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Regis Philbin – Five Great Replacement Ideas to Join Kelly Ripa

It is now official that Regis Philbin is leaving “Live with Regis and Kelly”  and the rumor mill is already buzzing about who might be his replacement.  Many names are being talked about, and each of them have some merit.  Replacing Regis Philbin is not going to be one of the easiest gigs in town, so going with a known entity is probably a good idea for ABC.  Here are five names that have been brought up, and what I think about them as a potential “Live with Regis and Kelly” co-host:

Ryan Secreast

Ryan is certainly the front runner if you go by common sense, but rarely in the world of television do they do that.  Secreast is already affiliated with ABC for the “New Year’s Rocking Eve” show, and it would make sense for him to be used here if he is so inclined.  Ryan Secreast may not want to go the route of morning talk show host, however.  His reputation has always seemed to be important to him, and manning the seat next to Ripa is not exactly screaming “young crowd coolness” like Secreast is used to doing.  Still, many think he is the most natural fit for the job and it would be hard to argue against it.

Neil Patrick Harris

Doogie Howser is not some little kid anymore, and he is my choice to take over the spot.  Harris has shown himself to be not only a wonderful actor, but a highly articulate and thoughtful person.  Neil Patrick Harris would be the perfect fit to be the straight man to Ripa as well. Harris is a funny man in his own right, and can carry portions of the show when needed. For those of us that watched him growing up as the child doctor prodigy, he comes across now as refined and the ultimate pro.  That should keep him in contention as that is the target audience for the show as well.

Jeff Probst

Probst certainly could handle the job, but I do not think that enough people would tune in. No matter how many times I watch him, I just have a hard time taking him seriously. All I can think about is Survivor when I see Probst, and the various situations that arise on that show.  Jeff Probst is a pretty sharp fellow, but he still feels “reality television” to me.  I am not sure that is the aim of the “Live with Regis and Kelly” producers are not.  Perhaps they will want to aim at a younger demographic.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper would also be great in the job, though his shows have a tendency to become a bit heavy.  With Ripa to play off of, I think that Cooper could be a wonderful fit in this situation. Those times where he guest hosted he did a fantastic job.  Not only was he a good co-host, he was funny and engaging.

Wayne Brady

Wayne is without a doubt the most mis-used talent in Hollywood.  In this role as a side kick with Ripa, he could truly fit his talents with the audience that would appreciate him.  Brady is a great talent, and would be an awesome co-host for “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

About the only name being bandied about that I would not want is Mark Conseulos, simply because the show would become all about their family.  Husbands and wives should not co-host the show in my opinion and I feel it would become stale quickly.

Rodney Southern is an aspiring novelist and article writer. He loves to follow entertainment news and contribute articles about celebrity whereabouts.


Reading Novels an Adventure in Itself

Reading for the sheer pleasure of it is one of the most satisfying pursuits one could have. This is because there are just so many worlds waiting to be discovered and so many characters that are waiting to be introduced to you and so many ideas needing to be shared. Knowledge has been mainly spread by the act of reading, and to have some enjoyment while doing so is truly special.

Novels form a major part of what is read for enjoyment. It is mainly fictional, which deal with an event or several events that are not based in real life. Facts take a back seat to the richness of an author’s imagination, to the inventiveness and creativity which his writing ability and experience allows. This is usually the case even tough novels could at times be based upon something that is real or factual. In any case, reading, and reading novels in particular, could be adventures by themselves.

Speaking of adventure, one of the best sources of that in fiction is the so-called mystery novel. These types of novel usually involve a crime to be solved, and it is this element of mystery which has captured the imagination of countless readers. Those who begin reading the best of these types of novels find themselves drawn in by the skillfully weaved tangle of crime. Readers find themselves drawn in, and read on until the end, when the mystery is solved.

And the obviously named adventure novel also draws plenty of readers because it usually involves much action and risk. In it, a hero usually goes on a quest or difficult undertaking, exposing himself to countless perils along the way.

Reading to enjoy is an action that can be beneficial in so many ways. First off, it helps in keeping the mind active, as the reader is actively thinking and anticipating what would happen next. And so in the process, it becomes an adventure in itself, with the reader taking the role of hero who conquers the day in the end.