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Avatar: A Great 3-D Film Experience

If you haven’t seen a 3-D film in a while, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Unlike the 3-D movies of yesteryear, today’s 3-D films are incredibly immersive and extremely exciting. One exceptional example is the movie “Avatar,” which debuted in theaters in 2009. While it’s been a few years since “Avatar” was released, it continues to amaze audiences with its high-quality 3-D animations. Unlike the 3-D movies of years past, “Avatar” manages to incorporate three-dimensional elements in a completely natural way. While watching the film, it’s easy to forget that you’re sitting in a theater or your living room. Find out why “Avatar” is so special by checking out the following information.

Low-Key 3-D Effects

When using 3-D, many films reserve it for a handful of scenes. That’s not the case with “Avatar.” Instead of throwing out 3-D graphics during specific scenes, the film relies on them from the moment it begins until the moment it ends. That doesn’t mean that you are constantly being bombarded with images that fly directly at you. Instead, the effects are used in a wonderfully subtle way. Instead of projecting out at you, the 3-D effects are used to draw you into the action. You’ll find yourself slipping off your 3-D glasses from time to time to make sure that you’re actually watching a 3-D film.

Movement in the film

Another thing that makes the 3-D special effects in “Avatar” so amazing is that they occasionally make you feel like you’re moving right along with the characters. There are several flying scenes in the film, and they make audiences feel like they are along for the ride. Impeccable editing and exciting music intensifies the excitement of such scenes, and you won’t want them to come to an end. The 3-D effects in “Avatar” transform jungle chase scenes into something that’s truly amazing.

Enjoying “Avatar” at Home

Some would say that the only way to get the most out of a film like “Avatar” is by seeing it in the theater, but that’s not necessarily true. The right 3D TV makes it easy to enjoy a fantastic film like this from the comfort of your own home. 3-D TVs have come a really long way. When paired with a high-quality Blu-ray player, a 3D TV can bring the excitement and drama of an amazing film like “Avatar” into your own living room. To make things even better, invest in a top-notch surround-sound system.

There’s no question that 3-D films have been enjoying a great deal of popularity lately. Some 3-D movies are better than others, but that’s true about any genre of film. If you’d like to get your 3-D television adventure off to an incredible start, though, you should opt for a movie like “Avatar.” In addition to wowing audiences in theaters around the world, the movie makes a profound impression when viewed at home with the right television set. Even if you’ve already seen “Avatar,” you should give it another try at home. It is sure to become one of your favorite 3-D movies.

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The Purpose of a Customized Movie Poster Frame

If you are someone who has been collecting movie posters for quite a number of years, these posters would mean the world to you. We wouldn’t have our well cared for collections, destroyed by having them taped onto the wall. But having them rolled up and hidden wouldn’t do the collection justice. These posters are meant to be hung on the wall for everyone to see and for you to appreciate everyday. They must be showcased and preserved to maintain its value as years go by. This is why having a movie poster frame to keep our movie posters in, has become a recommended accessory in poster collections. Not only are they convenient, they are quite affordable and they provide the best quality care frames ought to give posters.

A movie poster frame is available in a variety of styles, color and sizes and they are similar to the movie frames that used to grace classic theatres. The style of these frames will depend as to where and how you wish to have them displayed. For home display, collectors usually use an unobtrusive black aluminum frame can be used that is has a general size suitable for standard modern movie posters with a height of 40” and a width of 27”. You can buy poster frames online after you have done the thorough research to satisfy you and have decided on the type of frame design you like.

Every single movie poster, especially the vintage ones having value, must be keep safe and well preserved with a movie poster frame meant for such posters. This will prevent any wear, tear and folds being creased onto the poster and to avoid color fading. Opt to buy poster frames online as they are much more affordable online and are available in many different styles and colors.

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From The Big Screen To The Real Outdoors

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Road Trip

The most obvious film that takes on the road trip is, of course, Road Trip. The film title may not seem intriguing, but if you’re young, into sex and like films like American Pie, then we think you’ll approve. The basic premise is a bunch of young men embarking on a proper American road trip to save one of the men’s embarrassments after he accidentally sent a tape of him having sex to his actual girlfriend – who isn’t part of the video.

Sure, it’s pubertal, disgusting and dirty, but we’d still highly recommend it.


Convoy is a film that was made in the late ’70s and it is still as popular today as it was back then. It features a group of truckers driving on a huge road trip in a mile-long convoy to help one driver who has a vendetta against an obnoxious Sherriff. It’s a true American red-neck adventure.

Vanishing Point

There are a certain amount of epic car films that captures the mainstream’s imagination – and Vanishing Point is one of them. It features a proper man’s man in the form of Kowalski who works for a car delivery company. He picks up a Dodge Challenger and decides to place a bet that he can get from Colorado to California in less than 15 hours – and so the carnage begins.

There’s police chases, a blind man, gay hitchhikers, naked ladies and plenty of muscle cars – what more can you ask for? Vanishing point is a true road trip movie that lives up to all the hype.

Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t make films that often, and when he does, they are usually incredibly good. Death Proof represented a Hollywood flop for Tarantino, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching. If you fancy a bit of old-school acting for Kurt Russell and lots of screaming, half-naked girls, then Death Proof is the film for you.

The film sees Russell stalk two girls by an ex-stuntman who uses his Death Proof car to undertake vicious and bloody murderous events. Not for the fainthearted.

Death Race 2000

Another film with the word ‘death’ in it, but this one is well worth a watch if you’re into long drives in the country. Death Race is a show that contestants enter and score points for running people down as they travel across the country – sounds good and a bit weird, right? The insane ‘sport’ has willing suicidal viewers sprouting out of here, there and everywhere just to be run over by the contestants. As films go, it is an odd one, but it’s a quality few hours of viewing with lots of cars and death – which, as we know, is the perfect combination.

This guest post has been put together by Netcars – a specialist used cars search engine based in the UK.

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Samsung Home Cinema System

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Numerous individuals spend significant amounts of money each year by going to local theaters for the purpose of family entertainment. While this is the normal format through which most people view movies, there are more advantageous ways for a person to watch their favorite films. Designing one’s own theater in the privacy of his or her home is an excellent way in which the finer things in life can be enjoyed without having to exceed one’s entertainment budget. Through the use of a Samsung Home Cinema System one can be assured of creating numerous hours of enjoyment for his or her family each week.

Those who are not familiar with how to set up such a system must simply read The Home Theater Setup Guide. This is a manual that is designed to offer step by step instructions to consumers with regard to the correct way to assemble the theater system in his or her home. This is a perfect solution for the entertainment needs of the entire family, especially in households with young children. Rather than paying for overpriced movie tickets and snacks, one can choose instead to relax in his or her home and enjoy fun and interesting movies selected by the family om a big screen TV.

The samsung home cinema system is very is assembled and enjoyed by thousands of people all around the country every day. By finding out how to assemble a home theater system by using The Home Theater Setup Guide one now has the ability to watch and enjoy favorite movies from the privacy of home. No longer will he or she have to worry about distractions associated with public movie theaters, such as inconsiderate people talking or using cellphones. The Samsung home theater system is an excellent option for those who want a more enjoyable movie experience.

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Stargate Continuum Review

”]Cover of "Stargate: Continuum [Blu-ray]"

The world of science fiction is one that is thoroughly explored and recorded. Vast worlds across countless universes are created and brought to life not just by writers, but also by the faithful and numerous fans of these types of stories. The universe of Stargate is one of those that captivates audiences and takes them on a journey across galaxies, meeting all kinds of creatures, unexplored alien worlds, and adventures. The Stargate series is considered one of science fiction’s more lustrous gems, with its SG-1 franchise alone creating 10 seasons across a span of 10 years. Met with success, this franchise has garnered multiple awards including 9 Primetime Emmy’s, 18 wins from other various awards, and a whopping 82 nominations in its runtime.

In lieu of its popularity, the SG-1 franchise was able to create two movie spin-offs, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and the more popular Stargate: Continuum which we will be taking a closer look.

Compared to The Ark of Truth, Continuum deserves to be called the true movie of based on the story of SG-1. Continuum has a more cinematic feel, looking like it has a greater budget, has produced a movie with that of better plot, sound, look, and feel; which made the Continuum at par with most motion pictures in cinemas.

The story of Continuum is a gripping and engaging experience that fans applaud. In this chapter of the Stargate universe, Ba’al seeks the destruction of the Stargate program by going back in time to stop its creation. As comrades start to disappear due to the disturbance in time, Colonel Carter, Colonel Mitchell and Doctor Jackson go through a Stargate and find themselves in Earth’s past and the Stargate program never being created. It is up to them to defend this time from Ba’al and the Gouald and restore peace.

If you are a fan of Stargate, or of science fiction in general, this is a movie that deserves your attention as a part of an intriguing journey in the Stargate universe.

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The Best Romantic Movies Ever

Even if you are feeling down in the dumps and completely cynical about life, a great romantic movie can turn things around instantly. It can be just the thing to renew your hope in the human spirit while reminding you of why people fall in love in the first place. After all, who doesn’t have relationships or dating on their mind at all times? Great romantic movies can be the perfect distraction while you search for your own true love in real life. Sometimes they can be wickedly realistic, or other times they might feature more make-believe elements like magic love spells or fairytale endings. But whatever specific formula a romantic movie follows, the best ones are able to cut to our soul by the time the final credits roll. Here are some of the best romantic movies that you can rent if you need a quick boost of true love.

Sleepless in Seattle – no one could have predicted that this movie would have become as huge as it did. Even though it would be considered old by some standards today, it can still hold its own against any romantic movie that Hollywood turns out now. It’s interesting to remember that the two characters don’t even meet until the very end of the movie. How magical is that?

Wall-E – this movie makes the list because of the unusual fact that the two main characters aren’t human at all. But when everything is said and done this movie features one of the greatest love stories of all time between two lovable robots. And along the way, we get messages about the importance of preserving the environment, protecting the earth, and how love is the most essential thing of all.

Titanic – if you have three hours to kill that it might be time to revisit this instant classic. A lot of people forget that the filming of Titanic was plagued with numerous problems and an overinflated budget. As it turns out, none of that matters today because all we think of when we think of this movie is one of the best romantic films of all time.