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4 Top Movie Chases

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There have been some fantastic chases in the movies over the years from cars to planes and even on foot chases. Chases add depth, a sense of fear and a lot of thrill to any film that they are used successfully in. So with this in mind, what are the best movie chases of all time and why?

Terminator 2

The whole reason this is on the list is simply because the entire movie is one big chase scene involving trucks, cars, bikes and great on foot chases too. If you are not shocked and worried for the main protagonists of the movie the first time you watched it then I would be very surprised indeed.

Not only is this movie one big chase scene but it will go down as one of the best movies ever made with effects that still look good 20 years on and fantastic acting from everyone involved. If you haven’t seen this movie then why not?!

Catch Me If You Can

Another fantastic movie and another movie that is based on a single big chase between an FBI agent (Tom Hanks) and a fraudster (Leonardo DiCaprio) which is all based on a true story.  The chase this time round is taken all over the world from the USA to France. The fraudster poses as an airline pilot, a doctor and even a lawyer before being caught out.


Perhaps the most famous and arguably the best car chase scene in movie history. Starring the legendary Steve McQueen as Detective Frank Bullitt the ten minute long car scene will go down on most lists as the top chase scene involving cars in movie history. Two 1968 Ford Mustangs were used during the chase scene with both the brakes and suspensions receiving some pretty heavy modifications.

Contrary to belief McQueen only drove around for around 10% of the scene with his usual stunt driver taking most of the driving up.

The Matrix Reloaded

Although the second and third Matrix movies were a major disappointment compared with the first movie it is safe to say that the freeway chase scene is awesome! With exploding vehicles, gunfights, fist fights on top of trucks, agents jumping on cars, struggles with a knife in the back of a car and motorcycle chases. Can you think of anything this scene didn’t have?

These are just four of the best chase scenes in movie history, are there any others that deserve a mention?

Ryan is a film fanatic that loves his chases (especially the car ones) and works with lease vans company NVC who also specialise in contract hire and leasing

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