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Season 3 Of The Walking Dead: Episode 5: “Say The Word”

Season 3 Of The Walking Dead: Episode 5

One of the interesting ideas that The Walking Dead TV show has tackled this season — more interesting in my view anyway, than the continuous investment in skull- piercing technology — is the idea of surrender. In a destroyed world where 50% of the population wants to take a bite out of you and the rest want to keep you locked in a crazy version of an old-fashioned town, the only way to survive seems to give up. Of course, surrendering is not the same in every situation.

The “Say the Word” episode offers an hour of solid entertainment as well as two different paths of least resistance. You can choose to be like Andrea and the rest of the Woodbury captives and simply enjoy the idea of a beautiful fictional life that includes ice cold lemonade and rock music playing over the loud speakers, just ignore the zombie orthodontist that has a weapon for a hand. Or you can be more like Rick and develop amazing killing machine skills which replace any trace of sanity. And also like Rick’s group, you could gradually grow more cold and violent, longing for a level of revenge that can never be fulfilled.

Rick’s nervous breakdown is grim but also necessary to the plot. As anyone who has noticed Michonne’s impressive knife work has already figured out, The Walking Dead is the best when in extremes. Walking Dead Season 2 featured life on the sunny farm after the zombie apocalypse, it was important for the show to offer viewers a true sense of the alternative. The stakes are high and for the show to succeed it cannot always be about keeping the walkers out. The horror of it all must slip in on occasion. Rick’s loss is not like Hershel’s — it cannot just be hacked off. So while I wasn’t too fond of the scene with a crazed Rick grabbing the neck of nice guy Glenn — I could appreciate the demise of the once stoic leader. Rick is not quite a hero and he is not a walker, he’s in limbo. When Jenner revealed that the living were infected with the virus who could have known what this could mean for the survivors?

Because I’m not a certified zombieologist I need a bit of clarification. When the completely distraught Rick finally made it to the boiler room and found the floor covered with Lori’s blood and the bullet his son used to finish her off, where was her dead body? Or did the fat walker in the room eat her whole? No matter what you say I think it’s pretty disgusting. I just hope that we find out whether Carol is still alive on the next episode of the show!

And It Begins Again With The Walking Dead Season 2!

Walking Dead Season 2

Are you ready for some more blood and scary, mangled zombies attacking those unprepared? Well, if yes is the answer then its time you prepare to watch the walking dead season 2 on Netflix. The walkers are back again with a vengeance. Prepare yourselves for the next season. Expect thrill, more horror and hair rising activities from the brutal walkers in walking dead – the road to Woodbury.

Walking Dead, a novel by Kirkman and a very entertaining and engrossing television series set in the locales of the fictional town of Woodbury is back with a sequel, The walking dead Road To Woodbury! The sequel is written by Jay Bonansinga and is all set for release on the 16th of October 2012. Although the writer for the Walking Dead has changed this season, the new book however, promises heightened levels of fear, mystery and horror in store for all the readers. It will be a horror filled treat.

Walking Dead Season 2

Survivor of the first season and novel of this title, Lilly Caul struggles to save the lives of the innocents from the armies of walkers who surround Woodbury. The walkers invade a camp close to Lilly in the second season and the novel unfolds with the quests Lilly and the other characters go through to survive. However, the dead walkers aren’t the biggest threat this time! There is something else, or someone else lurking in the corners! The question remains, who will it be who survives this time? Will Lily find a way to help herself and the others or is it the ultimate end for her? Will the dead walkers finally win? Be ready to find out!

See Walking Dead Season 2 On Netflix

Walking Dead Season 2

You may have heard your friends, family, or co-workers talking about The Walking Dead. This is an original series that debuted on AMC. It features a deputy sheriff, Frank Grimes, who was in a coma and awoke to a world overrun by zombies. Now Frank leads a small band of survivors. They must deal with having enough supplies, fending off zombies, and worrying about other survivors who may pose a threat. The acting in Walking Dead Season 2 is superb, and the show is full of suspense, drama, and a good bit of action.

walking dead season 2 continued
walking dead season 2 continued (Photo credit: theNerdPatrol)

If you have not caught the show on AMC, now is the perfect time to see it on Netflix. Netflix has it on their stream, so you can simply watch it on your computer. Many people prefer this option because it is incredibly quick and easy. If you do not have a computer, you can get order the episodes on DVD and watch them at your leisure.

Netflix is always striving to have the latest and greatest movies and shows available to you. The Walking Dead second season is even better than the first season. It has been praised by critics and fans alike for being a truly innovative and ground-breaking show. Be sure not to miss out on seeing one of the best TV series to come out in recent memory.

Netflix And Free DVD Trials

Free DVD Trials

Netflix may have trouble reaching its target for the year for new subscribers. This outlook has disappointed Wall Street and sent Netflix’s shares down nearly 16 percent.

The company thinks that the Olympic games will compete for their customers time and hurt its ability to bring in new customers. If they do not make the amount that they thought they would for the quarter, it may be hard for them to reach their goal of 7 million new subscribers for 2012. About a year ago, Netfix had earnings of $1.29 a share for the quarter and watched its shares plunge in 2011.

The company believes that they have challenges ahead and will have ups and downs as they pioneer Internet television. They do believe though that they are making progress in everything that they do. Netflix needs to keep growing to pay what they owe to Walt Disney Co, CBS Corp, Warner Bros, and others to stream their TV shows and movies.

The company is moving away from mailing DVDs in its red envelopes. It may be because DVD customers declined in the second quarter. You might be able to find free dvd trials from Netflix though. You can find out if they are doing the free trials on their website.

So if you are interested in buying Netflix stock or getting a membership, look them up today.

The Walking Dead On Demand

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might be asking,

When is Nextflix coming out with Season 2 of the Walking Dead?
Or When is the Walking Dead Season 2 coming to Netflix?
Or When is the Season 2 of the Walking Dead coming to Netflix?
Or Is Walking Dead Season 2 coming to netflix?

AMC and Netflix have an agreement in place that was recently expanded to make the Walking Dead available to Netflix subscribers. The 2nd season started in October  but Netflix was only able to show episodes from the first season at that time. AMC is only allowing Netflix to stream previous seasons when the next season starts. Therefore wait for Season 2 to be available only when Season 3 is ready to air.

Netflix is a cheap service that people can use to watch episodes of a television series, movies, documentaries, and more (ie. the Walking Dead on demand) , all at their computer or Wii. It’s fast, easy and convenient, and has thousands of options that one can choose from. One of the best television series to watch episodes from has to be ‘The Walking Dead‘, a zombie thriller full of suspense, action, and most of all, zombies.

In the series, the main character must struggle to overcome the difficulties that a zombie horde has brought into his life, and the lives of those around him. In ‘The Walking Dead’ the most significant danger is just that, the walking dead, or the undead zombies. In the episodes available to watch on Netflix they are called ‘walkers‘. The cast of the show fights for their life against the slew of these undead fiends.

Finally, if you are looking for action packed television, look no further than Netflix, on which you can watch the entire first season of the spine-tingling show, ‘The Walking Dead’. Whether you are looking for gory, hair-raising fun, or you just want to admire the hunky main character, this show is the one you should be watching!

Top 3 Grand Entrances in Film – The 1960’s

Image via screen capture.

The directors of these films weren’t taking any chances of their characters being forgotten, so they came out all guns blazing. Here are my top grand entrances by characters in some of the most iconic 1960’s movies.

Lawrence of Arabia  (1962)

David Lean’s masterpiece of film making included the notorious entrance of Omar Sharif (playing Sherif Ali Ibn el Kharish).

Lawrence and his escort Tafas are standing at a Bedouin well in the middle of a desolate desert, in excruciating heat, as Tafas draws water from the well.  Cue a tiny glimmer of action on the far horizon, a cloud of dust and a speck emerging from the shimmering heat haze  – what can it be?  Lawrence is alert – could it be ‘the Turks?’

As the ominous figure comes closer into view, a transfixed Lawrence and Tafas try and make out who it is – slowly the image coming into view becomes a black figure on a camel, coming closer and closer. Before reaching them, a shot rings out and Tafas falls, dead.

As Lawrence is fixed to the ground, the mysterious black clad stranger dismounts his camel and walks over to check on Tafas.

Sherif: “He is dead”

Lawrence: “Yes. Why?”

Shreif: “This is my well”.

Lawrence had a lot to learn about Bedouin ancient tribal warfare!

James Bond  No 2 (1969)

This 007 never was much of a wall flower when it comes to grand entrances, but the 1969 film “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” was an entrance everyone was on tenterhooks about, following the popularity of Sean Connery in the first five Bond films.

Now it was up to silverscreen Bond No 2, a little known Australian model George Lazenby, to step into the famous shoes.

Cue classic opening shot of Bond driving along the coast of Portugal in his Aston Martin, in the sunshine. He stops to rescue a fully clothed woman who is drowning herself in the surf, and as he carries her back to revive her, he utters the famous line, “My name’s Bond, James Bond”, so we are all crystal clear. Then, suddenly he is attacked by two men but (of course) he manages to fight them off  – delivering the killer next line “This never happened to the other fellow”,  sealing his place in Bond history.

The Graduate (1967)

In a classic tale of Cougar-gets-younger-man, the opening scene sees troubled, alienated college graduate Benjamin Braddock (played by a very young Dustin Hoffman) sitting in his bedroom, avoiding his own graduation party.

As he stares into the glass of a fish tank, in the frame we see the doors fling open to reveal a black-clad older woman, Mrs Robinson, who had followed him there on the flimsy excuse that she needed the bathroom.

Benjamin is not quick off the mark and says he wants to be alone, but arch cradle snatcher Mrs Robinson sets the path for her seduction of him, by insisting that he give her a lift home. The rest is indeed history – as solidified in the 1968 song by Simon & Garfunkel.

What are your favourite film entrances?

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