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Vampire Loving-Is the Theatre World Ready?

Supernatural romance is defined simply as any romantic fiction featuring ghosts, werewolves, vampires or similarly otherworldly characters. Tweens all over the world are going mad for it, but could the West End handle a spooky love story of its own? Should Theatreland be expecting one?

Twilight is, of course, the most famous of the supernatural romance novels but the genre’s popularity goes far beyond the antics of Bella and her sparkly undead beau; entire supernatural/gothic/paranormal romance sections are starting to pop up in bookshops. Books with moody black and red covers are flying off the shelves and young women just can’t seem to get enough of them, but how does this relate to London’s world-famous theatre district?

Bella and Edward

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Theatre has a habit of picking up trends from other art forms: The recent spate of book and comic-based movie adaptations and remakes of classic films can be easily seen reflected in Broadway and the West End. For example, ten years ago the idea of a Spider-Man musical would be dismissed as ridiculous. Fast forward to 2011 and a multi-million dollar Broadway musical starring everyone’s favourite wall-crawling web-slinger is causing quite a stir on Broadway.


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A great many of the shows currently in the West End are film adaptations. We’ve got Betty Blue Eyes, Billy Elliot, Ghost The Musical, Legally Blonde The Musical, Shrek The Musical, The Lion King, Cool Hand Luke, Driving Miss Daisy and The Ladykillers all running or about to run. With that many film adaptations running (and doing rather well) despite the gloomy economic climate, it surely can’t be long until Twilight or a similarly cult dark romance story finds its way to the West End.

Legally Blonde

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Until then, shows like Wicked and Ghost The Musical will continue to fill the gap and entertain audiences comprised mainly of young women.

Wicked features a green-skinned witch who, among other things, falls in love with a mysterious prince from a far-off land. Admittedly, the love story is a sub-plot but it is still has a very strong supernatural romance feeling. Unsurprisingly, Wicked has one of the most dedicated fan groups of any West End show.


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Elsewhere in the West End, Ghost The Musical is also catering to the supernatural romance crowd. The story sees a man murdered, but his love for his girlfriend and his wish to protect her prevents him from passing over. The show also features incredible special effects and some truly enchanting songs. Fans of Twilight will adore the powerful love story between a couple who occupy different worlds.

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Wicked and Ghost The Musical have whetted the theatre-going public’s appetite for supernatural romance on stage but the West End is crying out for an unashamed spooky love-fest. Twilight may be too popular to make it on stage, but Linda Lael Miller’s novels would work just as well. As would Christine Feehan’s Carpathians series or pretty much anything by Teresa Medeiros.

The West End is ready, bring on Sexy Vampires: The Musical!

Cullen Family

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Cheer up by watching Malayalam movies online

The culture of different states in India varies a lot. I love Mallu community for their fun and action oriented spirit in their films. So when ever you happen to have a bad day – your boyfriend left you or your boss wasn’t happy with your work or you burned you dinner – try watching Malayalam movies online for cheering up. But what films to look for if you are new to this part of the world?

There two huge stars in Kerala, the southern state of India, where Malayalam is the main language. These stars are Mohanlal and Mammootty. Mohanlal is THE comedy star for sure. I hope you can find subtitles when watching Malayalam movies online, but even if you don’t, he just so funny to watch even. The language is important still, as most of his jokes are dialog-based. One of the funniest films by Mohanlal is Boeing Boeing. It was release in 1985. There are parts in this film that people in Kerala know by hart. The movie has lifted the spirit of Mallu community for decades by now. The movie called Vellanakalude Naadu from 1988 is an other one you wouldn’t want to miss.

If it is the action that you need to forget about all the sorrow in your life, then watch films by Suresh Gopi. It is not all pieace and fun in India and Suresh Gopi has performed well to bring it up. The systems can be corrupted and the criminals very dangerous. Try to find a movie called Commissioner from 1994 and enjoy the unforgettable acting talent of this guy.

And if all this hasn’t really helped to get your mood up, then maybe South-Indian style is not what your cup of tea as they say. Try something North-Indian and listen to some Punjabi songs that can be extreme energy boosters, look for bhangra style. At least half of Punjabi songs should get you going for sure.

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Netflix Adds Hundreds of Indie Films to Watch Instantly

Netflix Adds Hundreds of Indie Films to Watch Instantly

According to a recent Netflix press release, the mail DVD and streaming movie provider will be adding hundreds of Indie or Independent films to it’s Watch Instantly catalog. Six leading distributers of Indie films have signed agreements to allow Netflix non-exclusive rights to offer their movies instantly to customers at home through set-top boxes, game consoles, and other devices that are Netflix ready.

Netflix is already considered a leading source of Indie films through its home delivery service and now furthers that reputation with newly released movies available through its streaming service. Over 300 movies will be available from this new agreement for customers to watch. For the low price of $8.99 a month, these customers can stream unlimited movies to their homes while also receiving as many home delivered DVDs as they desire.

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