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When traveling through the USA this year, persons may want to make a stop in Oklahoma City. While there, travelers may want to find some things to do in Oklahoma City. There are plenty to be found in this city of over a million people which offers entertainment to meet nearly anyone’s taste.

Food and Drink

There are many cattle ranches in Oklahoma, so this is a good place to find a great beef. Red Prime Steak offers many different types of cuisine, but steak it the leader. This is the perfect place to enjoy a filet mignon, ribeye with the bone in or even Kobe beef. For the beer drinker, plan a visit to TapWerks offering an English pub atmosphere and over 200 different beers, all on tap.

Cultural Events

Travelers will find a wide variety of Oklahoma City attractions. These theaters show everything from art films to the mainstream movies. For a blast from the past, try a movie at the Winchester Drive-in. The Museum of Art offers a more high culture experience which offers a very nice film program. The Oseology Museum features skeletons and skulls from around the globe. These exhibits place their focus on the diversity, form and locomotion of vertebrates. They welcome cameras for so that the fun can travel home with you.

Sporting Events

The Oklahoma City Arena has been home to the All College Basketball Classic for over 75 years. This is the oldest basketball tournament in the world. On December 17 of this year, there is a scheduled double header with OU playing Houston and OSU playing New Mexico.

If searching for things to do in Oklahoma City, there should be plenty from which to choose. Families with children as well as couples in search of a romantic dinner will find that there are many options available for them.

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