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And It Begins Again With The Walking Dead Season 2!

Walking Dead Season 2

Are you ready for some more blood and scary, mangled zombies attacking those unprepared? Well, if yes is the answer then its time you prepare to watch the walking dead season 2 on Netflix. The walkers are back again with a vengeance. Prepare yourselves for the next season. Expect thrill, more horror and hair rising activities from the brutal walkers in walking dead – the road to Woodbury.

Walking Dead, a novel by Kirkman and a very entertaining and engrossing television series set in the locales of the fictional town of Woodbury is back with a sequel, The walking dead Road To Woodbury! The sequel is written by Jay Bonansinga and is all set for release on the 16th of October 2012. Although the writer for the Walking Dead has changed this season, the new book however, promises heightened levels of fear, mystery and horror in store for all the readers. It will be a horror filled treat.

Walking Dead Season 2

Survivor of the first season and novel of this title, Lilly Caul struggles to save the lives of the innocents from the armies of walkers who surround Woodbury. The walkers invade a camp close to Lilly in the second season and the novel unfolds with the quests Lilly and the other characters go through to survive. However, the dead walkers aren’t the biggest threat this time! There is something else, or someone else lurking in the corners! The question remains, who will it be who survives this time? Will Lily find a way to help herself and the others or is it the ultimate end for her? Will the dead walkers finally win? Be ready to find out!

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Which is Better, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings

Cover of "Star Wars - Episode II, Attack ...
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Choosing the Ultimate Trilogy of All Times is a tough call. There are many contestants: Spider Man, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Jaws, Terminator, Back to the Future etc. If we are however to take into account total grosses, there are two trilogies that set themselves apart from all the rest and tightly compete for first place: Star Wars 1-3 and The Lord of the Rings.

Their fan base is enormous, to the degree that they both have annual conventions, festivals, anniversaries and they sustain a large fancy dress and merchandising production. To reach a conclusion we will base our research on scientific investigation, comparing and contrasting similar elements. Besides, as Einstein suggested with his theory of relativity, an object has certain attributes only in relation to another.

1. Originality: Star Wars 10 | Lord of the Rings 9

George Lucas’ trilogy is loosely based on The Hidden Fortress – by Akira Kurosawa. George Lucas has acknowledged this influence particularly the technique of telling a story from many points of view including from the film’s lesser characters. For his originality, creativity and ingenious script-writing adaptation skills we grant the movie a 10.

The Lord of the Rings is based on the Tolkien Trilogy as well as the Ralph Bakshi 1978 animated movie, which used a method of rotoscoping –a technique in which animators trace over live-action recorded images, frame by frame. Though impressive for its time, the animated movie seems naïve, not to mention that it generated mixed feelings. Michael Barrier, an animation historian said “that Bakshi was utterly lacking in the artistic self-discipline that might have permitted him to outgrow his limitations.” The Peter Jackson version doesn’t add much originality to the storyline, as it keeps faithful to the text, but we grant it a 9 for the sheer fact that critics liked it.

2. Characters: Star Wars 10 | Lord of the Rings 7

Both Frodo and Luke Skywalker are farmers destined to be saviors. Messiah type of characters who have a calling, despite the fact that they originate from humble backgrounds. Hayden Christensen’s performance wins the show in Star Wars as the dehumanized Anakin Skywalker. Even a real robot couldn’t seem so robotic and at the same time so symbolic of the mechanization of mankind. The characters and dialogues in George Lukas’ epics although following classic stereotypes (the hero, the anti-hero, the helper, the princess) were treated in a completely novel way compared with any sci-fi to date.

While Frodo, remains a multilayered character with psychological motivation (as Tolkien himself had intended him to be) and Elijah Wood’s performance is convincing, Lord of the Rings’ female characters are much more simplistic. Peter Jackson seems to be focusing more on displaying their beauty rather than developing their characters. They therefore come across as pretty and superficial and for this the movie loses points.

3. Visual Effects: Star Wars 10 | Lord of the Rings 10

Both films are renowned for their cinematography and special effects.  Although this alone is not enough to judge a film’s quality (storyline and character development is what normally captures a viewer) they are indicative of the work and inspiration that has gone into them.

In Lord of the Rings, the Gollum alone is enough to give the movie full points.

Star Wars was released over 30 years ago, which means that its special effects were not so advanced, however they were impressive for their time. More recently it has been re-released with CGI improvements while Lukas never stopped making his further improvements to the original releases. Star Wars also won an Academy Award for New Hope and has been nominated twice.

Score: Star Wars 30 | Lord of the Rings 26

This article was written by Joker’s Masquerade, leading providers of fancy dress costumes in the UK

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How Much is Gene Simmons worth?

Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) is an American rock and roll legend, actor, producer, entrepreneur and the bassist for the band KISS. He was a founding member of the band in 1973 and they continue to produce albums and tour 43 years later. He is so well known and loved that everyone asks how much Gene Simmons worth. Well he is estimated to have a net worth at $300 million.

Here is a brief biography of Gene Simmons. He was born in August 25th 1949 as Chaim Wits in Haifa Israel to Hungarian –Jewish parents, his mother Florence was a survivor of a NAZI concentration camp, and his father Chaim was a carpenter. At the age of five his parents got separated and Chaim and his mother moved to the US and settled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York and he was renamed Gene Klein. As a child he was introduced to his first love comic books and cartoons with the help of these new interests Gene picked up the English language adding to a vast vocabulary which also included Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian. (His make-up in Kiss came from his love of comic books) He saw the historic band The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, Genes life was changed instantly; it would be the 15th year that his mother would give him a second guitar the Kent.

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After years of playing lead guitar he changed to bass guitar because as he saw there was more guitarist than bassist. By 1968 he had already been apart of five separate music groups; Long Island Sounds, Rising Sun, the Missing Links, Bullfrog Bheer and Cathedral. With Wicked Lester he had an Epic Records recording deal but was unhappy with the sound and the group and ended up leaving. He never wasted a chance with education and in 1970 he graduated from Richmond College with a degree in education and four language degrees English, German, Hungarian and Hebrew. He worked as a sixth grade teacher and later gave up and held a job as a personal assistant with Vogue and Glamour magazines and the name Gene Simmons was adopted.

In 1973 he formed the group KISS with Paul Stanley. Their breakthrough came with the double live album, Alive! In 1975, KISS went at it hammer and tongs with striking stage shows featuring eye catching demonic make up. The albums Destroyer and Rock and Roll Over were released in 1976 and Love Gun and Alive II in 1977. The following year they released no less than four albums, all named after the orginal members of the band. They were hot and Simmons took advantage of every opportunity that came along: merchandising, acting, and all kinds of naming deals.

Gene expanded his interest and acted in Runway with Tom Selleck in 1948, appeared in Wanted Dead or Alive in 1986. He started producing and established a management company. Was considered the first producer to discover Van Halen although the demo tapes did not grow into a long term contract. He created the cartoon show My Dad the Rock Star in 2002, Whole Kiss and Make Up and Sex Money Kiss. In 2004 he finished filming Rock School Foe Channel 4 teaching classically trained 13-14 year-olds how to rock. He has appeared in the Apprentice with Donald Trump but was fired in the second week. In 2009, Kiss celebrated their 35th year in the music charts with the release of their first studio show album in nearly a decade. He finally married Shannon Lee Tweed in 2011 after dating for over 20 years and their two children Sophie and Nick live with them in California. You might have seen the A&E reality show Family Jewels featuring the family.