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From The Big Screen To The Real Outdoors

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Road Trip

The most obvious film that takes on the road trip is, of course, Road Trip. The film title may not seem intriguing, but if you’re young, into sex and like films like American Pie, then we think you’ll approve. The basic premise is a bunch of young men embarking on a proper American road trip to save one of the men’s embarrassments after he accidentally sent a tape of him having sex to his actual girlfriend – who isn’t part of the video.

Sure, it’s pubertal, disgusting and dirty, but we’d still highly recommend it.


Convoy is a film that was made in the late ’70s and it is still as popular today as it was back then. It features a group of truckers driving on a huge road trip in a mile-long convoy to help one driver who has a vendetta against an obnoxious Sherriff. It’s a true American red-neck adventure.

Vanishing Point

There are a certain amount of epic car films that captures the mainstream’s imagination – and Vanishing Point is one of them. It features a proper man’s man in the form of Kowalski who works for a car delivery company. He picks up a Dodge Challenger and decides to place a bet that he can get from Colorado to California in less than 15 hours – and so the carnage begins.

There’s police chases, a blind man, gay hitchhikers, naked ladies and plenty of muscle cars – what more can you ask for? Vanishing point is a true road trip movie that lives up to all the hype.

Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t make films that often, and when he does, they are usually incredibly good. Death Proof represented a Hollywood flop for Tarantino, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching. If you fancy a bit of old-school acting for Kurt Russell and lots of screaming, half-naked girls, then Death Proof is the film for you.

The film sees Russell stalk two girls by an ex-stuntman who uses his Death Proof car to undertake vicious and bloody murderous events. Not for the fainthearted.

Death Race 2000

Another film with the word ‘death’ in it, but this one is well worth a watch if you’re into long drives in the country. Death Race is a show that contestants enter and score points for running people down as they travel across the country – sounds good and a bit weird, right? The insane ‘sport’ has willing suicidal viewers sprouting out of here, there and everywhere just to be run over by the contestants. As films go, it is an odd one, but it’s a quality few hours of viewing with lots of cars and death – which, as we know, is the perfect combination.

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