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The Disney channel is an American based cable and satellite television company that is owned by the Walt Disney company, The channels headquarters are in Burbank, California and they have a list of around 90 kids and family entertainment shows on their books. The channel aims most of their TV shows at kids but some are aimed at the young teenager. The Disney channel was launched nationally on April 18th at 7 Am, it was at first a subscribe only channel and was broadcasting programmes for 16 hours a day, the following year the channel was showing programmes for 18 hours a day.The channel was well received and the kids loved it, in fact by early 1989 the Disney channel had over 5 million subscribers. In 1991 The channel was shown on basic cable packages for free and by the end of that same year had 15 million subscribers.The Disney channel has also been involved in and instigated several young performers careers such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears not to mention Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus as she is known now.In fact the Disney channel have lent their name to a whole host of things including Disney channel Hannah Montana Games and subsequent action figures of their more popular shows such as the Power rangers online games.The Disney channel is also famous for some of its movies and its most popular movie to date so far is the High School Musical series which is known and loved globally.The Disney channel is now split up into various networks and is continuing to grow throughout the world as it creates more and more popular kids programming.They have only just recently started their Disney Channel HD which broadcasts all their great TV shows in glorious high definition.If you have kids you would be silly not to have the Disney channel as part of your cable or satellite package.

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