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Guide To Buying Wireless Headphones For Your Home Theater

Buying Wireless Headphones For Your Home Theater

Entertainment at-home has come a long way through the course of the past decade. At-home, you’re able to get experiences that were only available in prestigious theaters, you can get the sound, the picture and even 3D television watching experiences from the comfort of your living room or home theater.

Sennheiser HD555 Headphones
Sennheiser HD555 Headphones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get the best possible experience though, it’s important to find the right equipment and shop for quality pieces that are going to allow you to hear and see everything that you’re watching and listening to.

Buying wireless headphones for the home theater is no different. The headphones can help to transform you into the world that you’re watching or the video game that you’re experiencing.

Some of the things that you should consider when buying wireless headphones include:

The Brand
Certain brands have a reputation when it comes to the quality of products that they’re providing to the customer. Using reviews, you can tell which brands have high recommendations over and over — then you can choose a pair of wireless stereo headphones from the brand.

Extra features are often included, like being able to control the volume from the headset or an included microphone for people interested in playing video games. What, if any, extra features does the wireless headset have?

Are they Noise Cancelling?
While you’re at-home watching a movie in the home theater, you’re not going to want to be distracted with background noises. Before buying the wireless headphones ensure that they’re created with noise cancelling technology for the best experience.

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How Effective Are Speaker Foam Repair Kits?

Many well known loudspeaker manufacturers including JBL and Infinity made some very poor choices in the 70s and 80s when they used foam surrounds for their drivers. Unfortunately, almost all of the foam surrounds of these speakers started deteriorating just 10 years after purchase. Other parts of these speakers were also aging rather quickly.

Fortunately, there is hope if you still own one of the good old Infinity Kappa speakers or just love vintage stuff. Dozens of third-party manufacturers including and are now offering reasonably priced speaker foam repair kits that not only fix the speaker surrounds but also holes in your speaker grill. Depending on your personal budget, you can give your „babies“ a complete makeover. SimplySpeakers even offers a complete reconing service for tougher jobs that cannot be fixed via do-it-yourself kits. Reconing essentially means replacing the diaphragm, voice coil and any internal wiring. This doesn’t come cheap but can be worth the price. The results are often stunning. If done well, you won’t believe how fantastic your speakers still sound even by modern standards.

For very exotic home stereo loudspeakers, there is often not much hope. Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer or look for replacement drivers in the secondhand market. Similar speaker models may be offered on eBay that you could simply cannibalize. On the other side, drop-in replacements are not easy to find as the dimensions of the woofers differ in almost all cases. In addition, you probably need to drill additional holes into the speaker enclosure. I personally wouldn’t feel very comfortable doing that. And the internal crossover of your loudspeaker would have to be adapted, too. All of this could result in too many sonic compromises. But it could be acceptable if you just need the speakers for background listening and plan on getting newer ones in the near future.

In summary, speaker foam repair kits only make sense if your loudspeaker is from a larger manufacturer and if damages are minor.