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Cool Wild West Party Ideas

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If you’re thinking of throwing a theme party then you really should make it a wild west theme party! Everybody loves western movies and this will be your chance to be John Wayne for the day. So why not take a look at some of these wild west party ideas and throw an impressive party for you and all your friends.

  1. Always send out invitations for theme parties as this shows all your guests you’re serious about the particular theme! For a western you should send out the invites in the style of a wanted poster. You can get an image of your friend, a mug shot of him looking very dodgy from Facebook. If you use Microsoft Copperplate Bold as the font then the poster will look very authentic.

  2. You can also have these wanted posters stuck up around your party venue so all your friends can have a good laugh.

  3. Create a Facebook group for your party. You’ll be able to use the group to keep everyone updated about any changes to the original plan, hype up the party prior to the start and also take any suggestions. You’ll also be able to upload all the images and videos from the party to the group at the end. Don’t forget to tag everybody in it and you’ll have an everlasting reminder to the special day.

  4. Look online for some fancy dress costumes. There are many great western characters you could dress up as, how about; Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Seth Bullock, Jesse James or Billy the Kid!

  5. For your food, you should make typical American food. You really should have a BBQ with all the usual things on like hamburgers, sausages, pork chops and chicken.

  6. Finally you should also invest the majority of your budget on your decorations, as it is these that will really give you an authentic wild west feeling.

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