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Fun Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

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When you’re shopping for gifts, it can help if you know what kind of things the recipient likes.  If you’re shopping for a fan of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, you’re in luck! There is a wide range of collectible items and toys based on the stories that will appeal to fans of all ages.  Read on for a few ideas on great gifts for Harry Potter fans.

There are a variety of Harry Potter based toys available for kids, and there is none more popular than Lego Harry Potter building sets.  The sets are based on locations from the story like Hagrid’s Hut or Hogwarts Castle, or on action scenes like a Quidditch Match. What’s great about the building sets is that even after the model is complete, the fun goes on as kids can play out their favorite scenes and activities from the movie. The sets include mini-figures of the characters allowing for lots of good, fun imaginative play.

Another great collectible item for fans of the story are the Harry Potter wands. This is a fun item for kids and adults who like to collects sets of similar items. Each character from the Harry Potter series has his or her own unique wand. In the story, the wands are made of wood and are imbued with a magical component. Most young wizards receive their wands from Ollivander’s wand shop on Diagon Alley; the collectible wands are made of resin and come in decorative boxes fashioned after the same boxes from Ollivander’s.

There are many other Harry Potter toys and collectible items that make great gifts for any young fan on your gift giving list.  Stickers, board and card games, dress up items; there’s sure to be something wonderful for everyone who’s a fan of Harry Potter and his wonderful, magical world.

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Movies About Magicians

Magicians, released in 2007, is a British comedy about two magicians named Harry and Karl. They are friends that hold magic shows together until one tragic magic competition when a fatal accident occurs. When Carol (the assistant) enters the box for the guillotine act, she ends up decapitated. The pair of magicians ends on a sour note and become bitter rivals. They meet up again at a magic competition years later. Linda (Harry’s assistant for this show) begs him to perform his guillotine act and, after dragging his feet, he agrees. Once on stage Linda runs off, chickening out of helping Harry with the act. Karl steps up and helps his friend and the trick is performed with great success. The movie ends with Karl and Harry teaming up once again and taking their show on the road.

The magician movie, called The Prestige, is about two magicians that were, at first, great friends. The story takes place in 19th century London and is about magicians Robert Angier and his assistant Alfred Borden. When Robert Angier’s wife dies, because of an act, they have a fall out and become each others enemy. The pair spends their time upstaging one another and end up using more and more daring illusions. This rivalry between the two grows stronger and they go as far as sabotaging each others acts. The movie features Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier and Christian Bale as Alfred Bordon. The release date for The Prestige was in 2006.

The Illusionist, released in 2006, displays the life of a magician who, through social class, loses Sophie, the love of his life. The magician, Eisenheim, perfects his magical skills throughout the years until he meets up with his love once again. He finds she is about to marry a Crown Prince and plans a way to stop the marriage. He uses his magic on Sophie to win her affections once again. The Illusionist is filled with romance, intrigue and mystery.

Houdini is without a doubt the most well known magician that ever walked the earth. His magic tricks were revolutionary in his day. The magic movie Houdini tells about his entire life story, from the time that he immigrated to the US. It also tells the story about his time as a seance de-bunker. This was a time in his life that he did not want to perform magical shows up until his untimely death. The love story with his wife Bess is woven throughout the entire movie. She was a big part of his life. The movie was first shown on TV in 1998 and was later released onto DVD.

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