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How To: Create Your Home Theater For Under $5k

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A home theater was previously a luxury only the rich could indulge in, but is readily available for your home today. A beautiful, well-appointed and comfortable home theater can be had for well under $5,000. This is especially true if you’re the DIY type.

There are several compelling reasons to have a home theater. Statistics show that American families are returning to bonding by dinner together in the dining room. A home theater is similar in setting aside a formal space for getting together to watch a movie, educational program or sitcom.

Another fun advantage of a home theater is its application in gaming and other media. It becomes the hub of both home recreation and learning. In addition, a well-designed home theater can raise the value of your home. Even though a home theater is affordably within reach, it is still impressive to step into a nicely appointed one.

There has been – and continues – rapid growth in the technology of home theater systems. The evolution of Plasma and LCD televisions has brought a superior audio-visual experience into the home, inclusive of 3-D application. Sophisticated projectors are capable of showing wide-screen beautiful films you shot yourself, that people really do enjoy watching.

DVDs can be shown at home on a large screen television with the same viewing ratio as sitting in the best seat in the house in the movie theater, with stunning clarity and amazing surround-sound.

So, if you’re convinced that you’d like to have an affordable home theater, the place to start is with the basic decisions of where to put it, how to lay out the space, how to decorate it, along with the decisions of which audio visual equipment to purchase.

This first stage of arriving at the goal of a home theater for under $5,000 requires careful planning. Sit down with pencil and graph paper and draw up some plans. Even if you’re going to hire someone to do some of the work, the more you do yourself, you’ll save money and the end result will be what you want. Don’t forget to include storage space for equipment and media, which needs to be both easy to access and attractive.

It’ll be helpful and fun to take a look at home theaters. Visit a Street of Dreams housing development to get ideas of what professional designers have done. There are also many resources and examples of beautiful home theaters online.

Do comparative shopping for the audio and visual equipment. You’ll easily save hundreds of dollars by doing so.

In addition to the quality of sight and sound, other factors that make a home theater a place everyone loves to be are the lighting and decoration. Again, savvy shopping can provide an absolutely first-class environment on a shoe-string budget. Consider fabric for walls. It can be purchased at mill end stores for pennies on the dollar and adds to the acoustics. Places like Habitat for Humanity have all kinds of lighting and decorating components. You might go to a retro or antique hardware store and find gorgeous period light fixtures that make you space look just like an Art Deco period theater.

The important point is that you have as much fun designing and constructing your home theater as you will have during the many hours of entertainment with your family and friends. And don’t forget the huge savings you’ll realize on concession stand goodies.

Pass the popcorn, please!

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Zen MP3 Speakers – Solutions for Creative Zen Media Players

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The Creative Labs Zen media players such as the Mozaic EZ300, offer an alternative to the market dominating iPod. The Zen player is both stylish and capable and can play a wide variety of media formats. The Zen software is designed in a logical manner that provides for greater ease of use and more power to the owner, however like most MP3 players, the Creative Labs Zen media player is designed for use with ear phones and so if you wish to play your music out loud you will need to invest in a set of Zen MP3 Speakers or a set that is built to accommodate the Zen player.

Once such example of Creative MP3 speakers are the Creative labs Travelsound Zen Mosaic Speakers, that are capable of producing a large sound in a small-sized package that is convenient to take from place to play, whether you are off to the beach, to work or on a field trip. The Zen Travelsound speakers utilize a USB connector that charges both the speakers and the Zen Mosaic player (if docked) when connected. The speakers also feature an FM antenna, that boosts the performance of the Zen player, allowing you to better tune into the radio as well as playing MP3 tracks. The Zen X-Fi MP3 player system is another Zen speaker system that accommodates the Zen X-Fi MP3 and video player and has a similar set of features to the Travelsound for the Zen Mosaic.

For an expensive and more compact set of Creative Zen MP3 Speakers, you might look into one of the generic folding speaker sets that can fold up into a convenient cube. The sound quality produced by these types of devices is not the highest, but if you are looking for something adequate for a very low price, then a set of foldable speakers that can accommodate the Zen Player will fill this gap, while not breaking the bank. Foldable generic speakers can also support a variety of other players and has a docking platform of sorts that can accommodate the Zen.

The Travelsound Zen V Creative Zen speakers are designed for the Creative Zen V player. They produce a beautiful acoustic sound in a sleek and modern case design that is highly portable and great for outdoor use. These speakers also come with a remote control device, allowing you to control the playback of your music from the comfort from a home lounge chair. While these are great options for the Zen players, there are many Zen MP3 accessories that can enhance your audio experience with the Creative Zen devices.

More information on these can be found by clicking through to our website. Cheap Electronics Televisions and Gizmos

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Organize Your DVDs and Media With A DVD Stand

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Do you know off the top of your head how many DVDs you own? If you’re like most, you probably don’t have any idea. That’s because your DVDs are probably stuffed away in a cabinet or closet somewhere, or littered across a shelf, or even strewn about the floor in your basement or garage.

Whether you’re single and living with a roommate, or married, or a child, odds are that this isn’t going to go over well with whoever you live with. If you don’t like arguments or like to surprise others, then its a good idea to look into buying a DVD stand.

There are all kinds of DVD stands available, from sleek, modern designs that will blend in, to smaller, less noticeable DVD stands that just serve their function. When trying to find a DVD stand, the first question to consider is how many DVDs you have. Buying a stand that holds 30 DVDs when you have 48 will be a waste of time. So prepare and count the DVDs you have, and then add 20 to 25 onto that total, because more than likely, you’re going to add to your collection over time. Generally these stands are pretty cheap though, so even if you do start to exceed the allotted number, you can always get a second one.

There are also some other factors to consider when buying a stand for your DVDs. If you have children, then go for a DVD stand that is durable. If you want a stylish stand, then go for wooden stands that will blend in with your current decor. If you’re someone who is craving ultimate organization and want all of your media in one location, go for a multimedia stand that will hold your DVDs, CDs, games, and BluRay Movies.

Finding a stand you like will be easy to find, so just figure out what meets your individual needs and get to organizing today!

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Tattoo Quotes: Music, Movies, Books

Rapper Lil Wayne
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Tattooing quotes are getting more popular each year. They have now taken over the throne for most popular tattoos, beating portraits and graphical images. They represent a style or a state of mind of the individual who gets the tattoo or they might be humorous. What ever you decide to go for you should pick something that is special and meaningful to you. Don’t pick a tattoo based on other people’s opinions.

In this article we are taking a closer look at the best places to find quote ideas for tattoos.

Music, Movies, Books

Pick your favorite song, movie or book. Read through the text. There has to be some golden nuggets in there! Song lyrics, movie dialogs and books are usually filled with good quotes.

If you like hip-hop you might want to check out for some Kid Cudi quotes or the best Lil Wayne quotes. If these are not favorite artists just to a quick Google search.


Celebrities is a good resource for quotes as well. They are definitely related to the entertainment above, but we decided to make a new paragraph for them anyway. They usually have a lot of interesting things to say in interviews or you might even use their song lyrics/movie dialogs and so on.

Internet Quotes

Be careful what your sources are. There might be misspellings and/or simply wrong quotations on the Internet. On the other side there are massive amounts of them. Whether you are a hip-hop fan looking for Kid Cudi quotes or the best Lil Wayne Quotes, or just want to find something funny and humorous you have come to the right place!

Be Aware of Trends

The tattoo industry also has periods where certain types of tattoos are more popular than others. Time moves forward and if you don’t pay attention you might end up with a terrible tattoo only lasting for a couple of years. Pick one that is timeless and sticks.

Picking the right tattoo is an important decision to embark upon. If you are relativity healthy individual you know the difficulties that are involved in removing tattoo failures, not to mention all the money it costs! Research your quote ideas carefully and make sure you are absolutely comfortable with this tattoo for the rest of your life.

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The Purpose of a Customized Movie Poster Frame

If you are someone who has been collecting movie posters for quite a number of years, these posters would mean the world to you. We wouldn’t have our well cared for collections, destroyed by having them taped onto the wall. But having them rolled up and hidden wouldn’t do the collection justice. These posters are meant to be hung on the wall for everyone to see and for you to appreciate everyday. They must be showcased and preserved to maintain its value as years go by. This is why having a movie poster frame to keep our movie posters in, has become a recommended accessory in poster collections. Not only are they convenient, they are quite affordable and they provide the best quality care frames ought to give posters.

A movie poster frame is available in a variety of styles, color and sizes and they are similar to the movie frames that used to grace classic theatres. The style of these frames will depend as to where and how you wish to have them displayed. For home display, collectors usually use an unobtrusive black aluminum frame can be used that is has a general size suitable for standard modern movie posters with a height of 40” and a width of 27”. You can buy poster frames online after you have done the thorough research to satisfy you and have decided on the type of frame design you like.

Every single movie poster, especially the vintage ones having value, must be keep safe and well preserved with a movie poster frame meant for such posters. This will prevent any wear, tear and folds being creased onto the poster and to avoid color fading. Opt to buy poster frames online as they are much more affordable online and are available in many different styles and colors.

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Fun Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

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When you’re shopping for gifts, it can help if you know what kind of things the recipient likes.  If you’re shopping for a fan of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, you’re in luck! There is a wide range of collectible items and toys based on the stories that will appeal to fans of all ages.  Read on for a few ideas on great gifts for Harry Potter fans.

There are a variety of Harry Potter based toys available for kids, and there is none more popular than Lego Harry Potter building sets.  The sets are based on locations from the story like Hagrid’s Hut or Hogwarts Castle, or on action scenes like a Quidditch Match. What’s great about the building sets is that even after the model is complete, the fun goes on as kids can play out their favorite scenes and activities from the movie. The sets include mini-figures of the characters allowing for lots of good, fun imaginative play.

Another great collectible item for fans of the story are the Harry Potter wands. This is a fun item for kids and adults who like to collects sets of similar items. Each character from the Harry Potter series has his or her own unique wand. In the story, the wands are made of wood and are imbued with a magical component. Most young wizards receive their wands from Ollivander’s wand shop on Diagon Alley; the collectible wands are made of resin and come in decorative boxes fashioned after the same boxes from Ollivander’s.

There are many other Harry Potter toys and collectible items that make great gifts for any young fan on your gift giving list.  Stickers, board and card games, dress up items; there’s sure to be something wonderful for everyone who’s a fan of Harry Potter and his wonderful, magical world.