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Android Phone to Get Netflix Watch Instantly

Android Phone to Get Netflix Watch Instantly

Netflix has confirmed to be working on building an app for the Android phone; it has been confirmed by Netflix and an online job listing. The company has two jobs listing on its website; both postings are for Android developers. One of those job posting is specifically asking for an “Android Video Playback Expert”.

The company is looking for a veteran in apps development with 10 years of experience, someone who has worked previously on an droid app with the same qualities as its postings, with more experience on video streaming apps. It notes that applicants must have expertise in digital rights management experience and other smart-phone application development. It all would imply that they are going to create one of their Watch Instantly apps which they have already done for the IPhone and IPad. These two apps serving as a building ground for the Android Phone app.

There is already an unofficial Netflix app for the Android Phone, but with it being unofficial it does not do a great job. The problems which make it unsuitable include its ability to consume a phone’s battery and its desire to display ads like a maniac. So there is definitely a need by Netflix subscribers to have an official app for their Android phones. Then if it wasn’t complicated enough, a user in a social network site claiming to be an Netflix employee, said that the company was hiring Android apps developers. Yet he was unsure when the company might finish the application and left to the imagination the quality of the app.

At last we come to the conclusion that both Netflix and the Android phone developers want to give their customers the best possible product with both groups being in the tech business. Netflix especially would like its subscribers, with ever changing lives,  to have the ability on demand to watch their favorite movies every where they go. The bottom line is that the product is yet to have a release date, meaning we are going to have to wait some time and hope for the best. Then there is the question that comes to mind, is the app worth the wait? Or will it be just another company producing a pointless app for a new smart-phone?

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Netflix Expands to Canada

Netflix Expands to Canada

Netflix has announced that their operations will expand to Canada with Watch Instantly capabilities providing streaming movies and TV shows to a country outside the United States for the first time.

This also marks their first attempt to offer streaming-only services to their customer base. International expansion has been talked about before but earlier plans were put on the back burner to allow the company to focus on their core market in the U.S.

Netflix has determined that more and more of their core business is choosing digital streaming instead of disc rental. This made expansion to other markets easier to manage logistically. The company is still faced with the challenge of obtaining licensing agreements for content and programming. With a focus on streaming-only service they will have to spend less time dealing with the complications of running mail distribution centers.

Making this decision also allows Netflix to avoid competing directly with which is the Canadian version of a combination between Redbox and Netflix. At the time of launch, Netflix Canada will be available only in English but there are plans to add French sometime in the future.

The service will be available for PCs as well as Macs and is slated to be compatible with the numerous electronic devices that are currently compatible with Netflix.

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Netflix Adds Hundreds of Indie Films to Watch Instantly

Netflix Adds Hundreds of Indie Films to Watch Instantly

According to a recent Netflix press release, the mail DVD and streaming movie provider will be adding hundreds of Indie or Independent films to it’s Watch Instantly catalog. Six leading distributers of Indie films have signed agreements to allow Netflix non-exclusive rights to offer their movies instantly to customers at home through set-top boxes, game consoles, and other devices that are Netflix ready.

Netflix is already considered a leading source of Indie films through its home delivery service and now furthers that reputation with newly released movies available through its streaming service. Over 300 movies will be available from this new agreement for customers to watch. For the low price of $8.99 a month, these customers can stream unlimited movies to their homes while also receiving as many home delivered DVDs as they desire.

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Netflix Roku DVR

Netflix Roku : Streaming Content as It Should Be

Netflix Roku – Streaming Content as It Should Be

Roku Video Recorder/Player is one of the most desirable devices at this
moment. The Roku for Netflix is so simple and easy to use, we could only play for a few minutes and we were watching a movie.

The Market

To start, we have to understand why it is important for a company that rents videos to be selling boxes for members to instantly watch videos on their televisions. Currently, Netflix has 8 million subscribers, 21% more than last year. The business is based on renting movies by mail, such as Bazooka does in Chile.

However, as efficient as the distribution of the DVDs is, Netflix has a cost that it assumes twice per film, per customer, as the physical DVD has to travel through the US Postal Service. In addition to administrative and logistical costs of managing the inventory, the company waste is great when you consider the volume that they handled daily.

That’s why companies like Netflix and Blockbuster are seeking new ways to distribute their films in a more efficient. Digital distribution is the solution. It is interesting to see how the industry has evolved: First there were neighborhood video libraries, then monopolistic chains, then the mail distribution of DVDs and now the virtual distribution.

The Roku Box roku-netflix-front-new-web

The Roku Video Player is not a media center, not a DVR, it’s no Apple TV. That’s the beauty; it offers so little and is so simple that even the price in U.S. is small, $ 99. With it, you do not buy movies, and renting is complicated by limitations of the DRM failed strategies.

The Roku does only one thing: you can now see over 10 thousand movies, whenever you want, whenever you want and for as long as you want. Netflix in the future wants to add his entire library of 100 thousand movies.

Inside, it has no hard drive, only 32MB of memory used by owners to manage their software and functions. One does not drop or download movies to the device, but you see content in pseudo real-time streaming, Internet Television.

The ports you have are: HDMI, component, composite video, Ethernet, S-Video and a Toslink optical. It also has WiFi and runs on an Internet bandwidth from 1.5 Mbps and up.

Installation of The Roku

Short and fast installation: The Roku Video Player plugs into the mainstream TV plugs and into an Ethernet connection to your broadband Internet connection. You log into your computer and your Netflix account, you select the movies to watch, and begin watching movies.

The Roku is only the beginning of a series of other devices that Netflix has already announced and will be available in the coming months in the U.S.


The installation took less than 10 minutes. When you are ready to watch movies, it takes about 2 minutes to start, and image and sound are flawless. It’s a completely seamless experience comparable with any cable or DVD movie.

If you desire to have more than 10 thousand movies available and want to watch them in great quality, buy it quickly without thinking twice. If you want advanced features you find in traditional DVDs and other advanced services, you might want to wait for a more robust solution.

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Watch Instantly With Netflix

Watch Instantly With Netflix

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) was established in 1997 as a flat rate rent by mail order system for DVDs and now Blu-ray disks. It has grown enormously in popularity and service offerings since that time, and now offers online streaming of blockbuster selections in addition to mail order rentals.

taro taking his pictures for netflix 'ads' (se...
taro taking his pictures for netflix ‘ads’ (see more here: ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To take advantage of the Netflix Watch Instantly service where no postman is required, you just need a computer hooked to the Internet and an updated web browser. But if you want to get fancy and watch things in slow motion or download the movie completely unattended, you need to purchase a Netflix enabled device like the Roku Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

A DVR is a device that you hook to your Internet line to store the downloaded movies from Netflix. The Roku DVR costs just $100. Check your newer high-end home entertainment systems, as most brands are now supporting Netflix downloads in the same way, with everything you need included.


Netflix New Innovations

Netflix New Innovations

There are lots of positive features of Netflix online movie services, but here are a few that are hot off the tech press. Netflix was recently released for TiVo users, so that means that if you have a TiVo box and subscribe to the TiVo HD, TiVo HD XL or TiVo Series3 DVR service, you can use the Netflix interface and download your movies that way. Also new to Netflix is the ability to use your Apple TV DVR to download the latest blockbusters.

Watch Instantly rocks! rocks! (Photo credit: luxuryluke)

Mac users also got a boost with other options. They can now use the “Watch Instantly” feature of Netflix by just turning on their Apple desktop, laptop, or Mac mini, and then use the Safari or Firefox 2+ browser to watch movies streamed from Netflix. The new smooth streaming of online movies to Mac users is made possible by Microsoft’s software called Silverlight.