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Organize Your DVDs and Media With A DVD Stand

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Do you know off the top of your head how many DVDs you own? If you’re like most, you probably don’t have any idea. That’s because your DVDs are probably stuffed away in a cabinet or closet somewhere, or littered across a shelf, or even strewn about the floor in your basement or garage.

Whether you’re single and living with a roommate, or married, or a child, odds are that this isn’t going to go over well with whoever you live with. If you don’t like arguments or like to surprise others, then its a good idea to look into buying a DVD stand.

There are all kinds of DVD stands available, from sleek, modern designs that will blend in, to smaller, less noticeable DVD stands that just serve their function. When trying to find a DVD stand, the first question to consider is how many DVDs you have. Buying a stand that holds 30 DVDs when you have 48 will be a waste of time. So prepare and count the DVDs you have, and then add 20 to 25 onto that total, because more than likely, you’re going to add to your collection over time. Generally these stands are pretty cheap though, so even if you do start to exceed the allotted number, you can always get a second one.

There are also some other factors to consider when buying a stand for your DVDs. If you have children, then go for a DVD stand that is durable. If you want a stylish stand, then go for wooden stands that will blend in with your current decor. If you’re someone who is craving ultimate organization and want all of your media in one location, go for a multimedia stand that will hold your DVDs, CDs, games, and BluRay Movies.

Finding a stand you like will be easy to find, so just figure out what meets your individual needs and get to organizing today!

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Heavenly Instruments – Pedal Harps

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When world renowned harpist Peter Sterling floats a chord, it is like listening to the whisper of the wind among the trees. The harp instrument creates such magical and angelic music that it fills your body, mind and spirit. The ethereal music that can be created using a harp can touch one’s heart and soul. With the endearing quality of harp music to be soothing and unobtrusive, the demand for harp music for relaxation and sense of tranquility has increased. Harp music is commonly used in dinners, receptions, or parties as a pleasant background without interfering with quiet conversation.

The harp instrument has been used for centuries. It is one of our most ancient musical instruments. It is a multi-stringed instrument and generally categorized as chordophones. It is roughly triangular in shape and primarily made of wood. Individuals who plays the harp is either called a “harpist” or a “harper”. The term “harper” is usually used by Folk musicians whereas “harpist” is used for classical musicians. The harp instrument has been used for ages. It was thought to have originated from plucking the string of a hunter’s bow. The harp and the closely related lyre, has been part of almost all culture predominantly used in the olden times by medieval bards, troubadours and minnesingers.

Through time, the design and improvements of the harp instrument gained popularity in the 20th century. Before, the orchestra composers were unable to use the harp extensively because it cannot keep up with the other orchestra instruments due to many key changes and accidental passages found in most orchestral music. With the advent of pedals added to the harp instrument, the limitations were removed. Currently, the pedal harp is among the most popular type of harp instrument commonly used by harpists. This modernized type of harp is also known as a concert harp and is primarily designed for classical music. It can primarily be played solo, as a part or member of an orchestra, or a part of chamber ensembles. Pedal harps are diatonic instruments which are fitted with the double-action pedal mechanism. The pedal mechanism, allow chromatic alterations and key changes. It raises the pitch of given strings by a semitone or by both the semitone and the whole note.

You can purchase harps cheaply by buying a used pedal harp online. There are many used harp for sale online that are of high quality and made by some of the most distinguished brands in harp making so you get a huge bargain if you know how to look for them on the internet.

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Watch Music Videos

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Music and music videos have evolved so much within the last decade. One of the most important changes has occurred in the way that people view videos. There’s a lot of be said for all of the new technology that has surfaced for music lovers. People watch music videos on cell phones, laptops, and iPads. This is part of the changing evolution of digital technology.

It did not take a long time for videos to catch up with the digital movement that has taken place by way of the internet. Music has been heard, shared, and stored on the internet for years. It became such a big deal for music lovers to share and have access to large music collections at any given time. Videos had to follow sooner or later.

It happened very much sooner. Videos have changed along with MP3 music technology that has progressed. This has happened primarily because many stations like MTV, CMT, and BET have changed their formats. These stations were previously heavily video-based channels. This has changed as reality television shows have emerged and become more popular. Videos have taken a backseat on the channels that are primarily known for videos.

The result of all of this has brought music videos to a new platform. The web is now the place where sites like You Tube have become the mainstream sites for music videos. People can watch from their smart phones and select the videos that they desire at any given time. This has enticed more and more people who want to watch music videos online.

This growing trend has also led to a greater number of singles from one album. Two decades ago an album containing an average of 8 tracks would yield around 3 videos. A 10 track album today may possibly yield 5 or 6 videos.

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Customize your iPhone!

Sales for iPhone is obviously boosted by built in features, and the thousands of applications available for download via the Apple Store. There are also many Apple iPhone review sites to point users and developers in the right direction (Click here for more information on Apple reviews).  The demand for the iPhone applications is increasing, and with Verizon wireless launching their version of the iPhone 4, the demand is expected to increase higher. With the focus turning to developing the next great application, mobile app developers are coming up with news ways to market their applications to users.

Market positioning is essential for the success of their prototype. Some developers choose to release a free “light” version of their application to hook users into purchasing the entire version; This strategy is seen most by new developers trying to create a name for themselves within the market, but the strategy has been an option for the experienced developers as well.A test pilot application is another strategy seen the the application market that gives the applications to the users for a limited time, and then charges the users if the decide to keep the application after a series of time.

To make sure applications sell, developers are focusing on app functionality.  Obviously if there are millions of applications for sale, doing the same thing, developers are going to be reluctant to develop the same thing. However, if these applications are not fulfilling the needs of the users, that will create the opportunity needed to steal market share.

Applications are not the only things developers are trying to get a market niche on.  iPhone protection cases are huge potential sales opportunities. We recommend users and developers to check reviews on cases before the purchase or development begins. This is true especially when new iPhones are out like the Verizon iPhone 4. There are many Verizon iPhone 4 Case Review options available for review.


The Soothing Effect of Violin Music

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I still can memorize the lines of a song I learned way back in grade school which runs: “All things shall perish from under the sky. Music alone shall live, never shall die.” I also heard it said that if there is one thing from down here below which will still be in heaven is music. It is the language of the soul, so they say. Soul talk must necessarily be music talk.

Its one thing to listen to music.  Creating one is quite different. I love listening to beautiful music. I can even sing fairly well enough to be able to come up with a solo rendition during special occasions. But I never had the chance to get some training in playing musical instruments. The only instrument I can play is the guitar, but strictly in the amateur level.

The most haunting music I ever heard is violin music. It cuts deep into the innermost recesses of your soul. It touches in the most subtle of ways. My friend who is a certified music lover went to a concert. When she came back she complained of feeling light and a little bit dizzy, almost close to getting drunk. I asked her what happened and she told me that she was awash with the intoxicating power of the beautiful music she absorbed into her system. And very recently in a party, the same friend was noticed to stop in the middle of her meal, looking like terribly lost. When asked what happened she said she remembered something nostalgically poignant triggered by the background music.

So the question is – is it still possible for me to learn to play the violin? And I dare say why not. Unlike before when violins were rarities especially in the place where I grew up, today there are lots of ways and means to access practically anything you can think of. The videos in the net for example are fantastic helpful tools to explore if you want to teach yourself violin.

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That is why I am seriously considering finding materials on how to teach yourself violin. But maybe I first have to find a violin for my practice sessions. It may not necessarily be a Stradivarius. I have already found sites offering lessons on how to play the violin the easy way.

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Netflix Watch Instantly on the iPhone

Netflix Watch Instantly on the iPhone

Netflix is preparing to demonstrate Watch Instantly on the iPhone after an announcement at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference this week. Just simply download the free app and being to watch Netflix content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The app first became available in the iTunes store for the iPad on the day the iPad was launched back in April. Now with the release of the iPhone 4, Netflix is ready to provide the same functionality on the new device.

Developer’s have been expecting this new app for some time on the iPhone because Netflix had a series of surveys asking about the commercial viability of such an app earlier this year and last year. Plus the iPad and the iPhone are similar platforms so porting software apps from one device to the other is not a large leap in development.

The first rumors of this new iPhone app come almost a year ago with the Nintendo Wii being part of the rumor. Well the Nintendo gaming system was first of the rumored devices to be compatible with  Netflix Watch Instantly. Like the Nintendo WII, the iPhone app will have search capabilities and the ability to watch a portion of a movie or a television show on one device, and then pick up the rest of the content on another device entirely.

The streaming content will also adapt to different bandwidths to provide a smooth and clear presentation. 3G users can watch a more elaborate version of the streaming content provided they have the bandwidth available. At the same time this new Netflix app is being released, AT&T is now limited data plans to either 200MB or 2GB a month. These new limits could hamper the overall use of Netflix Watch Instantly on the iPhone.

Watch Instantly plans from Netflix begin at $8.99.