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Google TV and the Introduction of Internet TV

Google TV and the Introduction of Internet TV

Google recently made the announcement that they will be releasing a set-top box for your TV that will deliver a full Internet experience in your living room. They plan to daisy chain the device in between your TV and existing Dish Network package or cable box. Google expects customers to pay between $200-$300 for the device, and pay a subscription on top of that.  Customer mindshare is in Google’s favor, but will it fly?

Over the last year of recession, consumers have tightened their belts and wallets, and weeded out the services that they didn’t need. Things have got to turn around pretty fast for consumers to consider adding to their television bill.

Proof of this is the recent lawsuit that DirecTV filed against Dish Network for their price comparison ads. Apparently DirecTV has been floundering while Dish market share has increased, and DirecTV is crying foul.

No matter what the outcome is, it sure seems that customers are unwilling as of yet to tack on another box to their TV to allow in more advertisements.

Now, there is the whole Internet on TV movement that Google hopes to expand. It was pioneered by several companies that are now nowhere to be seen. Google obviously thinks it can make it stick. In the day where we all have laptops on our laps and Internet phones in our pockets, Internet TV seems like the next logical step. A box manufactured by Sony with a Google label slapped on it is not going to come free or cheap.

Google wants to own our search, phones, internet, and now our living rooms. As much as I want Google to succeed at anything that puts the Internet more solidly in my life, I don’t think this one is going to fly. What are your thoughts?