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Cheer up by watching Malayalam movies online

The culture of different states in India varies a lot. I love Mallu community for their fun and action oriented spirit in their films. So when ever you happen to have a bad day – your boyfriend left you or your boss wasn’t happy with your work or you burned you dinner – try watching Malayalam movies online for cheering up. But what films to look for if you are new to this part of the world?

There two huge stars in Kerala, the southern state of India, where Malayalam is the main language. These stars are Mohanlal and Mammootty. Mohanlal is THE comedy star for sure. I hope you can find subtitles when watching Malayalam movies online, but even if you don’t, he just so funny to watch even. The language is important still, as most of his jokes are dialog-based. One of the funniest films by Mohanlal is Boeing Boeing. It was release in 1985. There are parts in this film that people in Kerala know by hart. The movie has lifted the spirit of Mallu community for decades by now. The movie called Vellanakalude Naadu from 1988 is an other one you wouldn’t want to miss.

If it is the action that you need to forget about all the sorrow in your life, then watch films by Suresh Gopi. It is not all pieace and fun in India and Suresh Gopi has performed well to bring it up. The systems can be corrupted and the criminals very dangerous. Try to find a movie called Commissioner from 1994 and enjoy the unforgettable acting talent of this guy.

And if all this hasn’t really helped to get your mood up, then maybe South-Indian style is not what your cup of tea as they say. Try something North-Indian and listen to some Punjabi songs that can be extreme energy boosters, look for bhangra style. At least half of Punjabi songs should get you going for sure.

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