar

First and foremost, one should have a good guitar. One that sounds well and that is fine with your playing. If you are still planning to buy, you might want to check on this checklist to get the best guitar:

  • It should tune well
  • Stays in tune
  • You should like it
  • Comfortable
  • It should be audible enough or no blockage from its sound for acoustic, while electric should sound well when plug (without any hissing or muffing)
  • Complete strings

It’s quite simple, but some people just go through buying a guitar without checking these things, resulting to returns or other repairs.

Practice chords and play a song

Learning chords is one of the hardest part of the beginner phase. However, to play guitar you’ll have to learn this first. To start learning, you’ll need to devote time and patience. An hour a day is fine. The technique here is to learn the easiest chords, which includes C, D, E, G, and A. Exclude the F and B first. From those chords, you can already play a song. Find those songs and sing through them. Once you learn a song you’ll b e able to learn a lot, you sing through a song, you improve timing, you improve chord transition, you don’t mind much about forming chords and so on. Learning songs is a technique to help you learn the chords quick. Over time you’ll gain the strength of the finger and thus helping you form more chords.

Learning guitar scales

You should learn guitar scales as early as you can. This will easily enhance your skills in both rhythm guitar playing and much especially with lead. This is where you understand the keys of a major scale and learn to transpose them in the fret board. It’s simple once you know how the major scale looks in the fret board. It stays the same among other chords as well. So a C major scale that starts at the 8th fret can turn into another key, let’s say G major when started on the third fret.

Once you knew these concepts and guitar tips, your playing also develops. It swiftly makes you become a beginner to an amateur and well-trained guitarist. You’ve got nothing to lose, start your journey as a true guitarist today.

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When Should You Pay for a Cell Phone Lookup?

Finding the information associated with the owner or user of a particular cell phone has become a very lucrative business, and it has done so in a very short amount of time.  It was not too long ago that services like the White Pages online came to be, and in a few short decades these outlets have grown in size and application tremendously.  Today’s services are employed for a variety of reasons, some of which still include the original novelty and entertainment of the first uses as well as modern applications in locating individuals for profit.

The task of locating the owner or operator information for a given cell phone is called a reverse cell phone lookup, or in many cases, just a cell phone lookup.  The companies that provide this information are numerous, and depending on what type of information is needed, they can charge for their services.  There are many options for free cell phone lookup information, but these usually only return the minimum information available, and some only return initials and the city of registration for a reverse cell phone lookup free of charge.

Some of the more popular services like, and, of course, the original,, do offer these free search options, but the best and most accurate information is within the paid options.  These options allow access to search databases and return much more detailed and reliable information than can found through most free services. Just as laptops used to cost over $2,000 and now you can find new laptops under 300 dollars, advancing technology will force the price down for other technology, including cell phones and cell phone services.  While basic services are free now, even detailed cell phone lookup information should be inexpensive or free in the future.

One way to test the accuracy of the information provided through various outlets is to take some well-known information and see what returns are found for it.  Using one’s own number is often the best way to do this, and by simply comparing the free results from other providers or even from a search engine like Google, one can quickly estimate the reliability of different information providers.

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Dead Space 2 Review

The cover depicts the words Dead Space in blac...
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The ‘survival  horror’ genre in gaming has long been defined and therefore dominated by one franchise, and rightly so. Since 1997, the Resident Evil series has shocked, horrified and captivated gore loving thrill seekers across a number of different platforms. The combination of a deep involving plot, intense tactical combat and mind-bending puzzle sections made what fans affectionately termed ‘Resi’ a hit, time after time.

The series has of course spawned imitators – Silent Hill anyone? But nothing has really challenged Resi’s crown until now. In 2008 Dead Space came along, a 3rd person action-horror game that combined the helpless isolation of deep space with blood hungry beasts and a slew weaponry that could blast a hole in a barn door. The tense storyline complete with obligatory twists completed the picture and lead many to question if Resident Evil had met its match.

The second instalment of Dead Space confirms that the adventurers of Issac Clarke, a deep space engineer thrust into a world of religious cults, grotesque scientific experiments and deadly, mutated beings (Necromorphs) certainly holds its own against the original survival horror brand.

While Dead Space 2 doesn’t offer anything particularly revolutionary over its predecessor, it does deliver more of the same unbearably tense thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. This time round Isaac must navigate a vast space station that was once inhabited by humans but now lays in ruins, destroyed by corporations carrying out medical experiments.

The setting is far more shall we say, familiar than the original which took place on a ship, locations are recognisable as Apartment blocks, Schools and Churches, albeit futuristic interpretations. This does not make the game anymore ’homely’, in fact witnessing infected infants crawl towards you in a School hall emitting a piercing scream  is unsettling to say the least.

The weapons and upgrade system makes a return, old favourites like the Ripper, a powerful buzz saw are present alongside a few newcomers. The detonator emits proximity mines, useful for protecting yourself against hoards of enemies, while the Javelin gun fires metal bolts that pin Necromorphs to the wall where you can finish them off with a swipe of the fist, conserving ammo for later.

One welcome addition to Dead Space is an overhaul of the zero gravity sections. Now, by tapping the left stick Issac can use the thrusters on his suit to glide around freely in the environment , touching down where ever he pleases.

The fact that not much has changed in Dead Space is largely irrelevant, the format is still as fresh and chilling as it was back in late 2008, and the development of the gripping, unpredictable plot will be enough to tempt most fans back for a second helping. Dead Space 2 proves that the franchise can really it cut it with the best and in my opinion, beats Resident Evil at its own game.

A true masterpiece: 9/10



Joe is a gaming enthusiast working for a company that sell Ford Fiesta lease deals, he could do with the biggest and best people carrier to trasnport all his games from place to place! You can follow Joe on Twitter @joe__johnson__

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Google TV and the Introduction of Internet TV

Google TV and the Introduction of Internet TV

Google recently made the announcement that they will be releasing a set-top box for your TV that will deliver a full Internet experience in your living room. They plan to daisy chain the device in between your TV and existing Dish Network package or cable box. Google expects customers to pay between $200-$300 for the device, and pay a subscription on top of that.  Customer mindshare is in Google’s favor, but will it fly?

Over the last year of recession, consumers have tightened their belts and wallets, and weeded out the services that they didn’t need. Things have got to turn around pretty fast for consumers to consider adding to their television bill.

Proof of this is the recent lawsuit that DirecTV filed against Dish Network for their price comparison ads. Apparently DirecTV has been floundering while Dish market share has increased, and DirecTV is crying foul.

No matter what the outcome is, it sure seems that customers are unwilling as of yet to tack on another box to their TV to allow in more advertisements.

Now, there is the whole Internet on TV movement that Google hopes to expand. It was pioneered by several companies that are now nowhere to be seen. Google obviously thinks it can make it stick. In the day where we all have laptops on our laps and Internet phones in our pockets, Internet TV seems like the next logical step. A box manufactured by Sony with a Google label slapped on it is not going to come free or cheap.

Google wants to own our search, phones, internet, and now our living rooms. As much as I want Google to succeed at anything that puts the Internet more solidly in my life, I don’t think this one is going to fly. What are your thoughts?