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Jennifer Aniston Had a Rough Start to Her Career

Jennifer AnistonAlthough she was born into a family of actors, Jennifer Aniston did not have an easy ride to where she is today. In fact, her ride used to be a bicycle dodging traffic as a bike messenger. This in a long list of ‘first jobs,’ Jennifer Aniston’s career was less career and more job to begin with. Born to actors Nancy Dow and prolific soap-opera star John Aniston, you’d think she could have just walked into her acting career, but that wasn’t the case. Before Friends, Jennifer Aniston would clean toilets to make pocket money; a horrible job for the Horrible Bosses star. Raised in New York City, Jennifer Aniston had high hopes for Broadway, but had to make due pedalling up and down it as a bike messenger. She concedes that her toughest job was definitely hitting the streets on a fixie-bike and a low point was slamming into an opening door; not to mention what a helmet would do to the famous Jennifer Aniston hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston next found herself in an office job as a telemarketer and taking New York City offices into consideration, it was probably not in a luxurious serviced office London style – one can only imagine. It was during this time that Jennifer Aniston would act out her Broadway dreams no doubt to potential clients over the phone. With her infectious friendly demeanour however, we’re sure Jennifer Aniston made more than a few sales. During this period of her life, there were many failed Jennifer Aniston shows – five TV shows and one movie flop. Jennifer Aniston’s acting career was almost over before it began with her considering dropping it altogether.

This story has a successful third act however, as it was when she was at her lowest that Jennifer Aniston auditioned for the role of Rachel Green – the role we all grew to love over the sitcom’s ten-year run. Reported by Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston was paid $1 million dollars an episode in the last two seasons of the show. With a string of successful film appearances, such as cult classic Office Space and the hilarious dark comedy Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston has cemented herself as a bona fide movie star. To think if she’d kept her telemarketing job she might’ve ended up in office space London. The next step for Jennifer Aniston’s career is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she is scheduled to receive her star in 2012.


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