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Hannah Montana World Domination

It does seem to me that every time I go back to see my mother and my little sister that Hannah Montana is going to take over the world and become world leader, my sister almost always has one of her shows running non stop on the television and if its not that then she has her music blasting out over the airwaves, and entering her bedroom is a scary prospect due to the amount of Hannah Montana memorabilia she has plastered everywhere. To be fair though Miley Cyrus has done very well for herself considering she is only 18 and has spent the last 3-4 years filming and starring in her own TV show based on the fictional character of Hannah Montana. Miley wasn’t even meant for the lead role but ended up getting it anyway. Nobody could of predicted the rise to super stardom it would bring as millions of little girls across the county dreamed of being her and this would only lead to bigger and brighter things. After playing Hannah Montana for just two years movie producers made a movie starring Miley as the lead role and this brought in even more revenue for the young star, not only that but several Hannah Montana games were made and gave her access to a whole different kind of fan base. More recently she has left Hannah Montana behind a little bit and forged her own singing career as Miley Cyrus and although not a global star for that yet I’m sure its just a matter of time. Her songs as Miley Cyrus are a little raunchy but I suspect this is her rebelling slightly and will probably just lead her to a new male fan base and open up lots of other avenues for her and her management to explore. I just try and ignore all Hannah Montana related items when at my mothers house and just end up playing on the PC playing shooting games online.

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