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Lady Gaga and Her Unique Sense of Fashion

Lady Gaga is an American pop singer-lyricist, famous for her unique style of singing and fashion. She is very comfortable with her fashion statements. She exactly knows how to camouflage for fashion to the surroundings and thus, is being called as a unique fashion chameleon. She is very famous for her extraordinary sunglasses. Here sunglasses show the distinctive sense of her style.

She believes that art and fashion are directly proportional to each other. The wonder woman costumes make her an icon in the fashion industry. Her innovative accessories show her archetypal sense of style. Lady Gaga’s sunglasses become a piece of art, when harmonized with her artistically designed outfits. A lot of people around the world, especially teenagers, choose to dress like her and wear the fashionable Sunglasses.

Lady Gaga mixes and matches her choice of sunglasses according to costume, hairstyle and makeup. People around the world eagerly wait to see what she’ll wear and in her next public appearance. One of the most famous sunglass that she wore was the rimless shaded one. These glasses covered a good portion of her face, but exposed her eyes while singing. She prefers bright neon colored sunglasses with bold colors and unique shapes to highlight her extraordinary persona and complement her style statement.

To encourage Lady Gaga’s idiosyncratic style of fashion, some top companies have joined hands with her to manufacture exceptional types of eyewear. One of the most famous and prominent Sunglasses that she wore were the ones with white-rims. It is very difficult to keep up with the Lady Gaga sunglasses, as she adopts diverse styles and trends.

You can experience the sense of individuality from Lady Gaga’s fashion and buy lady Gaga sunglasses either by visiting eBay or one of the many stores that is attempting to cash in on the craze.

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From The Big Screen To The Real Outdoors

American director Quentin Tarantino. Taken at ...
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Road Trip

The most obvious film that takes on the road trip is, of course, Road Trip. The film title may not seem intriguing, but if you’re young, into sex and like films like American Pie, then we think you’ll approve. The basic premise is a bunch of young men embarking on a proper American road trip to save one of the men’s embarrassments after he accidentally sent a tape of him having sex to his actual girlfriend – who isn’t part of the video.

Sure, it’s pubertal, disgusting and dirty, but we’d still highly recommend it.


Convoy is a film that was made in the late ’70s and it is still as popular today as it was back then. It features a group of truckers driving on a huge road trip in a mile-long convoy to help one driver who has a vendetta against an obnoxious Sherriff. It’s a true American red-neck adventure.

Vanishing Point

There are a certain amount of epic car films that captures the mainstream’s imagination – and Vanishing Point is one of them. It features a proper man’s man in the form of Kowalski who works for a car delivery company. He picks up a Dodge Challenger and decides to place a bet that he can get from Colorado to California in less than 15 hours – and so the carnage begins.

There’s police chases, a blind man, gay hitchhikers, naked ladies and plenty of muscle cars – what more can you ask for? Vanishing point is a true road trip movie that lives up to all the hype.

Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t make films that often, and when he does, they are usually incredibly good. Death Proof represented a Hollywood flop for Tarantino, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching. If you fancy a bit of old-school acting for Kurt Russell and lots of screaming, half-naked girls, then Death Proof is the film for you.

The film sees Russell stalk two girls by an ex-stuntman who uses his Death Proof car to undertake vicious and bloody murderous events. Not for the fainthearted.

Death Race 2000

Another film with the word ‘death’ in it, but this one is well worth a watch if you’re into long drives in the country. Death Race is a show that contestants enter and score points for running people down as they travel across the country – sounds good and a bit weird, right? The insane ‘sport’ has willing suicidal viewers sprouting out of here, there and everywhere just to be run over by the contestants. As films go, it is an odd one, but it’s a quality few hours of viewing with lots of cars and death – which, as we know, is the perfect combination.

This guest post has been put together by Netcars – a specialist used cars search engine based in the UK.

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The Disney Channel

The Disney channel is an American based cable and satellite television company that is owned by the Walt Disney company, The channels headquarters are in Burbank, California and they have a list of around 90 kids and family entertainment shows on their books. The channel aims most of their TV shows at kids but some are aimed at the young teenager. The Disney channel was launched nationally on April 18th at 7 Am, it was at first a subscribe only channel and was broadcasting programmes for 16 hours a day, the following year the channel was showing programmes for 18 hours a day.The channel was well received and the kids loved it, in fact by early 1989 the Disney channel had over 5 million subscribers. In 1991 The channel was shown on basic cable packages for free and by the end of that same year had 15 million subscribers.The Disney channel has also been involved in and instigated several young performers careers such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears not to mention Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus as she is known now.In fact the Disney channel have lent their name to a whole host of things including Disney channel Hannah Montana Games and subsequent action figures of their more popular shows such as the Power rangers online games.The Disney channel is also famous for some of its movies and its most popular movie to date so far is the High School Musical series which is known and loved globally.The Disney channel is now split up into various networks and is continuing to grow throughout the world as it creates more and more popular kids programming.They have only just recently started their Disney Channel HD which broadcasts all their great TV shows in glorious high definition.If you have kids you would be silly not to have the Disney channel as part of your cable or satellite package.

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4 Top Movie Chases

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There have been some fantastic chases in the movies over the years from cars to planes and even on foot chases. Chases add depth, a sense of fear and a lot of thrill to any film that they are used successfully in. So with this in mind, what are the best movie chases of all time and why?

Terminator 2

The whole reason this is on the list is simply because the entire movie is one big chase scene involving trucks, cars, bikes and great on foot chases too. If you are not shocked and worried for the main protagonists of the movie the first time you watched it then I would be very surprised indeed.

Not only is this movie one big chase scene but it will go down as one of the best movies ever made with effects that still look good 20 years on and fantastic acting from everyone involved. If you haven’t seen this movie then why not?!

Catch Me If You Can

Another fantastic movie and another movie that is based on a single big chase between an FBI agent (Tom Hanks) and a fraudster (Leonardo DiCaprio) which is all based on a true story.  The chase this time round is taken all over the world from the USA to France. The fraudster poses as an airline pilot, a doctor and even a lawyer before being caught out.


Perhaps the most famous and arguably the best car chase scene in movie history. Starring the legendary Steve McQueen as Detective Frank Bullitt the ten minute long car scene will go down on most lists as the top chase scene involving cars in movie history. Two 1968 Ford Mustangs were used during the chase scene with both the brakes and suspensions receiving some pretty heavy modifications.

Contrary to belief McQueen only drove around for around 10% of the scene with his usual stunt driver taking most of the driving up.

The Matrix Reloaded

Although the second and third Matrix movies were a major disappointment compared with the first movie it is safe to say that the freeway chase scene is awesome! With exploding vehicles, gunfights, fist fights on top of trucks, agents jumping on cars, struggles with a knife in the back of a car and motorcycle chases. Can you think of anything this scene didn’t have?

These are just four of the best chase scenes in movie history, are there any others that deserve a mention?

Ryan is a film fanatic that loves his chases (especially the car ones) and works with lease vans company NVC who also specialise in contract hire and leasing

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The end of an era – The American Soap Opera

One Life to Live
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In what could the beginning of the end for all afternoon soap operas, ABC announced this week that All My Children and One Life to Live would not be renewed for next season.

This will surely come as shock to millions of viewers who faithfully tune in every day to see how the characters are doing. Who is leaving whom; who is getting married; who is getting divorced; who is getting hired; who is getting fired; have all been part of the daily happenings on these shows. Both shows were created by Agnes Nixon. Nixon created One Life to Live first. It debuted on ABC, July 15, 1968 as a half hour daytime drama. Viewers loved the dramatic plot lines and too-close-to-reality scripts which regularly turned the fictional town of Llanview upside down. Nixon modeled her ground breaking show on an actual Philadelphia suburb and everyone thought they knew someone who a particular character was based on. Viewers simply could not get enough of the weddings, babies, divorces, affairs and comings and goings of every citizen of Llanview.

One Life To Live became known as a true envelope pusher. They were the first daytime television series to offer story lines which revolved around interracial romance, illiteracy, medical misdiagnosis, racial prejudice, gang violence and teen issues, such as drug abuse and pregnancy.

In 1992 One Life To Live achieved critical acclaim when it introduced the first gay teenage character, portrayed by the then unknown actor Ryan Phillippe.  That story line culminated with the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. One Life To Live received the Outstanding Daytime Drama Award from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in 1993, 2005 and 2010. It was the first daytime show to offer a full week of live-televised programming in 2002, the same year it received its first daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. It was nominated again for the award in 2007 and 2008.

One Life To Live celebrated its 10,000th episode on August 17, 2007. The story was much the same for Nixon’s other hit daytime soap opera, All My Children. Like One Life To Live before it, All My Children debuted on ABC, January 5, 1970, as a half hour show. It immediately struck a chord with viewers who loved the twists and turns of the daily soap. They tuned in faithfully, day after day, pushing up the ratings and leading ABC to move the show to a full hour in 1970. All My Children was based around the fictional town of Pine Valley, loosely based on the Philadelphia Main Line.

In 1992 All My Children received its first Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. It won the award again in 1994 and 1998. In all, the daytime drama won more than 30 Emmy Awards for outstanding programming. Plot lines for All My Children have tackled everything from cochlear implants, homosexuality, pet therapy, organ donation, abortion, adoption, racial bias and Vietnam MIAs. Nothing was off limits to the writers of All My Children and they tackled every subject with the fervor reserved for afternoon soaps. Nothing could possibly be over-melodramatic enough.

On the heels of their announcement that these two iconic shows would be canceled ABC announced their replacements: The Chew a talk/reality show about healthy eating and The Revolution a talk/reality show about healthy living. Sure, the theme of the new ABC afternoon lineup might sound healthy, but whether or not it will resonate with viewers, thousands of whom have already started sounding off their dissatisfaction on forums and comment sections at the ABC web site, well, that’s another matter altogether.


Sara is an avid follower of the daytime soap opera’s and have reviewed many tv shows in the past year. She also runs a successful Virtual Assistant company and helps many clients with their Virtual Assistance needs. To find out more visit her website.

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Hannah Montana World Domination

It does seem to me that every time I go back to see my mother and my little sister that Hannah Montana is going to take over the world and become world leader, my sister almost always has one of her shows running non stop on the television and if its not that then she has her music blasting out over the airwaves, and entering her bedroom is a scary prospect due to the amount of Hannah Montana memorabilia she has plastered everywhere. To be fair though Miley Cyrus has done very well for herself considering she is only 18 and has spent the last 3-4 years filming and starring in her own TV show based on the fictional character of Hannah Montana. Miley wasn’t even meant for the lead role but ended up getting it anyway. Nobody could of predicted the rise to super stardom it would bring as millions of little girls across the county dreamed of being her and this would only lead to bigger and brighter things. After playing Hannah Montana for just two years movie producers made a movie starring Miley as the lead role and this brought in even more revenue for the young star, not only that but several Hannah Montana games were made and gave her access to a whole different kind of fan base. More recently she has left Hannah Montana behind a little bit and forged her own singing career as Miley Cyrus and although not a global star for that yet I’m sure its just a matter of time. Her songs as Miley Cyrus are a little raunchy but I suspect this is her rebelling slightly and will probably just lead her to a new male fan base and open up lots of other avenues for her and her management to explore. I just try and ignore all Hannah Montana related items when at my mothers house and just end up playing on the PC playing shooting games online.