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  • Stephen says:

    I love netflix! If you ever wondered where blockbuster rental went, it’s here. Netflix has shows from multiple networks available for streaming straight to your computer or laptop. They also have tons of movies old and new. They often run promotional deals and once or twice a year you can try out the trial version for free or for very cheap. I love watching American Dad! and they have all six seasons available for instant streaming access to your home. If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should, even the lower tier membership sign ups are worth the price to rent dvds from your mailbox. My personal favorite deal, and the one I see most people sign up for is two dvds at once. You can rent 2 movies at a time then and send them back for more, then Netflix sends you two more Dvds from a list you can preselect on the internet.

  • Erik Carlson says:

    I signed up for Netflix online video streaming about five months ago and I am definitely a huge fan. There are so many movies and television shows you can watch. Not only that but I will have a movie going that my wife and I are watching on the big screen TV via our Playstation, while the kids will be watching another movie on the same account in their room via the Wii. No more buying or renting movies for our family! The Netflix service has saved my family so much money and is far more entertaining. Last but not least, they have been great about adding more content on a regular basis so there’s always more new stuff to watch every day. As if it’s not obvious, we love Netflix!

  • david shabtai says:

    netflix is seriously a big lifesaver if your bored at home or grounded the service they provide has a great variety movies to choose from and can instantly watch your selected movie in a few seconds if you own a xbox or pc then after your movie is finished they recommend to you movies similar to them besides that they also mail you a dvd to your house that’s not on the instant service i eneded up using this service more on my xbox then actually playing games lol. For 7$ a month great deal for almost anyone\

    [email protected]

  • John Brandon says:

    Netflix is what you have been waiting for.
    No more trudging to the store to pick up DVD’s only for them not to have the one you want to see.
    No more mailing DVD’s back and forth and having to wait days for the next one to land on your mat.
    With Netflix you have instant and fast access to a huge library of TV episodes and great movies at the click of a mouse and with a one month free trial available now you really can’t go wrong.
    For 24 hour immediate access to your favorite shows and movies I strongly recommend Netflix.

  • Ron Parker says:

    This service was great. I usually stay in on a Friday night and watch TV and am tired of the same old rubbish they put on, so I went to Netflix and got myself some great movies. I was all sorted – they had everything on there, a bit of this and a bit of that and also my favourite TV series Family Guy too. I loved watching a whole load of back episodes I had not seen in ages and it was all so easy to get hold of. This has made the staying in procedure the new going out and I cant wait to see which movies to watch this weekend.

  • wendy bittinger says:

    My family and I love Netflix. We got rid of Dish network after we tried Netflix. We pay a little more than $9.00/monthy (so much cheaper than Dish Network). We can watch on line, but we prefer to watch on our regular television receiving our Netflix signal through our Wii console. We also order DVD’s of newer movies through the mail (comes with easy return package with free postage). We used to buy DVD’s of seasons of TV series we liked, now we watch on Netflix. Try the free trial (you will be glad you did). For the price, you can’t go wrong.

  • Wonda says:

    Nexflix is a great service. I love the fact that I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want. Always advertised, Netflix knows exactly what they are talking about and what they are doing when they send a movie. I think they all came in good condition and it’s always what I ask for too.

    I was skeptical too. I wanted to keep my blockbuster and all that, but things are changing. And I can’t afford to always drive over there. Nexflix is convenient. If you don’t believe me, do the trial, it’s one moth and you won’t regret it.

  • nikhil says:

    this is the best service i have experienced so far.i am ready to extend my netlfix membership also.

  • Cam says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this mail order DVD service. It really is as advertised. The quality of the DVD’s they send is very good and the service is always punctual and on time. The selection of the DVD’s is also very wide spread and varied. They have many different categories like action, drama, romance, documentary and so on. They also offer an extremely wide variety of tv shows to watch. They have shows from all the major channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Another great thing about this service is that it is offered in HD as well as normal so if you want you can view streaming shows and movies in high quality.

  • marybeth says:

    We absolutely LOVE Netflix!! My daughter and I are avid movie buffs with a huge collection of DVDs at home! We love the selection and variety provided by the streaming online service! There is always something available to watch. Our favorite shows are readily available at the click of a mouse along with all of the hottest theatre blockbusters! Couldn’t be more pleased. The customer service is awesome & we have had no playback problems that were not immediately fixed & credit given! An excellent service that I am happy to recommend!

  • Ross McKenna says:

    Netflix is a must have for anyone who enjoys watching movies. To begin with, it’s cheap for the amount you receive in your subscription. Even during my free month trial, I was able to watch a countless amount of movies and tv shows thanks to netflix instant. And to top all that off, I had movies being sent every 3-4 days. Then when I subscribed, it’s only $10 a month and I end up watching $10 worth within the first week. Netflix receives new releases rather quickly once they come out on DVD so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy those blockbuster hits. And there’s even quite a few new movies on their instant play. It’s a great subscription to be involved with so I would highly recommend at least trying it out.

  • Mike B. says:

    Netflix is the best DVD rental service available today. It has a huge variety and therefore something for everybody, making it much better than any video store. The watch instantly feature is extremely handy, allowing you to watch thousands of movies and shows immediately on your computer or television, no waiting or hassle. It has all the new releases available as soon as they come out, and you can even save a movie in your queue while waiting for it to come out, and it will be delivered to your doorstop as soon as it gets released. Mike B.

  • Jaannat khan says:

    Netflix online DVD is one of the best sites ever where people can post any link to other sites through this site. It contains lots of valuable information about online DVD movies and the information is provided by It has free rental trail for 14 days which is another good benefit of this site. It always keeps up to date as well as correct information. Moreover, they do not have any control over the nature and content. Furthermore, I have never seen before like this one and already accessed many online DVD sites but this is really good one. On the top of it, I have already shared it on my face book.

  • jeanne clarke says:

    We started with the one month free trial from Netflix and have been using it for a couple years now. It is the best, most convenient dvd rental site I can recommend. Stores have their rental kiosks, but you have to remember to bring it back within a certain time. With netflix, there are no time limits. You keep the dvd(s) you rent for as long as you need to. Then, simply drop in the mail – or as I do, give to your mail delivery person, and usually within two to three days you have the next dvd(s) on your list. Yes, your list! You can keep a running list of the dvds you wish to rent. You get the very next one available on your list. And there are many genres and many movies within the genres to choose from. Or you can rent dvds of t.v. series. The plans vary; from one dvd rental a time to more. Check it out!

  • joe jones says:

    Netflix is great. By far the best innovation in the home entertainment business since t.v.s were made if you ask me. What other service can you pay one low fee monthly and order as many DVDs you want to come to your house. And they even offer free trials for people who haven’t used them before. All the newest movies that are released on DVD you can get at your house the next day, and all the classics you love watching over and over you can get at your house. No more worrying about driving down to the movies store and renting a movie and returning it on time, because when you’re done with a Netflix movie you just mail it back. But the best part of Netflix is the movie and show online stream. Now you don’t even have to wait for the mail you just pick the movie or show you want to watch and start watching immediately and with technology today you can hook your laptop up to your TV and watch it just like a movie. The stream quality is the best i’ve ever seen for an online movie streaming website and makes it seem like you are actually watching a DVD. Netflix is the best home entertainment you can get no doubt.

  • Vicki M. says:

    I absolutely love the Netflix service. The quality of the online movies and shows is great, and it’s just like watching it on an HD TV! The movie selection is a bit limited compared to the ones available by mail, but it is a great way to catch up on tv shows you missed or were never able to view. They have some of the best programs available, and you can watch the entire season in sequence or you can skip episodes. Also you can stop at the end of any episode (let’s say you had enough for the day) and upon your return, Netflix allows you to resume where you left off. Fantastic!

  • Michale says:

    I first got NetFlix as a gift from a friend for 2 months. It is the absolute BEST gift I’ve ever gotten – I don’t have to subscribe to cable, when I can pay less than $10 a month and get the movies I want, either in the mail or live streaming on demand!

    Because of the extensive agreements netflix has with the movie companies and Starz, I can see pretty much anything I could on cable, without commercials and the way I want. There’s not much you could do to improve on this service – It’s excellent!
    Michale´s last blog post ..Flash!! Ahh-aaaa! It’ll save all your files! 4GB worth anywayMy Profile

  • Brandon says:

    Netflix is a wonderful service that allows the user to stream their favorite movies with ease. I LOVE netflix. I can use the service on my iPod touch, PS3, and even my laptop, which maximizes portability for the service. Not only can you stream movies, but you can also rent tangible DVDs which are mailed directly to your door within 1 business day. The service is excellent, and I’ve never encountered a flaw in the system. All this is available for the incredibly low price of just 8 bucks a month. Who wants to pay for Pay-Per-View when you can get unlimited movies to watch WHENEVER YOU WANT for just 8 bucks a month? The answer is simple. BUY NETFLIX, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

  • Veronica says:

    I love Netflix. Here are some of the reasons why. Netflix service totally rocks; I love the availability of the movies at all time, also enjoy the quality of high definition of the movies and shows, which is a must. I really like that I have to choice to receive the movies or the TV shows that I want to watch, that way I never ran out of something to watch. Let’s not forget how affordable it is. The price is affordable for everyone. In today’s is extremely important, that way I can keep my family happy and my pocket.

  • Tim Brandt says:

    I have been using Netflix for years and love it. It’s so convenient watching movies from the comfort of my home. There’s no more driving and paying expensive movie theater prices! My family likes to have family movie day. We all get together, make popcorn and watch! It’s a wonderful way to get the family together.

    Best of all you can save movies in you cue and watch them anytime you wish. I highly recommend Netflix for anyone who enjoys watching movies or old television shows. Don’t wait. Order Netflix today. It will be the best investment you every make!

  • Robert Daniels says:

    Before using NetFlix, I was a loyal customer of BlockBuster. However, I always had to deal with returns and late fees. Now I can choose when I want to watch my favorite movies without hassles, all from the comfort of my home. Since I literally have all my movie and TV show needs at my fingertips, I probably won’t buy a DVD again.

    My kids also love NetFlix. When they have sleepovers parties, I just connect my laptop to my TV and they can choose from hundreds of movies and TV shows to watch. With built-in parental controls, there is nothing for me to worry about.

  • Kate Meecham says:

    As a student, Netflix fits my lifestyle perfectly. It’s cheaper and more convenient than cable or satellite TV. I get to choose exactly what I want to watch, when I want to watch it. There is such a wide selection, too. I would highly recommend Netflix to anyone!

  • Clark says:

    I have used Netflix for 3 years and love the service. The video turn around is unbelievably fast. In many cases it is done in under 2 days giving subscribers a great opportunity to watch all their favorite movies without long drag times or return fees. I have not used a video store since subscribing to Netflix. Not only is the video service fast but the streaming video gives you something to watch while you are waiting for new dvds to come in the mail. It is a great use of your movie budget.

  • Elise Harczos says:

    I’m a huge fan of Netflix. We switched cable providers and wound up saving $120 per month, but we lost out on a lot of movie channels that we’d had previously. Netflix has not only filled the void, but surpassed it. We can stream movies directly to our TV, and they have tons of popular TV shows you can also instantly stream – I’ve already watched the first 6 seasons of Desperate Housewives, and am now on season 2 of Lost. Huge fan, highly recommended!

  • Jerry Harney says:

    I recently started using Netflix which has helped me save so much money. I was able to cancel my movie channels on cable which saved more money than Netflix even costs. This service has also saved me an incredible amount of time as I don’t need to drive to the movie store anymore. Netflix offers every movie that I would want without a single hassle. Whenever my parents come to visit they absolutely love the service because of the variety it has to offer. The TV shows are incredible to sit and watch on my days off work. They have a huge selection of TV shows which always keeps my parents and I entertained.

  • stevodevo says:

    Netflix is great, cheaper than a rental and also you can get some nice obscure movies on the site. And catch up on seasons of shows you may have missed. At first I was skeptic I figured the DVDs would go slow through the mail but I usually get a new disc within a couple days because they have shipping plants all across the us. also being able to watch on the XBOX or the PC is also very awesome you can even queue them on the Internet then play them on the XBOX for very remote access. Its pretty cool.

  • megan barnett says:

    When netflix first came out, I wanted to try it. We decided to go for it and we were extremely pleased. Its a great service. They arrive fast and always have current up to date movies to rent. Its affordable too. The best thing about netflix is that if you run into a problem, they are there to help and fix the problem immediately.

  • Trent B. says:

    I don’t know what people did before Netflix came around, but there is no way that it was anywhere equal to the kind of service Netflix provides. I am a huge movie buff so one of the most important qualities of Netflix to me is the quantity of movies that can be watched in a certain amount of time. I watch Netflix through my television and I absolutely love the ability to watch as many as I want whenever I want, while waiting for even more movies that come in the mail. One important aspect of this service is how much money you can save. Instead of taking individual trips to the video store and renting movies that can end up costing you a fortune, you can see the same movies and much more simply by clicking a button. I highly recommend Netflix! You should quit spending unnecessary money and switch today!

  • Josh says:

    I love netflix. It is the best online dvd rental and streaming business out there. I would only compare netflix to hulu but with netflix you get soo much more. I have been using netflix for a while and I can say the wide variety of movies and shows are great! What is great about Netflix too is that I can use it on my 3D TV , my iPad , iPod touch, PS3, and Laptop and all of them get great streamlining and videos fast. My favorite thing to do on Netflix is to watch all the old seasons that I have missed when I wasn’t home. Netflix is GREAT!!!!

  • Ben Terry says:

    As a college student, I don’t have time to rent movies or buy dvds. Netflix is great because it is so fast and easy to use. I can instantly watch thousands of movies all on my laptop or my xbox 360 anytime I want. The selection is outstanding with a great range of titles. For my film class, the professor assigns some pretty random movies. My classmates struggle to even get ahold of the film, let alone do the assignment. I got an A in the class because of netflix. The service is great, and I never had a single issue with it. Thanks for everything netflix!!!

  • Antonia Steele says:

    There’s nothing that can be compared to Netflix, the most convenient internet video streaming. It became easier to watch movies and videos online, and you can watch on your most convenient time. You don’t have to wait and waste time, and so you can still do the things the matters the most and enjoy the movies after. Leisure is easier to achieve and it doesn’t cost much like renting a DVD every time there is a new movie or going to the movie theater. Another good thing about Netflix is that you can always watch the videos and movies that you want whether it is an old school movie or the latest science fiction movie.

  • tday2u says:

    We’ve been using Netflix for quite a while now and are very pleased with the product. We have it set up to stream right to our TV. Being avid movie viewers it was costing us a ton going to our local video rental store, paying parking and then heaven forbid late fees, plus the hassle, Netflix is much easier and they have a great selection. We’ve been very pleased with the DVD’s we’ve received in the mail, we had trouble with one that wouldn’t play and the service reps quickly had it replaced. We’d recommend this to everyone, the simplicity, the savings, the variety. and stress free browsing with out having to go out.

  • Aamir Khan says:

    NetFlix is really awesome online DVD rental and streaming stuff.Now I am watching Online movies, tv shows and many other related programme. I am a big fan of this online stuff coz its most cheaper as compare to other websites and my faimly also love this stuff. NetFlix have qoulity resolution like DVD,Blue Ray and 3D TV as well

  • Brandon says:

    Netflix rocks! I Got the Roku player as a gift, And signed up for the free trial to try it out. It’s great. I nave been so frustrated with video rental stores. I can never get the dvds back on time. With netflix, you never have to worry abut returning anything. You can take your sweet time selecting a title to watch, then watch it whenever you want. I love the freedom of being able to relax and leisurely scan through the titles by genre, or release date, actor or whatever. It’s just as easy as kicking back with the remote control in your favorite easy chair. Love it!

  • Mike says:

    Guys, I have used Netflix for several years and they are by far the best. Especially when you add in that you can now stream movies. This comes in handy when you have your laptop with you at work like I get to do! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and its cheap! way cheaper than Redbox!

  • Monica says:

    Honestly Netflix is the best, most convenient way to watch movies. Those machines in front of grocery stores and Wal-Marts, etc are terrible. The movies are scratched up, you can’t view them and you can’t really get a refund from a machine. Netflix offers such a wide range of new and classic movies that my family loves, everything is categorized so the children don’t have to guess at what’s too adult and what’s not, there are no late fees, no waiting on someone to return a movie so you can’t rent it, and no more having to rush to get a movie back before a late fee is applied. You cannot get any better than Netflix. Blockbuster isn’t this good so they should throw it in the bag and move on.

  • Jennifer says:

    I have been using Netflix for 2 months. I love it’s quick service. I live in the country and it’s nice to have dvds delivered directly to my house instead of having to make a trip to town.

  • Lew says:

    I really love Netflix, having a free month trial to begin with is really handy for being able to check if I’ll enjoy its services, which I did, and still do!

    The cost versus renting movies from the store in my town is unbeatable also, when you factor in cost of driving, and the occasional “accidental” late fee, it adds up, but Netflix has none of that.

    The choice you actually get from what you’re paying is superb also, so many movies that I love re-watching, movies I had totally forgotten about, and they all load extremely fast too, even the blue-ray and HD options, which I usually choose as I watch using my PS3.

    Being able to use Netflix on your iPad/iPhone/Wii/PS3/Xbox is just fantastic also, I have an iPhone too so can use it on the train etc, which I love.

    All in all a brilliant service which I would highly recommend!

  • John Dibaptist says:

    I love netflix, i cant always afford to take time out of my day to drive in town to rent a movie, let alone try to find a red box movie rental thing. If you and your family rent movies or just enjoy watching movies, you can save a lot of money by renting with a service like this. The only thing that i dont like is the selection for streaming movies is not good at all. I use netflix on my xbox and the categories they come up with are so obscure it is hard to find a decent movie to watch.

  • Russel Sharif says:

    I am Russel Sharif. I recently started using Netflix which has helped me save so much money. I was able to cancel my movie channels on cable which saved more money than Netflix even costs. This service has also saved me an incredible amount of time as I don’t need to drive to the movie store anymore. Netflix offers every movie that I would want without a single hassle. Whenever my parents come to visit they absolutely love the service because of the variety it has to offer. The TV shows are incredible to sit and watch on my days off work. They have a huge selection of TV shows which always keeps my parents and I entertained. I gave my e-mail address to them and they sent me lots of information in my e-mail address in [email protected]. Netflix is great, cheaper than a rental and also you can get some nice obscure movies on the site. And catch up on seasons of shows you may have missed. At first I was skeptic I figured the DVDs would go slow through the mail but I usually get a new disc within a couple days because they have shipping plants all across the us. also being able to watch on the XBOX or the PC is also very awesome you can even queue them on the Internet then play them on the XBOX for very remote access.


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