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Death Of Michael Jackson May Have Been Preventable

Michael Jackson Ster
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Two years ago, the life of one of the music industry’s greatest stars was taken far too early. At the young age of 50, Michael Jackson passed away before his time. Since then, a lot of effort has gone into figuring out the cause of Jackson’s death and whether it could have been prevented. According to Emergency Medical Technician Richard Senneff, his death was indeed preventable. The EMT testified at the trial of cardiologist Conrad Murray, who was Jackson’s primary physician. Murray is being tried for involuntary manslaughter.

Conrad Murray has been accused of prescribing lethal doses of anesthesia propofol and sedatives. Apparently, Michael Jackson had been struggling with sleep deprivation shortly before his death. Murray, who has plead not guilty, testified that he found Jackson not breathing and immediately began to administer CPR. Although Murray claims to have called 911 as soon as possible, his girlfriend at the time says that he was on the phone with her at 11:51 am on the day of his death, and stopped talking to her soon after he discovered that Jackson was no longer breathing. However, the 911 call was not placed until 12:20 pm. This means that there would have been at least a twenty-minute delay between the time Murray discovered Jackson not breathing and when he actually placed 911 call. EMT Richard Senneff believes that Jackson’s death could have easily been prevented, if only Murray had called a few minutes sooner.

According to Richard Senneff, there was more than one way in which Michael Jackson’s death could have been prevented. The EMT alleges that in addition to placing such a late 911 call, Murray also lied to the the emergency medical services about Jackson’s underlying heart condition. When asked whether Jackson was on medication, Murray first told Senneff that he wasn’t, and then changed his answer to include sedatives. However, he did not tell the EMT that Jackson was on anesthesia propofol. Senneff feels that the lack of accurate medical background knowledge also contributed to emergency medical service’s inability to revive Jackson. Two days after Jackson’s death, Murray finally admitted that he had been administering intravenous doses of anesthesia propofol for at least two months. He said that Jackson had administered the fatal dose of the medication while Murray was in another room.

The jury has yet to decide whether Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. With reliable testimonies from Murray’s girlfriend and the EMT that responded to the 911 call, as well as more evidence likely to follow, it doesn’t look likely that Murray will be acquitted of the crime he committed.

Steven Feder is a guest post author on various blogs and news sites. In the past, he has written several articles on insurance and recommends using Kanetix to compare quotes online and save money.

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10 Artsy-Fartsy Films

Artsy films don’t necessarily mean someone in it is a painter or an artist of some sort. These movies are great and tend to have a certain following. Whether it is in the script, the characters, or the soundtrack – these films have formed a whole new genre Louisville painters call artsy-fartsy!

1. 500 Days of Summer
The story is about love, but it is not a love story, first of all. When greeting card writer, Tom meets Summer he falls madly in love with her. Summer is a modern woman with 60s style who does not believe in love and doesn’t want to be anyone’s girlfriend. The film’s soundtrack sets every scene and the creative cinematography makes the film like no other.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”257px;” height=”171px;” />


2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The film tells the story of the relationship between Joel and Clementine and their extremely difficult breakup. When Joel finds that Clementine has erased him from her memory with a new found technology, Joel immediately decides to have her erased from his. The film goes through the psyche of a man who realizes that he does not want to forget the love of his life, even if he can’t have her.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”268px;” height=”172px;” />


3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Vicky and Cristina are best friends with two very different views on life and love. When they travel to Barcelona and meet the ravishing artist, Antonio, the romance begins and all rationale is thrown out the window. The film is beautiful with it’s amazing cinematography and landscape shots of Barcelona.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”337px;” height=”180px;” />


4. American Beauty
When suburban business man, Lester Burnham loses his job, he takes a new approach on life. After being shunned for years by his rebellious daughter and neurotic wife, he gets back into shape, takes a job at a fast food restaurant and begins fantasizing about his daughter’s best friend. The film dives into a bored man’s psyche while he is going through a midlife crisis and a teenage girl’s struggle between being ordinary or a much older man’s mistress.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”235px;” height=”176px;” />


5. Blue Valentine
The courtship of high school dropout, Dean and pre-med student, Cindy begins beautifully and full of love. When we see their married life several years later you see that the romance has turned to boredom for Cindy. The film shows the process of romantic love fading.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”212px;” height=”141px;” />


6. The Royal Tenenbaums
Royal and Etheline Tenenbaum have three genius children: Chas, Richie, and their adopted daughter, Margot. Though Royal no longer lives with the family he has never divorced his wife, and as an attempt to get back into the house and family he fakes cancer. The dark comedy tells the story of the family you thought you wanted to be a part of with perfect character analysis and top of the line dialogue.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”212px;” height=”144px;” />


7. High Fidelity
Probably the oldest movie on our list was released in 2000. When record store owner, Rob is dumped by his girlfriend we watch him go through the grieving process, beginning with anger. Rob’s lost boy mentality and depressed outlook on life begins to change as he realizes he may have been the one who was wrong and finds that he grows a little from the process. The movie is also known for the “top 5” lists that Rob makes and the great soundtrack.
<img style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=””” width=”222px;” height=”142px;” />


8. Garden State
After the death of his mother, Andrew Largeman goes home to New Jersey and is welcomed back into his old group of friends. When he meets the eccentric funny girl Sam, Andrew begins to realize what he wants to do with his life and accepts the dark elements of his past.
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9. An Education
Sixteen year-old school girl, Jenny is a promising student and very cultured. When she attracts the attention of an older man, he feed her hunger for adventure, but with a price. Jenny learns the importance of self and education, and the hardships of love.
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10. The Tree of Life
The film seems to display the thin line between religion an spirituality by examining humanity. The film mostly focuses on a young boy’s life: his relationship with his father, mother, and brothers, and how a child sees the world. The breathtaking special effects and emotional character revelations, make this movie one of a kind.
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Kristina Carpenter is a writer for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, which speicalizes in commercial and residential painting.

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The rise of pop-up cinemas

Pop up cinemas are taking London by storm with the underground film scene scrambling to build microplex cinemas in any space available, in opposition to the anti-social aspects of the traditional multiplex monsters.

Pop up cinemas can take place anytime and anywhere as the following examples show, the idea is to reignite the social aspect of films by taking audiences to a strange new world and to be able to chat amongst themselves whilst watching a familiar film. Most of the pop up cinemas focus on cult film selections and the Secret Cinema events have included titles such as Bladerunner, Lawrence of Arabia and The Fifth Element.

Secret Cinema is the daddy of the underground cinema scene in London and ticket holders get invited to a mystery location by email and get cryptic clues to the film they will see and a rather bizarre dress code request.

The clever people behind secret cinema find isolated or dilapidated locations around London and dress the venues up to suit the feel of each particular film.

Secret Cinema’s success lies in the fact it is incredibly social and gets people excited enough to go and watch a film they have probably already seen dozens of times just for the thrill of the event.

Portobello pop up cinema is a not for profit venue situated in the Westway underpass on the Portobello Road / Acklam Road junction. Tickets prices for films are run on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis with a suggested price tag of £4.

Usually run through the summer months Portobello pop up cinema is supported by various charities and foundations and welcomes the influence and input of artists, volunteers and new filmmakers.

The Cineroleum Pop-Up Cinema in Clerkenwell made use of an abandoned petrol station and car park to whack in some temporary rows of seating for up to 118 people. The cinema was constructed by fifteen artists, designers and architects and a few curious neighbours.

Built from donated and found materials the cinema has a rustic hap-hazard feel and looks quite intriguing to commuters and cyclists whizzing past on their way into the city.

The selection of films shown at the cinema included American drive through classics such as The Long Goodbye and Rebel Without a Cause. The Cineroleum proves that the derelict spaces in London can be put to good use and as there are 4,000 derelict petrol stations in London, this could be a good place to start!

Guerrilla Cinema is a mobile cinema set up to bring documentaries to the people! In response to escalating theatre prices Guerrilla cinema want to bring film back to the masses and make people think while they are at it!

Always looking for film makers this pop up cinema takes submissions for free and shows new filmmakers work for free too. They even give credits and are keen to showcase new emerging artists and get their work in front of new audiences.

Guerrilla Cinema can be found at music festivals, parties and student unions all around London and will consider setting up at your event if you ask them nicely. have been running pop up cinema films night from their Chelsea warehouse for a little while now and you get the chance to win tickets to film events where you can chill out of the comfy sofas and eat some great food. You even get to pick the film you would like to watch the guys will play it on their state of the art cinema screen and projector.

The latest event is James Bond themed and you can win tickets to the film night on their comfy sofa blog by solving the James Bond related rebus picture puzzle.

So there you have it, there are lots of different types of pop up cinemas scattered across London showing all different types of films in crazy and unusual locations get together with some friends and head out there!

Jonathan is a freelance writer who writes about all aspects of life.

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How Much is Gene Simmons worth?

Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) is an American rock and roll legend, actor, producer, entrepreneur and the bassist for the band KISS. He was a founding member of the band in 1973 and they continue to produce albums and tour 43 years later. He is so well known and loved that everyone asks how much Gene Simmons worth. Well he is estimated to have a net worth at $300 million.

Here is a brief biography of Gene Simmons. He was born in August 25th 1949 as Chaim Wits in Haifa Israel to Hungarian –Jewish parents, his mother Florence was a survivor of a NAZI concentration camp, and his father Chaim was a carpenter. At the age of five his parents got separated and Chaim and his mother moved to the US and settled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York and he was renamed Gene Klein. As a child he was introduced to his first love comic books and cartoons with the help of these new interests Gene picked up the English language adding to a vast vocabulary which also included Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian. (His make-up in Kiss came from his love of comic books) He saw the historic band The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, Genes life was changed instantly; it would be the 15th year that his mother would give him a second guitar the Kent.

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After years of playing lead guitar he changed to bass guitar because as he saw there was more guitarist than bassist. By 1968 he had already been apart of five separate music groups; Long Island Sounds, Rising Sun, the Missing Links, Bullfrog Bheer and Cathedral. With Wicked Lester he had an Epic Records recording deal but was unhappy with the sound and the group and ended up leaving. He never wasted a chance with education and in 1970 he graduated from Richmond College with a degree in education and four language degrees English, German, Hungarian and Hebrew. He worked as a sixth grade teacher and later gave up and held a job as a personal assistant with Vogue and Glamour magazines and the name Gene Simmons was adopted.

In 1973 he formed the group KISS with Paul Stanley. Their breakthrough came with the double live album, Alive! In 1975, KISS went at it hammer and tongs with striking stage shows featuring eye catching demonic make up. The albums Destroyer and Rock and Roll Over were released in 1976 and Love Gun and Alive II in 1977. The following year they released no less than four albums, all named after the orginal members of the band. They were hot and Simmons took advantage of every opportunity that came along: merchandising, acting, and all kinds of naming deals.

Gene expanded his interest and acted in Runway with Tom Selleck in 1948, appeared in Wanted Dead or Alive in 1986. He started producing and established a management company. Was considered the first producer to discover Van Halen although the demo tapes did not grow into a long term contract. He created the cartoon show My Dad the Rock Star in 2002, Whole Kiss and Make Up and Sex Money Kiss. In 2004 he finished filming Rock School Foe Channel 4 teaching classically trained 13-14 year-olds how to rock. He has appeared in the Apprentice with Donald Trump but was fired in the second week. In 2009, Kiss celebrated their 35th year in the music charts with the release of their first studio show album in nearly a decade. He finally married Shannon Lee Tweed in 2011 after dating for over 20 years and their two children Sophie and Nick live with them in California. You might have seen the A&E reality show Family Jewels featuring the family.