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Is Facebook Good For Promoting Your Music?

It’s what people wonder no matter what type of business they’re into: how to get facebook fans. We all know that we’re meant to get a load of Facebook fans to make our marketing campaign that bit easier, but not every one knows how to use or interact with these fans. In some industries, for example the music industry, not everyone is even sure if more Facebook fans would benefit them.

Being involved in the music business myself, I can tell you right now that getting Facebook fans is a important role in your promotion. I know many musicians find it hard to get Facebook fans, but that’s only because you’re used to the mass following of the MySpace days. The thing is, on Facebook people won’t add you unless they’re generally interested in what you have to say or offer. With MySpace you could get an add of any random person and it wouldn’t be an issue.

The good thing about Facebook is the people that add you will be genuinely interested in what you’re offering. That means you have a chance to turn them into life long fans with some follow up relationship building. I’d sooner take 200 friends on FB then I would 2000 ‘friends’ on MySpace. The quality of the interaction is so much better, and these people will intentionally listen to your music rather then just have it automatically play when you go onto their page.

So, now you know you need to promote your music with Facebook, what is the best way about doing that? Well, from what I’ve seen it’s a good idea to create a Band Page tab for your Facebook fan page. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out this article on how to create a band page on facebook. This will allow you to stream your music directly on Facebook, let people buy your music and more.

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Eminem on His Plight as a White Man

In his 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper last year, Eminem talked at length about his titanic comeback following drug abuse and time away from the spotlight. The interview was supposed to be a look into Eminem’s re-found astronomical success and relevance. And it was, until the rapper made a comment that surely gave many pause: that the labels “homophobic” and “misogynistic” often attached to his music by critics would have been overlooked entirely if he had been black.

The Real Slim Shady
The Real Slim Shady (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talk about a loaded answer. The man who has been scrutinized for his skin color and referred to by his worst detractors as “hip-hop’s Elvis” using the defense that if he had been black, he would have gotten away with it. That’s certainly a new one there, coming from an unlikely source. Make no mistake, Eminem is one of the most talented artists of his generation from any genre, but there has been great debate as to whether he would have achieved the same level of popularity had he not been white—and if his remarks would have resonated with the same controversy, or caused more, so much more that he never would have achieved even a sliver of his current success.

It is very true, however, that it is more of a norm for black rappers to discuss misogynistic themes. It is extremely prevalent in much of popular rap. Artists boast about their lack of respect for women, and even go so far as to champion the merits of pimping and even violence towards the fairer sex. There is frequent use of the derogatory terms “b*****s” and “h**s,” and most backlash has been squashed long ago. There is some homophobia as well, with tough guy rappers deriding the competition as “gay” or “f*****s.”

That said, Eminem received so much attention because he took these themes even further. He rhymed about brutally killing his then-wife, Kim, on several songs. He openly and bluntly spoke out against homosexuality. Violence and violent thoughts are prevalent throughout his albums. He claims his Slim Shady persona is a joke, meant to be over-the-top, and it is. But to blatantly stir controversy talking about violence towards women and gays, and turning it into unparalleled success, seems coldly calculated. The fact is, he is a pop star, one embraced by people who do not listen to rap. And he did so by being controversially misogynistic and homophobic, as well as an amazing rapper. That to me makes the race card seem completely out of place.

Edward Stern is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer for the Guide to Online Schools. Check out the site for a list of online schools.

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Netflix Video Gives Away Pizzas at Safeway And Shaws

Netflix Newmans Own Pizza Giveaway

Netflix Video Gives Away Pizzas at Safeway And Shaws

In a rare subscription promotion, Netflix Inc is giving away 2 free Newman’s Own frozen pizzas to new rental dvd subscribers at Safeway’s, Albertson’s and Shaw’s stores. Safeway is popular on the west coast while Shaw operates on the east coast. Albertsons is the third retailer to take part in the frozen pizza give away by Netflix this year. It is not often that product give-a-ways are a part of Netflix marketing, so this campaign is unique for the video rental company.

The company is on a role with the recent price reductions by Microsoft and Sony on their XBox 360 and Playstation 3, respectively. 6.2 million new subscribers are expected to be added to the Netflix subscription count over the next quarter when all these new game console owners enroll in the Netflix Instant Watch program. The company added 1 million subscribers when XBox added the service recently.

Newman’s Own pizza is a company founded by actor Paul Newman in 1982. Their pizzas are all natural and the company strives to donate profits back to its community. $280 million has been donated to local charities by the pizza maker. Paul Newman passed away last year after a long success acting career.