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The Anatomy of a Guitar

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The modern guitar has evolved over the years from the early vihuela, invented in 15th Century Spain, to become the instrument that we all know and love. There are some lovely instruments out there that would make even those who don’t particularly care for the guitar sit up and take notice. There also exists a dizzying array of options and paint jobs to choose from these days, and the salesmen in the music store use so much jargon that it can be quite intimidating for a beginner who just wants to buy their first guitar.

So let’s demystify the guitar jargon and explain what all the different terms mean that relate to its anatomy.

The Parts of a Guitar

The different parts of a guitar have quite exotic sounding names that don’t necessarily give any obvious clues about which bit of the guitar they relate to. You wouldn’t expect a musical instrument to be made partly from a “nut”, or a “bridge”, would you? Some of the other pats are more logically named, for example the “sounding board” is a no nonsense description of the the function of that part of the guitar.

So lets look at a few of the parts in turn.

The Body

The body of an acoustic guitar is hollow and has a hole in it between the fretboard and the bridge. The purpose of the hollow body and the hole are to amplify the sound generated by the vibrating strings. Electric guitars on the other hand do not require hollow bodies because their sound is amplified electronically using an amplifier, or “amp”.

The Headstock

The headstock of the guitar is right at the opposite end of the guitar to the body and is the important section of the guitar from the point of view of making sure it is in tune. The headstock is where the tuning pegs are located. The tuning pegs (sometimes called “machine heads”), are used to adjust the tension of the guitar strings, thereby altering the pitch produced when they are played.

The Nut and the Bridge

The nut is usually made from plastic or bone and is a narrow strip with grooves cut into it across which the strings are stretched. The strings reach along the length of the guitar and pass over the bridge, which is located on the body of the guitar. The distance between the nut and the bridge defines the length of each of the strings that is free to vibrate when plucked. The further this distance, the lower the note produced.

These are the basics of the guitar. Now you know them you can go to the guitar store with confidence and not feel intimidated by all the jargon.

Don’t forget to take your wallet!

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False and Frivolous: Why The Fast and the Furious Series has Outstayed its Welcome

People love cars, this was thinking behind Rob Cohen’s (no not one of THE Cohen brothers you’ll be surprised to hear) 2001 hit, The Fast and the Furious. Jumping on the back of the modified-car subculture that was all the rage at the time  the film, starring yank-pretty boy Paul Walker and monosyllabic oaf Vin Diesel , played on the public’s fascination with family cars boasting 4 litre engines and ironing boards for spoilers.

Sure the film wasn’t a masterpiece, but the actors worked, playing a convincing community of petrol heads who were initially wary but ultimately welcoming to the undercover cop (Walker) infiltrating their street races and social gatherings to build intel about the scene. The film worked because it had a clear focus and was honest, it was all about the cars and it didn’t pretend to be anything it wasn’t.

Since then there have been three sequels of varying quality. The second film, ingeniously titled 2 Fast 2 Furious retained the fast cars and faster women (in case the title wasn’t enough of a giveaway), but laid on a translucent plot about the underground drugs trade in Miami. The flimsy progression was clearly only there to facilitate the presence of the brightly coloured cars but the second instalment certainly worked as a high-octane action film.

The Third Instalment, which was little more than a passing reference to the franchise, having jettisoned stalwarts Walker and Vin Diesel took place in Japan. Despite weak ties to its younger brothers it was a purer representation of the modified car culture, taking it back to high-school kids and deserted parking lots.  More recently however, the series seems to be morphing into some sort of Con Air slash Days of Thunder lovechild.

Fast & Furious was the ‘back to basics’ name for the fourth film (which you can’t help but feel they desperately tried to cram a ‘4’ into somewhere), but basic it was not; again drugs busts and Mexican criminals were used as a vehicle (sorry) to showcase a range of American muscle cars. The trailer for the fifth film appears to be in the same vein and in a move that seems wholly predictable, they have unnecessarily crammed a numeral into the title, does not bode well!

Having seen the trailer, I can confirm that the ratio of fast cars to Vin Diesel jumping through windows and worriedly shouting stuff before a fuel tanker explodes is not promising. Again the franchise seems to be edging towards a poor man’s Die Hard rather than a Rich man’s Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Take a look at the trailer for yourselves but if like me you’re a piston-head purist who is just after some lighted hearted four-wheel based fun you may end up overlooking ‘Fast Five’, which to me sounds suspiciously more like a novel about a bunch of over curious teenagers than a film about a gang of below-the-law opportunists that drive souped-up shopping trolleys.

Joe is a film enthusiast current working as a blogger for a company offering NWVC mobile phone accesories

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Top 3 Kinect Games to Lose Weight


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Today, Xbox 360 gaming console is becoming more popular especially to those who wanted to lose weight fast. Game creators introduce Kinect games in your Xbox. Kinect is known to be the newest revolution in fitness and weight loss. There are numbers of games you can select from that will surely interest and motivate you in doing exercises.

Among all the games, Kinect will offer you these top 3 games that you will surely love.  First of your Kinect fitness game is the Dance Masters. In this game, you are free to dance. You can select from many variety of modes including the lesson mode, dance mode and the status mode. It will give you the most ultimate dance experience together with friends or family.

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This kind of game is fun and most of all challenging. You can challenge your friends with different level of difficulties. You will surely love the beat of hip hop, pop, R&B and techno music. There are 30 or more various dance tracks to select from, so you will not get bored. In this game, you are enjoying and at the same time burning your calories.

Second of your Kinect fitness is the Kinectimals. In this game, children and adult will enjoy the bond together with the world’s most bizarre animals. These animals are program to respond with your commands. The commands for example are sitting, rolling over, playing dead or more. This kind of game is more on interactions, so it does not give you much fitness or movements.

Finally, there is what we call Zumba Fitness. This game supports 4 players and it can be played online in which you can team up with them and earn the top workout scores as a team. It has 9 different dance styles to choose from. It includes salsa, flamenco and cumbia. This game consists up to 30 or more various dance routines.

These are the top 3 games for weight loss. Select your choice and have fun!


Current Events And You

Welcome to the age of information! Prognosticators like Alvin Toffler described this phenomenon as the third wave. During this time power resides on those who have the information and the ability to convert them for practical applications.

We are constantly bombarded with news reports on what’s happening in many parts of the world. They come in the form of current events articles providing everyone with a blow by blow account of what’s going on. Some quarters claim though that the sound and fury we watch on our screens are enhanced and embellished by news reporters and commentators whose motives are far from neutral.

Many people seem to be lost in the sea of data and information. Some walk around dazed and totally confused. They are the ones most vulnerable to demagogues who are adepts in capitalizing on other peoples’ state of confusion. This situation would most likely affect those who have no solid groundings or wide enough background about today’s big events.

Nothing just comes out from thin air. There must be reasons why something happens the way it does. The intense conflict for example between two groups of people is usually traceable to a long standing conflict with each other some even stretching for thousands of years back. In the light of this fact, the more knowledgeable and responsible current event article writer can play a very crucial role in enlightening the public on the roots on what’s coming up into the surface. It can almost exactly be compared to an iceberg. The events we actually witness today are just the tip of a massive block invisible to the naked eye.

Holding a balanced view and being able to make significant and meaningful connections with the seemingly random events is the result of a strong and deep sense of history coupled with an analytical bent of mind. Having such kind of perspective is a very helpful guide in mapping the future to be able to take appropriate action.

Even such ordinary concerns as knowing the ins and outs of the taste of wild coupons can be better appreciated if the pertinent information on the nature of coupons is properly understood.

So the next time you read your favorite newspaper or watch your favorite news channel you would have a fresh look and a better appreciation of what’s going on by arming yourself with a strong sense of history. Whether you are a writer or a reader it is a must that we all dig deep into the root of things.


Poker Table Buying Guide

Poker table
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A poker table for your house is a fun way to play cards with your friends and family members. Buying a folding poker table is no different than buying any other type of furniture for your house. When buying large furniture for your house, you need to properly measure the room where you plan on placing your new custom poker table.

Carefully measure the length and width of that room with a measuring tape and write down the measurements for future reference later. What you have these measurements down, you can now start shopping for your new poker table. You can find many poker tables for sale on line and they come in many shapes and sizes.

I suggest you go online and browse a few sites because you’ll have a wider selection to choose from compared to your local gaming supply store. You will find great prices online and some sites will even offer you free shipping, which will reduce your cost. Another great benefit of buying online is the fact that your poker table will be shipped directly to your front door without you ever having to leave the house.


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If you’re in the market for a used poker table, you can browse through your local classified ads. Looking through the classified will give you a better opportunity to buy a used poker dining table for cheap. Once you have your poker table at home, you should do regular maintenance to ensure that your card table will last you many years. You should get a soft brush to clean your table surface once in a while and you should tighten all the screws to prevent the table from being wobbly. Buying a few drink holders will prevent your friends and family members from spilling their drink on to your table.