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To find the most affordable way to purchase the Nintendo Wii console, games, bundles and accessories is to look online. Right now the variety is huge with many options for buyers looking for a deal.

As most people know, Nintendo lowered the price on the Wii console to attract buyers toward the end of 2009. Today the economy is definitely hurting some of the market for game system buyers, but if you consider the value of having in home entertainment that lasts, it can be more cost effective than going out to the movies one time, for example.

Can you get a discount on a regular system? it’s possible, if you don’t mind buying something used. If you are not looking for a gift, and are willing to get your hands on a good price even for a used system, there are also open box options and folks who are upgrading their system and selling their Wii. Check prices and the condition of the console before buying.

To buy Wii items, check the auction sites like EBay or even Amazon, where there is such a variety of sellers with many different package available, you are sure to save more than at most retail stores. For example, buying a package deal can save you as much as 20% or more over the price you’d pay for individual items at list price.

To buy Wii deals, you have to shop – a lot – and visit different sites to compare prices. For the price of $149, you get a console and a single controller, but nearly everyone will want at least two controllers, and as many as four, so that you can play with several other people. In addition, the games can be expensive but if you buy all together, you can save on the games too. Price out all items individually before you purchase a Wii bundle.

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