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Stargate Continuum Review

”]Cover of "Stargate: Continuum [Blu-ray]"

The world of science fiction is one that is thoroughly explored and recorded. Vast worlds across countless universes are created and brought to life not just by writers, but also by the faithful and numerous fans of these types of stories. The universe of Stargate is one of those that captivates audiences and takes them on a journey across galaxies, meeting all kinds of creatures, unexplored alien worlds, and adventures. The Stargate series is considered one of science fiction’s more lustrous gems, with its SG-1 franchise alone creating 10 seasons across a span of 10 years. Met with success, this franchise has garnered multiple awards including 9 Primetime Emmy’s, 18 wins from other various awards, and a whopping 82 nominations in its runtime.

In lieu of its popularity, the SG-1 franchise was able to create two movie spin-offs, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and the more popular Stargate: Continuum which we will be taking a closer look.

Compared to The Ark of Truth, Continuum deserves to be called the true movie of based on the story of SG-1. Continuum has a more cinematic feel, looking like it has a greater budget, has produced a movie with that of better plot, sound, look, and feel; which made the Continuum at par with most motion pictures in cinemas.

The story of Continuum is a gripping and engaging experience that fans applaud. In this chapter of the Stargate universe, Ba’al seeks the destruction of the Stargate program by going back in time to stop its creation. As comrades start to disappear due to the disturbance in time, Colonel Carter, Colonel Mitchell and Doctor Jackson go through a Stargate and find themselves in Earth’s past and the Stargate program never being created. It is up to them to defend this time from Ba’al and the Gouald and restore peace.

If you are a fan of Stargate, or of science fiction in general, this is a movie that deserves your attention as a part of an intriguing journey in the Stargate universe.