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Fans Going Crazy Over Latest Batman Movie Trailer

Who would’ve thought that out of ashes of such horrible Batman films – you know, the ones with George Clooney and Mr. Freeze – could arise such a brilliant saga as that of The Dark Knight?

I certainly didn’t expect it, but after watching the first one I was enthralled with this film and the possibilities for more awesome Batman action. It’s as good if not better than the original 1989 Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Then the second one came out and everyone went crazy for Heith Ledgers brilliant performance as the Joker, right before his untimely and tragic death – myself included, as this film topped the first one in my opinion.

Fans are now reliving the hype of the film franchise with the release of the latest trailer for the 3rd installment in this Batman series called Dark Knight Rises.

The third film will retain the brilliant direction of Director Christopher Nolan, known for his work with such hits as Inception – one of the best movies about dreams – as well as Memento, a wonderfully mind twisting backwards plot moving puzzle, The Prestige, and many others.

Harry Potter fans were treated to a wonderful sneak preview of the trailer and following this the trailer has gone live on the internet for the whole world to see.

Those involved with the film have remained tight lipped on the plot and haven’t released too much information, but it’s clear we will be treated with a new villain (new for the movies at least!) with Bane making an appearance in the trailers. The Catwoman is also expected to star in The Dark Knight Rises, as played by actress Anne Hathaway.

The makers of the film are doing a great service in viral marketing this piece so early in conjunction with Harry Potter. The web is anew with commentary and blog posts on this trailer, although most end on an excited note only to be dulled by the fact that the movie still won’t be coming out for an entire year!