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Quality Audio in FLAC File Downloads

FLACThe most common digital audio format is MP3 and it is widely used in the digital audio industry today. Basically the MP3 format is a patented digital audio encoding that has been standardized to be compatible in most audio and media players for sale today, whether portable or not. MP3 files are compressed audio files, also referred to as lossy comprehension. One of its defining characteristics is that it doesn’t take up too much space (the average size for an MP3 file is 3 mb) but the quality of the sound is still a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio. So if the MP3 files seem to be a standard music format for listening to music, then what’s the deal with FLAC files that are now considered to be the fastest-growing audio codec today?

One of the greatest weapons that FLAC files can showcase to all music enthusiasts and audiophiles is that when it comes to audio quality, this audio format ranks the top one. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec – with an emphasis on the word “lossless” (as opposed to the “lossy” quality of MP3), meaning, “without loss in quality.” If the MP3 format is a patented digital audio, FLAC is considered to be non-proprietary and in most cases, independent and clear from patents. With those qualities associated with FLAC files, you cannot blame most audiophiles and music enthusiasts to switch from MP3 to FLAC.

But FLAC remains to be in the background compared to MP3, albeit the fact that it can offer high quality audio sound. Why? There are also downsides when it comes to FLAC. For one thing, FLAC files cannot be played in iTunes so if you are a die-hard Apple fan, then you will find this extremely discouraging. FLAC files play in Windows Media Player and Winamp though.

Another reason why many people shrugged off FLAC files is that they take up too much space, with a FLAC audio file taking up to 43 MB compared to MP3’s average 3 MB size. Some people prefer to skimp on storage space and sacrifice music quality. One must consider, however, that compared to downloading movies from sites like Netflix, the amount of bandwidth and storage space required for music is trivial.  Even the highest quality audio contains less data than a decent video stream.  This makes opting for MP3’s a false economy in todays bandwidth rich world.

Still, if you find quality audio important to you then you’ll discover that you’re not really interested in compressed music files. After all, you can always buy extra hard drives – they are cheap these days. So make the switch to FLAC file formats, grab a cold beer from the fridge, and settle in for some quality music appreciation today!

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Zen MP3 Speakers – Solutions for Creative Zen Media Players

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The Creative Labs Zen media players such as the Mozaic EZ300, offer an alternative to the market dominating iPod. The Zen player is both stylish and capable and can play a wide variety of media formats. The Zen software is designed in a logical manner that provides for greater ease of use and more power to the owner, however like most MP3 players, the Creative Labs Zen media player is designed for use with ear phones and so if you wish to play your music out loud you will need to invest in a set of Zen MP3 Speakers or a set that is built to accommodate the Zen player.

Once such example of Creative MP3 speakers are the Creative labs Travelsound Zen Mosaic Speakers, that are capable of producing a large sound in a small-sized package that is convenient to take from place to play, whether you are off to the beach, to work or on a field trip. The Zen Travelsound speakers utilize a USB connector that charges both the speakers and the Zen Mosaic player (if docked) when connected. The speakers also feature an FM antenna, that boosts the performance of the Zen player, allowing you to better tune into the radio as well as playing MP3 tracks. The Zen X-Fi MP3 player system is another Zen speaker system that accommodates the Zen X-Fi MP3 and video player and has a similar set of features to the Travelsound for the Zen Mosaic.

For an expensive and more compact set of Creative Zen MP3 Speakers, you might look into one of the generic folding speaker sets that can fold up into a convenient cube. The sound quality produced by these types of devices is not the highest, but if you are looking for something adequate for a very low price, then a set of foldable speakers that can accommodate the Zen Player will fill this gap, while not breaking the bank. Foldable generic speakers can also support a variety of other players and has a docking platform of sorts that can accommodate the Zen.

The Travelsound Zen V Creative Zen speakers are designed for the Creative Zen V player. They produce a beautiful acoustic sound in a sleek and modern case design that is highly portable and great for outdoor use. These speakers also come with a remote control device, allowing you to control the playback of your music from the comfort from a home lounge chair. While these are great options for the Zen players, there are many Zen MP3 accessories that can enhance your audio experience with the Creative Zen devices.

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