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Pokémon Version Platinum: The Next Battle

Pokémon Version Platinum: The Next Battle

There’s more than likely not a child or a teenager alive today who hasn’t heard of Pokémon Platinum or played one of the games. Pokémon, the super successful card and gaming franchise started with a cartoon show and morphed into a video game giant that hundreds of thousands of kids still enjoy. The latest version, Pokémon Platinum, is a fan favorite just like all the others.

The Beginning

For those that are not familiar, Pokémon began with Ash Ketchum and his little Pokémon, Pikachu. An electric rodent, he is one of the most prominent of the charming miniature creatures. Pokémon in Japanese means “pocket monsters.” And since 1995, Pokémon has expanded from the broadcast series featuring a juvenile boy on a quest to become a Pokémon master to the video games and the card games known and cherished across the globe.

Nintendo DS

Pokémon has earned vast amounts of money for Nintendo who introduced the creatures to the video game world years back. Pokémon is considered to be an RPG, or role-playing game for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo has released preceding versions with Ash and his associates traveling to innovative locations and acquiring the latest Pokémon, the most recent versions for the Nintendo DS are Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. The Pokémon video game series is safe for the whole family and rated E for everyone.

Earlier versions of the Pokémon video games were also released on Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS provides two screens for play as well as gorgeous graphics of the new-fangled locations in the latest episode, Distortion World. Since the Pokémon games are RPG, you are battling in the company of your Pokémon against other masters. In the game there is only one player but you can expand this number and play wirelessly with up to twenty other Pokémon players.

Pokémon Premium

Many of the scenes in the newest release are reminiscent of previous versions but there are still the addictive properties of attempting to capture every Pokémon that you can get close to and moving onto the next level. This is what everyone loves the most about Pokémon: We have to catch them all! It surfaced as the mantra in the early stages and is still the motto of all Pokémon lovers today. Pokémon Platinum presents a great story line that continues the narrative as well as interactive conversation for the players.

The designers of Pokémon began with 151 (the genetically engineered MewToo included) and now there are almost 400 unique Pokémon species. Some are evolved characters of an original or second generation Pokémon but all have their own special features that make them difficult in battle. Yes, there is battling. That is what Pokémon training is about, winning battles. Pokémon owners compete against one another in tournaments for the opportunity to be awarded the champion and win a top prize. There are also opportunities to trade Pokémon characters and be awarded new ones at the end of a challenge.

The fame of Pokémon and the Nintendo DS has kept players purchasing the handheld games even with console versions on the market and in homes. How many more prized metals and charms are not parts of Pokémon versions? No one knows but we’ll all need to find more to keep up with the Pokémon franchise.

Street Fighter IV: A Good Opportunity to Sharpen your Skills

Street Fighter IV: A Good Opportunity to Sharpen your Skills

Who does not look forward to a good smack down every once in a while? The earliest new episode in over a decade to the Street Fighter IV series is being met with wild anticipation worldwide. This is a shot to sharpen your skills as a street fighter and learn tons of skills you didn’t know you had. Oh, and original cast members like the vicious Chun-Li are back.


If you have ever played a Street Fighter video game like Marvel vs. Street Fighter (for PlayStation) you already know those characters are dangerous. In Street Fighter, playing as the character of your picking, you could battle fierce opponents to reach the crucial bosses which were selected by the game. Characters had an array of fighting capabilities for each outing. In more recent versions, moves such as throws were implemented as well as novel characters to portray. Yet Ryu, one of the original characters, has been a mainstay for every game in the franchise.


The order of Street Fighter IV is not after the third version as you might expect. But rather it is set to take place at a point in time somewhere between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. All of the original characters have returned for action including Chun-Li. And Chun-Li has been so popular there is now a new movie out, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. If it is a box office hit it can only further game sales of Street Fighter IV and earlier versions.

Style and Graphics

Street Fighter IV will be released in 2009 initially for the Xbox 360. Fans of the first hand-to-hand combat game should not be disappointed in this latest release. In the original, there was 2 dimensional fighting with 2D graphics only. Gamers did enjoy the feel of the characters and their ferocity in battle even if the graphics were not what they have become. As the player’s moves were expanded upon, fighters could toss fireballs and flaming fists. And now each character in the series has its own unique fighting style.

In the latest version, the graphics are outstanding compared to the first Street Fighter. The original 12 warriors and some supplementary characters are displayed in vivid color fighting in classic 2D style but the background scenery has an element of 3D to it. Akin to the original, there is a health indicator at the foot to inform the gamer just how dominant your attacks are on your challenger.

New Edition

Brand New combinations thrill players of any level of expertise. If you are new to the Street Fighter Game, you’ll enjoy the combination of old school arcade style play with new school graphics. With each new figure you unlock, there are additional options for play. There is the accumulation of focus moves which can be utilized as a final effort to stagger your opponent when you are out of other options. And, with the online attribute of the Xbox 360 you have never-ending opponents, who have also become quality players of Street Fighter, to combat at any time of the day.

If you miss the arcades of old and yearn for something new, Street Fighter IV gives you the best of both worlds. Games say that is what makes for a good quality franchise evolution. The game is rated T for teens due to extreme fight sequences.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned for Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned for Xbox 360

In actual life grand theft auto will get you a stay in prison for a period of time. In the world of video games, it equals an adrenalin rush with non-stop thrills and new additions to the crew. The newest GTA (Grand Theft Auto) for the Xbox 360 video game counsel is making a declaration thunderous and clear.

This new video game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is built upon the characters and story featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. In this episode, you are Johnny Klebitz, one of the leaders of a motor cycle gang in Liberty City. Will players of the new release like Johnny the character? They seem to be warming up to him to this point. And gamers can customize how jagged and equipped he really appears.

Game players will also like the new landscape and scenarios they get to experience as Johnny. There are 7 diverse venues to select from in the video game. The game also features multi-player options. In one scene, Chopper vs. Chopper, it is you on the bike battling against a rival in a helicopter. As you chase to pass checkpoint after checkpoint, you are being shot at by a persistent chopper from the air.

Fans of the original Grand Theft Auto IV will also appreciate new additions like weapons. Players get to balance while firing on their fellow opponents using sawed off shotguns for instance. During the races, each player gets a baseball bat they can utilize to clobber those who set in between them and winning. Much like the original, the game is action-packed.

With the Xbox 360, the high definition capabilities give each character an even more life-like feel for the player. If you play on an HD television, you’ll notice the differences right away. Plus the larger hard drive allows you to download games and play with friends across the Internet.

And, you’ll enjoy the hard core music soundtrack. The Grand Theft Auto series has been noted for its state of the art graphics and storylines and the thumping music. Jam to the bass as you race quickly through the near-deserted streets of Liberty City with innovative vehicles on the latest missions worthy of the name Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a hot to boiling over video game but only for those of the appropriate age. It is rated M for mature. The game features intense violence and strong language which is not appropriate for younger children.

The creators of Grand Theft Auto IV have created this new addition that will thrill and has delighted gamers already since its release. Anyone who likes fresh action games needs to check out Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. It appears in a video store near you or through Netflix Rentals exclusively on the Xbox 360.


XBox 360 Netflix

XBox 360 Netflix

The numbers are impressive when it comes to Netflix. They have 95 shipping sites all over the country so most addresses can be reached within one business day. Along with being able to get the movies in one day you can choose from 100,000 movies and television shows. There is something for every member of the family.

If you do not want to wait for your movies, you can watch many movies instantly on your computer or television. There are quite a few ways to watch Netflix movies on your television. You can use some Xbox 360s and you can also use TiVo. Many upper end home entertainment systems also come equipped for Netflix so look for that feature if you are going to be purchasing a new home entertainment system. Netflix has 8 million customers and that should tell you that their services are top notch. You can also try Netflix for 14 days for free.

Netflix Rental Plans

Netflix Rental Plans

Netflix offers several different service packages to fit any family’s budget. They also suit any viewing style. If you watch a movie every once in a while or if you are a die hard movie buff, there is a movie package just for you.

  • 1 DVD out at-a-time, limit 2 DVDs per month for $4.99
  • 1 DVD out at-a-time, unlimited DVDs per month for $8.99
  • 2 DVD out at-a-time, unlimited DVDs per month for $13.99
  • 3 DVD out at-a-time, unlimited DVDs per month for $16.99

You can see that there are many ways to enjoy Netflix service. You can also get movies right on your computer or sent directly to your television with the right equipment. When you are in the mood for a movie you can get many instantly. You will save time and gas when you use Netflix and you never need to worry about a late fee.

Netflix Rentals

Netflix Rentals

Besides ease and convenience Netflix is one more way to go green. You get the opportunity to order movies in your pajamas and you do not have to use your car to get them. Since they are sent to your house in about one business day or you download them instantly, you can save at the pump. The convenience of no late fees also means that there are no extra trips to the video store because you forgot to return a movie.

Netflix offers over 100,000 movie titles. You can find movies that everyone in the family will enjoy and you can download them right to your computer or TiVo. When the kids want to watch a movie you do not have to drop everything to drive to the video store. Rainy days just got a whole lot easier to handle. There are also many plans that can work for just about any budget.

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