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Death Of Michael Jackson May Have Been Preventable

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Two years ago, the life of one of the music industry’s greatest stars was taken far too early. At the young age of 50, Michael Jackson passed away before his time. Since then, a lot of effort has gone into figuring out the cause of Jackson’s death and whether it could have been prevented. According to Emergency Medical Technician Richard Senneff, his death was indeed preventable. The EMT testified at the trial of cardiologist Conrad Murray, who was Jackson’s primary physician. Murray is being tried for involuntary manslaughter.

Conrad Murray has been accused of prescribing lethal doses of anesthesia propofol and sedatives. Apparently, Michael Jackson had been struggling with sleep deprivation shortly before his death. Murray, who has plead not guilty, testified that he found Jackson not breathing and immediately began to administer CPR. Although Murray claims to have called 911 as soon as possible, his girlfriend at the time says that he was on the phone with her at 11:51 am on the day of his death, and stopped talking to her soon after he discovered that Jackson was no longer breathing. However, the 911 call was not placed until 12:20 pm. This means that there would have been at least a twenty-minute delay between the time Murray discovered Jackson not breathing and when he actually placed 911 call. EMT Richard Senneff believes that Jackson’s death could have easily been prevented, if only Murray had called a few minutes sooner.

According to Richard Senneff, there was more than one way in which Michael Jackson’s death could have been prevented. The EMT alleges that in addition to placing such a late 911 call, Murray also lied to the the emergency medical services about Jackson’s underlying heart condition. When asked whether Jackson was on medication, Murray first told Senneff that he wasn’t, and then changed his answer to include sedatives. However, he did not tell the EMT that Jackson was on anesthesia propofol. Senneff feels that the lack of accurate medical background knowledge also contributed to emergency medical service’s inability to revive Jackson. Two days after Jackson’s death, Murray finally admitted that he had been administering intravenous doses of anesthesia propofol for at least two months. He said that Jackson had administered the fatal dose of the medication while Murray was in another room.

The jury has yet to decide whether Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. With reliable testimonies from Murray’s girlfriend and the EMT that responded to the 911 call, as well as more evidence likely to follow, it doesn’t look likely that Murray will be acquitted of the crime he committed.

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Top 3 Kinect Games to Lose Weight


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Today, Xbox 360 gaming console is becoming more popular especially to those who wanted to lose weight fast. Game creators introduce Kinect games in your Xbox. Kinect is known to be the newest revolution in fitness and weight loss. There are numbers of games you can select from that will surely interest and motivate you in doing exercises.

Among all the games, Kinect will offer you these top 3 games that you will surely love.  First of your Kinect fitness game is the Dance Masters. In this game, you are free to dance. You can select from many variety of modes including the lesson mode, dance mode and the status mode. It will give you the most ultimate dance experience together with friends or family.

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This kind of game is fun and most of all challenging. You can challenge your friends with different level of difficulties. You will surely love the beat of hip hop, pop, R&B and techno music. There are 30 or more various dance tracks to select from, so you will not get bored. In this game, you are enjoying and at the same time burning your calories.

Second of your Kinect fitness is the Kinectimals. In this game, children and adult will enjoy the bond together with the world’s most bizarre animals. These animals are program to respond with your commands. The commands for example are sitting, rolling over, playing dead or more. This kind of game is more on interactions, so it does not give you much fitness or movements.

Finally, there is what we call Zumba Fitness. This game supports 4 players and it can be played online in which you can team up with them and earn the top workout scores as a team. It has 9 different dance styles to choose from. It includes salsa, flamenco and cumbia. This game consists up to 30 or more various dance routines.

These are the top 3 games for weight loss. Select your choice and have fun!