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Season 3 Of The Walking Dead: Episode 5: “Say The Word”

Season 3 Of The Walking Dead: Episode 5

One of the interesting ideas that The Walking Dead TV show has tackled this season — more interesting in my view anyway, than the continuous investment in skull- piercing technology — is the idea of surrender. In a destroyed world where 50% of the population wants to take a bite out of you and the rest want to keep you locked in a crazy version of an old-fashioned town, the only way to survive seems to give up. Of course, surrendering is not the same in every situation.

The “Say the Word” episode offers an hour of solid entertainment as well as two different paths of least resistance. You can choose to be like Andrea and the rest of the Woodbury captives and simply enjoy the idea of a beautiful fictional life that includes ice cold lemonade and rock music playing over the loud speakers, just ignore the zombie orthodontist that has a weapon for a hand. Or you can be more like Rick and develop amazing killing machine skills which replace any trace of sanity. And also like Rick’s group, you could gradually grow more cold and violent, longing for a level of revenge that can never be fulfilled.

Rick’s nervous breakdown is grim but also necessary to the plot. As anyone who has noticed Michonne’s impressive knife work has already figured out, The Walking Dead is the best when in extremes. Walking Dead Season 2 featured life on the sunny farm after the zombie apocalypse, it was important for the show to offer viewers a true sense of the alternative. The stakes are high and for the show to succeed it cannot always be about keeping the walkers out. The horror of it all must slip in on occasion. Rick’s loss is not like Hershel’s — it cannot just be hacked off. So while I wasn’t too fond of the scene with a crazed Rick grabbing the neck of nice guy Glenn — I could appreciate the demise of the once stoic leader. Rick is not quite a hero and he is not a walker, he’s in limbo. When Jenner revealed that the living were infected with the virus who could have known what this could mean for the survivors?

Because I’m not a certified zombieologist I need a bit of clarification. When the completely distraught Rick finally made it to the boiler room and found the floor covered with Lori’s blood and the bullet his son used to finish her off, where was her dead body? Or did the fat walker in the room eat her whole? No matter what you say I think it’s pretty disgusting. I just hope that we find out whether Carol is still alive on the next episode of the show!

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The Walking Dead (season 2)
The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might be asking,

When is Nextflix coming out with Season 2 of the Walking Dead?
Or When is the Walking Dead Season 2 coming to Netflix?
Or When is the Season 2 of the Walking Dead coming to Netflix?
Or Is Walking Dead Season 2 coming to netflix?

AMC and Netflix have an agreement in place that was recently expanded to make the Walking Dead available to Netflix subscribers. The 2nd season started in October  but Netflix was only able to show episodes from the first season at that time. AMC is only allowing Netflix to stream previous seasons when the next season starts. Therefore wait for Season 2 to be available only when Season 3 is ready to air.

Netflix is a cheap service that people can use to watch episodes of a television series, movies, documentaries, and more (ie. the Walking Dead on demand) , all at their computer or Wii. It’s fast, easy and convenient, and has thousands of options that one can choose from. One of the best television series to watch episodes from has to be ‘The Walking Dead‘, a zombie thriller full of suspense, action, and most of all, zombies.

In the series, the main character must struggle to overcome the difficulties that a zombie horde has brought into his life, and the lives of those around him. In ‘The Walking Dead’ the most significant danger is just that, the walking dead, or the undead zombies. In the episodes available to watch on Netflix they are called ‘walkers‘. The cast of the show fights for their life against the slew of these undead fiends.

Finally, if you are looking for action packed television, look no further than Netflix, on which you can watch the entire first season of the spine-tingling show, ‘The Walking Dead’. Whether you are looking for gory, hair-raising fun, or you just want to admire the hunky main character, this show is the one you should be watching!