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More than half of the million millions bits of data that continually enters into our stream of consciousness pass through our eyes. The sense of sight is that important so that when deprived of its use we lose more than half of the world. Our personal universe shrinks considerably.

Since the birth of television many improvements have already been added to provide viewers the clearest images possible. Giant electronics companies are in for a tight race among themselves to come up with the latest in television technology. Starting with black and white pictures they stepped up to deliver brightly colored images in our television screens. It stucked there for a while before a breakthrough was made. This ended with the introduction of LCD TVs. Compared to its bulky predecessors the LCD generation of TVs are conspicuously thinner, had wider viewing angles and more noticeably sharper images enough to make your cat jump when a rat is seen on screen.

With the proliferation of LCDs buyers would find it a bit difficult to decide which brand offers the best features. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing the best 22’ LCD TV. The reliable indicator and guide to determine the best currently available in the market are the feedbacks coming from users themselves. Statistics show that the PANASONIC 26’TV together with the 22’ LCD TV consistently rank numero uno in 90% of raters. These data clearly indicate that the Panasonic brand of TVs is leading the race. When it comes to all around quality in terms of providing high definition images, wider angle access, and affordability Panasonic tops them all.

Given these unique features you will be spared from a lot of hassle before you come to a decision which brand to choose from. Panasonic is the name. So with confidence you now can go right straight to your nearest dealer or to the net so that your choice will be quickly delivered. I am certain you will soon be one of the millions of satisfied customer praising to high heavens the sterling qualities of your 22’ LCD TV or the 26’TV all by Panasonic.

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