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3 Differences between Satellite and Cable

3 Differences between Satellite and Cable

Technically speaking, digital Cable TV and Satellite Television have a lot in common. Still, there are a few major differences between the two services.

Both use the same digital technology and offer hundreds of channels. These include movie channels, pay-per-view, and a variety of popular sports and other channels. Both offer HD programming and continue to expand.

Here are 3 differences between satellite and cable TV:

1. Price.

Price is perhaps the most critical difference because customers are extremely price conscious. A recent survey conducted by Strategy Analytics found that about 47 percent of cable customers said they’d switch providers for a 10 percent discount on their service. Over two-thirds said they would jump ship for a 20 percent discount.

With a lot of people feeling cash-strapped many are looking for ways to cut back. Those yearly expenses can add up. But so can the cost of entertainment. Tried going to a movie theater? You can be out $60 for one trip – for a family of 3 just getting some popcorn and drinks. Plus it’s tough to please everyone.

The consensus is that Satellite is cheaper and providers are quick to argue over this point. Ads shown during the Grammy Awards said “DISH TV” is cheapest of the satellite providers. The ads said that celebrities were charging more for commercials on DIRCTV, driving up the cost. Then it said, “On average DIRECTV customers spend over $175 a year more than “Dish Network” customers.”

The ads were later pulled after celebrities complained. I guess it’s not very good PR for them to be heaped with criticism for raising cable TV prices in homes across America. Still that’s not the entire story as various shows are charging more per subscriber and passing the cost along to customers.

Of course to the person buying, it’s important to pick the package that offers both the channels you and your family want for a price that is affordable.

Chances are prices for cable TV will keep going up because the price to upgrade the system is higher than simply adding another satellite in the sky.

2. Availability.

For most people this isn’t an issue – but it depends on where you live. It’s easier to get satellite if you live outside of major metros. That’s because satellite is not confined to an actual cable. And it’s more expensive to upgrade cable than it is to add a new satellite. Still, most places can get both. Be sure to check though – some places just won’t have cable coverage.

Again, let me point out that you should note the type of programming you want. You might want local sports coverage or it might be more important to you to have HBO. So the type of programming you watch and who offers it factors in to which service you choose.

3. Equipment.

Cable TV requires a box for each of the TVs you want to have cable. The boxes usually don’t cost anything or are available for a small fee. Satellite requires physical hardware – an antenna that attaches to your house.

If you’re trying to choose cable over satellite hopefully this gives you some comparison points. There are differences and the package that works for you depends on your preferences. If it’s mostly price you’re after (quality being equal) satellite wins. After that it’s based on where you live and what channels you like to watch.

Changes at Blockbuster Make Netflix Even More Attractive

Changes at Blockbuster Make Netflix Even More Attractive

While numbers are dwindling for Blockbuster loyalists one of the major differences between the two has always been the ability for Blockbuster customers to drop off their mailed videos in person should the desire arise. What many consumers may have missed is that about a year ago, they dropped this service and only allow consumers to rack up 5 in-store returns. In addition to that, they are no longer giving out the coupons for free rental. Netflix seems to have left the brick and mortar rental business behind, saving their hard-earned money to offer customers more in way of selection and service.

For the expanse of $20 a month consumers cannot only have unlimited video but they can develop a fully customized queue of movies to rent and never worry if they don’t pass a store on the way home. Keeping the movies as long as you like and having viable options with which to view videos has kept Netflix on the top of the map when it comes to video rental. Seems the only reason to stay with Blockbuster is to enjoy the consumerism of walking into a store and buying overpriced popcorn or cotton candy when you rent. Sure thing is Netflix offers more selection, better deals, economical packages designed to fit the needs of all consumers and reliability unsurpassed by no other online rental company.

StarzPlay – Netflix Keeping Eye on What Customers Want!

StarzPlay – Netflix Keeping Eye on What Customers Want!

Many loyal Netflix customers not off the techie generation do not understand how the amply supplied NetFlix feature StarzPlay works. StarzPlay essentially allows consumers to download or stream videos to their PC or Mac in an instant. The subscription plans are extremely reasonable at only $8.99 per month and Netflix ready devices are readily available and will be less pricey in the months ahead. Many of the customers who have a Roku may have been displeased with the streaming result that they received on their computer. The update version has arrived and Boxee Box has finally developed a proven 1080p box with remote (that has a keyboard) available for Netflix.

Using StarzPlay means you can have your video anywhere your computer is. Perhaps the best part is that StarzPlay is included in the full Netflix membership and consumers loyal to popping in the shiny discs are basically just given more opportunities for pleasure viewing. StarzPlay is well stocked and will be given even more content with the recently released deal Netflix signed with Warner Brothers. Just one more way Netflix remains on top of the video rental business and this is certainly one thing Redbox can’t do!

28 Days & Counting! Netflix Signs Deal with Warner Brothers

28 Days & Counting! Netflix Signs Deal with Warner Brothers

Netflix customers have the largest DVD rental library available and with economical pricing, streaming options and controls that help you manage your usage they are vastly outdoing competitors. So much so, that Bloomberg reports Netflix is rapidly becoming synonymous with DVD and online rental of any kind and many consumers are unaware that competition even exists. This type of popularity has not come from subtle measures and Netflix corporate staff works hard to deliver the best movies, plans and convenience available online whilst maintaining their business sense. One of the latest moves will have consumers waiting a mere 28 days for new Warner Brother releases as the latest deal has been signed.

The deal has Netflix agreeing to wait 28 days after DVD release to offer the new videos and offers Netflix access to substantially more DVD and Blu-Ray copies so that eager customers can be the first to see the releases without a long waiting period. The deal is definitely win-win for Warner Brothers and Netflix. In the meantime, customers have a huge inventory of other hot ticket rentals and titles to choose from which should make the wait time inconsequential at best.

Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever!

Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever! Proving Again Why They Remain the top Rental Site Around.

Netflix hasn’t ignored the billions of customers using their internet connection for more than just email. In fact, streamed movies and videos are becoming more popular than ever and around 42% of Netflix customer base is already hooked onto online video on demand. With options so great, why not? Customers get instantaneous access and don’t have to add ‘mail back DVD’ to their mounting to-do lists. As computers become more powerful and internet connections more readily available throughout the country, Netflix realizes that people want to make the most of their free time by watching their favorite flicks on their laptops.

Their goal is to provide 100+ Netflix ready devices for online streaming by the end of this calendar year. On January 11th, they announced their partnership with five major corporations that will easily bring this goal to fruition. Sanyo, Panasonic, Sharp, Funai and Emerson are all on board and should be offering reasonably priced devices up and coming very soon.

More Netflix Wii for Mii?

More Netflix Wii for Mii?

Every Netflix customer should have received his or her latest survey from the box office knock off conglomerate asking which gaming platform is the most popular. The choices were PlayStation 3, XBOX and Wii and included in the survey were relevant points about how much TV connectivity users employ. Looks like Wii users may finally get their streaming capability in 720 or 7080p. The connection would require a disc installation. This option is already available in the UK and Japan through other service providers and Netflix would be the optimum United States provider to carry out this huge, customer pleasing joint venture.

One plus is that both Wii and Netflix have received high ratings for their customer service and consumers should not have problems using the gadgets and gizmos to get their favorite big screen event to play in their living room. Could this mean the end of the DVD player? Absolutely not! Netflix is adamant that they will remain loyal and dedicated to their DVD and Blue Ray customers continuously offering the best releases as far into the future as 2030. Over the next few weeks, more news should be released about the Wii – Netflix deal and Wii loyalists are remaining hopeful.

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