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Netflix And Free DVD Trials

Free DVD Trials

Netflix may have trouble reaching its target for the year for new subscribers. This outlook has disappointed Wall Street and sent Netflix’s shares down nearly 16 percent.

The company thinks that the Olympic games will compete for their customers time and hurt its ability to bring in new customers. If they do not make the amount that they thought they would for the quarter, it may be hard for them to reach their goal of 7 million new subscribers for 2012. About a year ago, Netfix had earnings of $1.29 a share for the quarter and watched its shares plunge in 2011.

The company believes that they have challenges ahead and will have ups and downs as they pioneer Internet television. They do believe though that they are making progress in everything that they do. Netflix needs to keep growing to pay what they owe to Walt Disney Co, CBS Corp, Warner Bros, and others to stream their TV shows and movies.

The company is moving away from mailing DVDs in its red envelopes. It may be because DVD customers declined in the second quarter. You might be able to find free dvd trials from Netflix though. You can find out if they are doing the free trials on their website.

So if you are interested in buying Netflix stock or getting a membership, look them up today.

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