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Find The Home Theater Design That Reflects Your Favorite Movies

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Most people like to watch their favorite movies in their home entertainment center, and half the fun of having a theater in your home is knowing that you can watch the films that you really enjoy the most at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. There’s no waiting for the film you want to see arriving in the local theater for a limited run. Any movie that you like can have an extended run right inside of that room where you like to be entertained.

But there are some folks who take the whole home entertainment thing to an entirely new dimension by making their home theaters look like the movies that they like to watch. When you show “Return of the Jedi” in your specially designed “Star Wars” themed home entertainment room, you might have a rather difficult time figuring out where the movie stops and the real world begins.

So what other kinds of themes are movie fans pursuing when they decide to deck out their viewing area with some spiffy décor that will immediately put them in the mood for the kinds of films they like most?

Bat Cave Movie Theater Theme

Some creative movie fans came up with a Bat Cave Movie Theater that features some high end home theater seats upholstered in black, shiny fabric that makes the theater immediately reminiscent of those nocturnal flying mice. It sure would be interesting to watch a chain of Batman movies in the Bat Cave theater. Some lucky individual reportedly paid a half million dollars just for the seating in his Bat Cave home movie space. All the lucky owner would need now is Alfred the butler to serve drinks and popcorn.

Opera House Theme

Another film fanatic built a home theater made to look like a turn of the century opera house that has a refreshment stand, box office and marquee, as well as some Elite home theater furniture. The theater is complete with three DVD players, a JVC projector and some high-end sound gear. It might be the perfect place to watch the Marx Brothers in “A Night at the Opera.”

Bank Theme

If you want to feel really safe and secure while watching movies, you might want to build what one movie fan constructed – a home theater with a very large bank vault, some ornate woodwork and comfortable seating, of course. What better place could there be to watch some of those old gangster movies from the 1930s, especially the ones with a bank-heist theme?

Stargate Theme

And finally we have a Stargate-themed home theater that is replete with star lighting effects and in-wall speakers. When it comes to movie fans, few are as dedicated as the ones who are science fiction fans. The Force is with them.

Bobby Bala is an honored home theater furniture expert and contributing writer specializing in discussing various seating for movie theaters in home. He has been in the home movie theater furniture industry for a long time and is one of the top suppliers of custom seating solutions.

Netflix XBOX 360

Netflix and XBOX 360 Offer Movies Instantly to Homes

Netflix and XBOX 360 Offer Movies Instantly to Homes

In a press release earlier this month, Netflix announced that 1 million XBOX Live Gold users have activated Netflix on the XBOX systems. This occurred over the past three months since XBOX Live became available in November of 2008. The service allows these members to instantly watch movies and television episodes directly through their video game devices.

Netflix New Releases
Netflix New Releases (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Thousands of Titles and More Coming

So far 1.5 billion minutes of content has been downloaded and watched through the XBOX 360 Netflix agreement. Netflix is offering over 12,000 movies and tv episodes for immediate viewing through download. The number of titles available is expected to group along with the number of high definition (HD) titles offered.