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Avatar: Inspiration for reflection and contemplation

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Much has been said of the Avatar, since the first information about the film already cried it would be a revolution of the 7th art.The film was released and already holds the record for highest grossing film of all time. According to the movie enthusiasts the great banner of this revolution was the result of the incredible CGI technology applied to the work. I agree.And I would also say that marketing used to leverage the film was extraordinary.

But is that Avatar is just technology and advertising?

Maybe this deviates a little visual excellence viewers’ attention to the messages contained in the film. I’ve been watching film reviews from fellow bloggers and viewers of the film and most agree that the film’s plot is fairly simple, with many cliches.Indeed it is. But so what? A film with simple plot and clichés can not contain important messages? I think that from the moment we have a movie where everything is new, I can not say the movie cliches that have committed to work. Imagine AVATAR with a complex plot and no cliche, that is, with no bridge to what we already knew the movie. Would you be good?Would you be understood? Does that arouse people’s interest? These are points that deserve consideration. Still, I consider each issue raised in the film, which reaches many people and that subtly transcends the simplicity of the plot and its unique universe.

Criticism of the war in Iraq
There is a very symbolic phrase in the movie, spoken by Colonel Quaritch:  We’ll win. The plan was to invade the human Pandora to occupy the sacred territory of Na’vi and to explore the rare ore unobtanium , worth a fortune for many companies earthlings and generate profits for their shareholders. For this they needed to vacate the place, for good or evil. Military mercenaries allied firms to take advantage of this occupation and brought all their know-how and equipment for this war. For those who know well, that’s exactly what caused the war in Iraq under the false justification that Saddam Hussein manufactured bombs of mass destruction and that this would be a threat to humanity. And what is Avatar? A great allegory on the conflict created by the Americans. In fact the criticism is not against imperialism and against the Americans.They are the star because they are facing these conflicts and are the most powerful nation on earth.

Concept of multiple realities
Despite all the drama involved, AVATAR explores a subject much studied in metaphysics: the theory of multiple realities or dimensions. Imagine that your mind reaches different types of reality. Just realize that you only one: that you experience now. There are some people who gain access to other levels of reality, as the spiritualist mediums (interact with the spiritual world), to sleepwalk, so the telepaths. But most are not. This skill requires a high sensory sensitivity. And this kind of situation is curtailed by empirical knowledge. In AVATAR, it is clear that science has mastered this skill and have your proof through the traditional scientific method. The film not only deepens the technology used by scientists to make this transmigration. Moreover, transmigration is a term already known to scientists and researchers metaphysical. The word transmigration (or metempsychosis, for the Greeks) is a process for the behavior of incoming beings. Enterer is the name used to determine origin of spiritual beings, not using the means Divine (Cosmic Law = Law of the Incarnation), to establish and use a body caused by physical, incarnate in our midst.

Avatar and Spiritualism
For the spiritualists and supporters, it is easy to identify a correlation between the reality of Na’vi with the theory of higher plane Kardecists. In the spiritual philosophy, there are several spiritual planes (also called colonies). In one, the disembodied spirit (or even red in some cases as in the dream) has access to the plan. In this plan, be living in a constant harmony with nature that surrounds him, as if it were an extension of its essence. Live harmoniously among its peers and is devoid of feelings as materialism and worldly desires. The connection between this plan and Pandora is too obvious to anyone who knows these teachings. And the relationship itself between the reality of the reality of human Na’vi is also a way to associate the concepts of the spiritual and the earthly plane.

So realize that Avatar is much more than a cliché love story, a movie or a technologically perfect big case of marketing. It is a tasty philosophical journey, full of signs and issues unpretentious, packaged in a perfect soundtrack, a lush photography and a unique idea in the film industry. I tip my hat to James Cameron and all his brilliant team.

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Seen in a Better Light

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3 Fun Comedies to Rent on Netflix

Sometimes you just need a good laugh because you are having a bad day or you need some cheering up. If you are looking on Netflix for some good cheap comedy dvds to rent, there are a few that you can consider. These movies have been making people laugh for a while now and are some of the favorites.

The Great Outdoors – This is one of the best movies from 1988. How can you go wrong with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd? Two families who really don’t get along too well find themselves spending a week together in a cabin in the woods. Guest appearance by the bald headed bear of Claire County! The raccoons are hilarious!

Toy Story – Loved by people of all ages, this family film follows a bunch of toys and the rivalry between Woody and Buzz. They eventually find out that their owner is moving and they don’t want to be left behind.

A Christmas Story – Even though this is a Christmas movie, it’s still one of the biggest favorites for a comedy when looking through Netflix. Who can resist the kid getting his tongue stuck to the flagpole, the boy being pushed down in the snow, and don’t forget the mother constantly saying that the kid will shoot his eye out if he gets a bb gun for Christmas?

These are just a few of the favorite comedy movies that people rent on a regular basis on net flex and ones that have stood the test of time. If you need a good laugh or just some cheering up, you won’t go wrong with renting one of these movies. They never let anyone down when they are in need of a laugh, and they are something that many people have rented to cheer them up on a gloomy day.

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