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Fun Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

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When you’re shopping for gifts, it can help if you know what kind of things the recipient likes.  If you’re shopping for a fan of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, you’re in luck! There is a wide range of collectible items and toys based on the stories that will appeal to fans of all ages.  Read on for a few ideas on great gifts for Harry Potter fans.

There are a variety of Harry Potter based toys available for kids, and there is none more popular than Lego Harry Potter building sets.  The sets are based on locations from the story like Hagrid’s Hut or Hogwarts Castle, or on action scenes like a Quidditch Match. What’s great about the building sets is that even after the model is complete, the fun goes on as kids can play out their favorite scenes and activities from the movie. The sets include mini-figures of the characters allowing for lots of good, fun imaginative play.

Another great collectible item for fans of the story are the Harry Potter wands. This is a fun item for kids and adults who like to collects sets of similar items. Each character from the Harry Potter series has his or her own unique wand. In the story, the wands are made of wood and are imbued with a magical component. Most young wizards receive their wands from Ollivander’s wand shop on Diagon Alley; the collectible wands are made of resin and come in decorative boxes fashioned after the same boxes from Ollivander’s.

There are many other Harry Potter toys and collectible items that make great gifts for any young fan on your gift giving list.  Stickers, board and card games, dress up items; there’s sure to be something wonderful for everyone who’s a fan of Harry Potter and his wonderful, magical world.

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The Best Wii Prices Online

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To find the most affordable way to purchase the Nintendo Wii console, games, bundles and accessories is to look online. Right now the variety is huge with many options for buyers looking for a deal.

As most people know, Nintendo lowered the price on the Wii console to attract buyers toward the end of 2009. Today the economy is definitely hurting some of the market for game system buyers, but if you consider the value of having in home entertainment that lasts, it can be more cost effective than going out to the movies one time, for example.

Can you get a discount on a regular system? it’s possible, if you don’t mind buying something used. If you are not looking for a gift, and are willing to get your hands on a good price even for a used system, there are also open box options and folks who are upgrading their system and selling their Wii. Check prices and the condition of the console before buying.

To buy Wii items, check the auction sites like EBay or even Amazon, where there is such a variety of sellers with many different package available, you are sure to save more than at most retail stores. For example, buying a package deal can save you as much as 20% or more over the price you’d pay for individual items at list price.

To buy Wii deals, you have to shop – a lot – and visit different sites to compare prices. For the price of $149, you get a console and a single controller, but nearly everyone will want at least two controllers, and as many as four, so that you can play with several other people. In addition, the games can be expensive but if you buy all together, you can save on the games too. Price out all items individually before you purchase a Wii bundle.

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Cheer up by watching Malayalam movies online

The culture of different states in India varies a lot. I love Mallu community for their fun and action oriented spirit in their films. So when ever you happen to have a bad day – your boyfriend left you or your boss wasn’t happy with your work or you burned you dinner – try watching Malayalam movies online for cheering up. But what films to look for if you are new to this part of the world?

There two huge stars in Kerala, the southern state of India, where Malayalam is the main language. These stars are Mohanlal and Mammootty. Mohanlal is THE comedy star for sure. I hope you can find subtitles when watching Malayalam movies online, but even if you don’t, he just so funny to watch even. The language is important still, as most of his jokes are dialog-based. One of the funniest films by Mohanlal is Boeing Boeing. It was release in 1985. There are parts in this film that people in Kerala know by hart. The movie has lifted the spirit of Mallu community for decades by now. The movie called Vellanakalude Naadu from 1988 is an other one you wouldn’t want to miss.

If it is the action that you need to forget about all the sorrow in your life, then watch films by Suresh Gopi. It is not all pieace and fun in India and Suresh Gopi has performed well to bring it up. The systems can be corrupted and the criminals very dangerous. Try to find a movie called Commissioner from 1994 and enjoy the unforgettable acting talent of this guy.

And if all this hasn’t really helped to get your mood up, then maybe South-Indian style is not what your cup of tea as they say. Try something North-Indian and listen to some Punjabi songs that can be extreme energy boosters, look for bhangra style. At least half of Punjabi songs should get you going for sure.

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How to make sick hip hop beats online

You have always dreamed about making some sick hip hop beats and never thought is was possible right? In terms of financial resources anyway, well today is a new day and you can learn how to start making some killer hip hop beats and you can all this for less than you imagined. You can do this from your home and all you will need is a computer and the best make beats program. No need to fret, these programs are very inexpensive and will allow you to make some of the most killer beats you have ever heard. Your friends and family will be jealous and you can finally live out your dreams of laying down some of the freshest beats.

A beat making software will give you all the essentials that you need to start laying down your beats. Before you start making music, you will want to be familiar with all the options that are included in these software. One of the easiest ways to get started making some killer hip hop beats could be to start with some of the pre recorded loops that you will find inside the software. A loop is basically a combination of 4 to 8 different beats. These beats can include one type of instrument or a variety of them. Do not worry, you do not need to learn how to play all these instruments, they are pre-recorded for your creative mind to have fun with. The pre-recorded loops will help you to set up the rest of your new hip hop song.

Take some time and experiment with the pre-recorded loops as you will be able to alter them and make the tempo match the rest of the song. This is where one can get really creative and start to mastermind the hip hop making music process. You can record all your edits and will be able to use the same pre-recorded loop at any time you wish. If you get a quality software that is, you will want to stay away from those browser based programs though, as you will not have all these great options and you will also not get the sound quality that you will need in order to have people take you serious.

If you prefer not to use the pre-recorded loops, that is okay too. Music is all about expressing yourself so do what suits you. There are so many options when it comes to making music, that you will find yourself experimenting and trying new things all the time. This is what music is all about right?

Bottom line here is get a beat making software and get ready to express yourself and start laying down some of the most insane beats you have ever heard.

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The best (and free) music stations that you can find online

Everyone likes music, right? With the advent of the internet, music sharing has become embedded in our social networking by way of internet music stations and maybe even file sharing. That said, here are some of the best online music stations that the web has to provide: – With you can import your history of music listening from all your media players (this is called scrobbling). From you can get recommendations on other music, as well as get connected with others sharing your taste in music, as well as get info on upcoming gigs related to your favorite artists. – Pandora prompts you to enter in a song or an artist when you visit. From there, it creates an automated radio station based on your initial song or artist. Pandora is one of those “smart” radios – you are given the option to add more of your favorite songs and artists into your radio. The radio itself will automatically include those songs, as well as similar songs related to what you have put in. If you don’t like something, click thumbs down when you play it, and it won’t show up again. You can pause whatever track you are on; yet you cannot fast forward, only skip tracks, and you can only skip several tracks an hour. – Alright, so this isn’t really an online music station. Rather, it’s an online playlist. The process is simple: you search for your favorite artist or song on, add songs to your playlist, and save that playlist for later playback.

These websites are just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously more of these free, alternative-to-downloading music websites are out there. Poke around a bit on the internet! Hear about some good music sites from your friend! Websites to listen to music is at your fingertips.

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Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever!

Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever! Proving Again Why They Remain the top Rental Site Around.

Netflix hasn’t ignored the billions of customers using their internet connection for more than just email. In fact, streamed movies and videos are becoming more popular than ever and around 42% of Netflix customer base is already hooked onto online video on demand. With options so great, why not? Customers get instantaneous access and don’t have to add ‘mail back DVD’ to their mounting to-do lists. As computers become more powerful and internet connections more readily available throughout the country, Netflix realizes that people want to make the most of their free time by watching their favorite flicks on their laptops.

Their goal is to provide 100+ Netflix ready devices for online streaming by the end of this calendar year. On January 11th, they announced their partnership with five major corporations that will easily bring this goal to fruition. Sanyo, Panasonic, Sharp, Funai and Emerson are all on board and should be offering reasonably priced devices up and coming very soon.