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Squinkies ” The Hottest Sensation in Toys

Squinkies are the hottest sensation to hit the toy world since Dancing Elmo jiggled his way into the hearts of little ones everywhere. These squishy mini-figures come in numerous different styles. Every possible pet, princess or primate you can imagine. Whether your little one loves kittens or puppies, monkeys or bunnies, or is more inclined to play with a pink princess, they will be able to indulge in hours of fun with the squishy lovable Squinkies from Blip Toys.

Available at retailers everywhere, these hugely popular pocket pals are perfect for hours of fun. Each Squinkie comes packaged in a … Read more at Netflix Free Trials

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How Social Games Keep Customers Coming Back

One of the most popular features of social media sites is the various social games.  Some reports show that millions of people are actively playing various games every day and the number of new players continues to climb at a breakneck pace.  How is this type of growth possible in such a short amount of time?  The answer is glaringly simple.

Reward Customers for the Right Actions

The various makers of 3D games have used different reward systems to get people interested in not just playing but in continued repeat visits to the site.  For instance, some rewards are … Read more at Netflix Free Trials

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