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Netflix Offers Endless Movies

Netflix Different Package Plans

Watching television on the internet is something that millions of people enjoy. However, they struggle to find all of the movies they have been interested in for a while now. If you are someone that enjoys streaming television and movies, you may want to sign up for an account through the Netflix service. There are many Netflix Different Package Plans available for you.

When you become a member, you would have the ability to instantly stream thousands of television episodes with the touch of a button. You would be able to watch these shows using your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, smartphone or a variety of other media consumption devices. If you already have access to the internet, it would make sense to look up Netlix different package plans and determine which of these would be best for you.

Netflix Different Package Plans

Remember that every person starts off with a free trial for the period of one month. This is something that you need to factor in when looking at Netflix Different Package Plans. The basic option would be 7.99 each month for unlimited streaming, you would be able to add unlimited DVDs and take them out 1 at a time for an additional 7.99 each month. Finally, you would have the option to add a Blu-Ray subscription for an additional two dollars a month. The option that you select would depend on your needs and the amount of money you are wiling to spend. However, it would be a good idea to start a free trial today.

Home Rental Trials Netflix

A Killer Home Theater?

Home Theater

What do you think when you hear the words “home theater”? There’s a good possibility you think it’s a surround-sound system hooked up to a Blu-ray player. You’d be correct up to a point, but there is so much more you can do with a home theater!

I work for a Utah home theater installer, and we’re constantly educating our clients on all the awesome stuff they can do with their home theater. The reactions we get are fantastic – technology has come a long way, and quality entertainment is extremely cost effective. Your home theater should be your hub for all entertainment. Sure, you’ll watch movies in there, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Array of Media

Do you hate flipping open your laptop to watch streaming Netflix content? Why shouldn’t you have full access to Internet content from your home theater? There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. This is available on media servers and media players.

Media servers can store, play, and stream all kinds of media from hard drives, the Internet, and your home network. And don’t worry about fussing with your projector or TV to try to find the right input for everything – your media server will run everything from your Blu-rays, to Netflix, to Hulu, to Internet radio.

The Experience

Why do we go to the movie theaters? It’s certainly not because we like to walk on sticky floors, stand in lines, or sit in close proximity to total strangers. It’s the experience. The giant screen, the booming sound, and the smell of popcorn all bring you in. Think of all the time and money you would save if you could gather your whole family together for the same experience in your own home, without the sticky floors, lines, or strangers!

Your home theater can be the hub for activity in your home, and much more than just “the place you watch TV”.

Theater Seating

We’ve all experienced the less-than-comfy movie theater chairs, and you probably wouldn’t want those in your home (do they come with gum stuck to the bottom, and a Mike & Ike ground into the fabric?). Instead, you may not know that theater recliners are way cooler and very affordable. Check out an example of theater seating to see what I mean.

You can find comfortable, leather, cupholder-laden theater recliners for as little as $500 each. Plus, they can be optioned up with motorized reclining and subwoofers in the chair for maximum effect. The possibilities are both endless and incredible! Seating absolutely completes your home theater, so make sure you budget for them.

I highly recommend making your home theater a place for your friends and family to congregate, and enjoy all of your media – streamed or stored.

internet tv Netflix

Instant Netflix’s Internet Takeover

For several years, it seemed like Netflix was in the process of merely killing off the brick and mortar video rental store. As it turns out, this was an understatement: Netflix is in the process of consuming not just video rental stores but the entire internet. With 16 million subscribers as of this October, Instant Netflix is now responsible for 20% of all primetime internet traffic. The service streams video to computers, handheld devices such as the iPad, video game consoles, set-top boxes, televisions, and just about anything and everything else with a screen and an internet connection. Furthermore, out of the 16.9 million people subscribed to Netflix, only 1.8 percent are responsible for this huge amount of bandwidth being consumed every month.

Most signs point to this trend continuing as time passes. To watch Netflix develop as a business in the 2010s will be to watch Netflix cease to be a provider of physical media, moving entirely to the streaming media system it has made so popular recently. As of November 22, Netflix now offers a low cost, DVD-free rental policy for users solely interested in streaming the website’s online content, a marked transition from when the service was a convenient bonus of having a Netflix DVD or Blu-Ray rental account.

In addition, Netflix has raised the cost of its shipping plans, built on how many discs at a time one has (plans can range from 1 disc at a time to upwards of 10) by $1 for lower tiers and by several dollars for plans offering large amounts of physical media. All of this points to the fact that Netflix will gradually phase out the DVDs that it built its reputation (and remarkable selection) on and instead solely function as a provider of online content, an ultimately more cost-effective, environmentally sound, and—for many customers—preferred means by which to receive content.

As a consequence, Netflix will quite possibly face two major hurdles in the next several years. The first is the company’s risk of losing customers who opened Netflix accounts in order to receive actual DVDs. Many users prefer the fidelity and bitrates of DVD (and especially Blu-Ray) over streaming video which lacks the definition and resolution.  There are also those who will find themselves alienated by price increases and perhaps by increasing unavailability of certain films. Losing access to Netflix’s huge selection of films may quickly drive users to other similar services or to specialty physical stores where such shops still exist (I, for example, joined Netflix in 2005 originally so that I could rent movies that I otherwise couldn’t ever find in the town of 3,000 in which I was living at the time).

The real struggle for Netflix’s growth, however, will be the one over bandwidth. As Netflix’s streaming service’s market share continues to grow, its users will continue to move huge amounts of data—a problem considering the increasingly restrictive internet access policies that attempt to meter bandwidth.

Despite these potential hurdles, however, Netflix has found a way to capitalize on emergent streaming media and plentiful bandwidth, leading to a service that its customers have found more useful than the one that the company once offered, and one that still has a fair amount of room to grow. The company’s change in strategy has so far worked extremely well for them, and it’s likely to keep them going well into the next several years.

Andrew Hall is a guest blogger for Pounding the Pavement and a writer on the subject of technical schools for the Guide to Career Education.


Netflix Is King on the Online Movie

Netflix Rolling Roadshow at the actual Field o...
Netflix Rolling Roadshow at the actual Field of Dreams site. Kevin Costner and his unnamed-band appeared live before the film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Netflix Is King on the Online Movie

The Netflix Company was established in 1997 and is probably the most successful Dot Com venture to date. Following their IPO in 2002, they saw $6.5 million in profits from a revenue stream of $272 million in 2003. Since then, they have grown tremendously to today’s more then 10 million subscribers.

Netflix made renting DVDs, and now Blu-ray Discs, an online phenomenon. Consumers queue up for the upcoming releases of their favorite movies and either receive them by mail or over the Internet, as soon as they are released.

Another feature that has made Netflix such a hit is the online rating system, similar to’s, where users can rate and read each other’s reviews, as well as get suggestions for their next purchase.

Netflix has become the standard to copy, as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and other brick and mortar video renters have all followed suit with online services of their own.

Netflix Roku DVR

Watch Instantly With Netflix

Watch Instantly With Netflix

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) was established in 1997 as a flat rate rent by mail order system for DVDs and now Blu-ray disks. It has grown enormously in popularity and service offerings since that time, and now offers online streaming of blockbuster selections in addition to mail order rentals.

taro taking his pictures for netflix 'ads' (se...
taro taking his pictures for netflix ‘ads’ (see more here: ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To take advantage of the Netflix Watch Instantly service where no postman is required, you just need a computer hooked to the Internet and an updated web browser. But if you want to get fancy and watch things in slow motion or download the movie completely unattended, you need to purchase a Netflix enabled device like the Roku Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

A DVR is a device that you hook to your Internet line to store the downloaded movies from Netflix. The Roku DVR costs just $100. Check your newer high-end home entertainment systems, as most brands are now supporting Netflix downloads in the same way, with everything you need included.

Netflix Roku DVR XBOX 360

Never Lick a Stamp Again with Netflix

Never Lick a Stamp Again with Netflix

When the Netflix online movie service began, you would use your home Internet connection to browse the catalogue and then wait a few days for the postal service to deliver your rental with a return envelope.

English: A Netflix envelope picture taken by B...
English: A Netflix envelope picture taken by BlueMint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, things are much easier. You can download movies direct from Netflix by using any one of many home entertainment devices, like the Roku Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or a game console like the Xbox 360.

Other popular Netflix-enabled devices in homes today are any of the TiVo DVRs, as well as the Samsung and LG Blue-ray players. Several Samsung and LG home entertainment systems are also Netflix enabled in the same way, where you use your TV screen and Internet connection to order your selection from Netflix and then watch instantly.

Yet Netflix has even gone one step further, allowing you to watch a streaming movie online using only your Internet browser and Microsoft or Apple computer.