Current Events And You

Welcome to the age of information! Prognosticators like Alvin Toffler described this phenomenon as the third wave. During this time power resides on those who have the information and the ability to convert them for practical applications.

We are constantly bombarded with news reports on what’s happening in many parts of the world. They come in the form of current events articles providing everyone with a blow by blow account of what’s going on. Some quarters claim though that the sound and fury we watch on our screens are enhanced and embellished by news reporters and commentators whose motives are far from neutral.

Many people seem to be lost in the sea of data and information. Some walk around dazed and totally confused. They are the ones most vulnerable to demagogues who are adepts in capitalizing on other peoples’ state of confusion. This situation would most likely affect those who have no solid groundings or wide enough background about today’s big events.

Nothing just comes out from thin air. There must be reasons why something happens the way it does. The intense conflict for example between two groups of people is usually traceable to a long standing conflict with each other some even stretching for thousands of years back. In the light of this fact, the more knowledgeable and responsible current event article writer can play a very crucial role in enlightening the public on the roots on what’s coming up into the surface. It can almost exactly be compared to an iceberg. The events we actually witness today are just the tip of a massive block invisible to the naked eye.

Holding a balanced view and being able to make significant and meaningful connections with the seemingly random events is the result of a strong and deep sense of history coupled with an analytical bent of mind. Having such kind of perspective is a very helpful guide in mapping the future to be able to take appropriate action.

Even such ordinary concerns as knowing the ins and outs of the taste of wild coupons can be better appreciated if the pertinent information on the nature of coupons is properly understood.

So the next time you read your favorite newspaper or watch your favorite news channel you would have a fresh look and a better appreciation of what’s going on by arming yourself with a strong sense of history. Whether you are a writer or a reader it is a must that we all dig deep into the root of things.

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