Today’s Easiest Way To Learn How To Be A DJ

If you’ve ever thought of being a professional DJ/Mixmaster read on: These days everyone wants to be a DJ. Because of the low barriers of entry, there is no better time to learn how to mix than now. But how do you cut through the noise floor to become a Top DJ?

Hi, I’m Dan Morrell, DJ / remixer / producer / guitarist and now author. The decision to become a DJ has led me around the world to experience places that most people will never see or can afford to visit. I’ve toured in Japan with 14 cheerleaders for the troops, played Canada, Costa Rica, Europe, Mexico and more clubs around the US that I can even remember, all because I know how to make a record go wikki wikki. Ok, there’s a little more to it and we will cover all of it, but before we do let’s talk more about me… I’ll make it as quick as possible, I promise.

When I left for Normal, Illinois in the Summer of 1995, besides getting wasted there with great friends a few times in the past, I had no idea why I was going to ISU. Due to a piss poor GPA, my high school guidance counselor told me don’t waste my time even applying there. Luckily for me, they had a Hispanic box on the application. Unluckily for me, they sent my acceptance letter in Spanish, so I didn’t know I made it in until my Grandpa translated it for me.

I’ve never been one for following a traditional path or being influenced by the cautious advice of friends and family. Following my heart has led me to become who I am today, and now for the first time ever, I want to share how I did it with you.

The “Be A Top DJ in 10 Easy Steps” DJ course will help you achieve your dreams to be a Top DJ for a portion of what it would cost for group or personal DJ lessons. I wish that your journey takes you even farther than mine already has, and it will, if you follow the simple path I’ve laid out for you.

About the author:

With over 12 years of experience as a radio DJ, and even longer playing clubs along with high end bookings throughout the world, DJ Dan Morrell (formerly known DJ Smurf) is a well-qualified source to share insight on this competitive industry. The mixmaster shares tips and industry secrets that no other DJ would dare share, complete with proven road map on how to “Be A Top DJ in 10 Easy Steps.” Time saving shortcuts based on knowledge compiled directly from the best DJs in the world make this book a must-have for the entry level AND seasoned jock. The book was released by Mixmastered Publishing and is available in print, audio, and E-book versions through, Apple’s iBookstore, and

Netflix wii

More Netflix Wii for Mii?

More Netflix Wii for Mii?

Every Netflix customer should have received his or her latest survey from the box office knock off conglomerate asking which gaming platform is the most popular. The choices were PlayStation 3, XBOX and Wii and included in the survey were relevant points about how much TV connectivity users employ. Looks like Wii users may finally get their streaming capability in 720 or 7080p. The connection would require a disc installation. This option is already available in the UK and Japan through other service providers and Netflix would be the optimum United States provider to carry out this huge, customer pleasing joint venture.

One plus is that both Wii and Netflix have received high ratings for their customer service and consumers should not have problems using the gadgets and gizmos to get their favorite big screen event to play in their living room. Could this mean the end of the DVD player? Absolutely not! Netflix is adamant that they will remain loyal and dedicated to their DVD and Blue Ray customers continuously offering the best releases as far into the future as 2030. Over the next few weeks, more news should be released about the Wii – Netflix deal and Wii loyalists are remaining hopeful.