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What You Need To Know About Avatar Episodes

Take note that Avatar episodes were a series of cartoons which originally came out back in 2005. An Avatar movie with the title the Last Airbender was then produced in 2010. The film was set in a planet that is divided in four nations – fire, air, earth and water. The nation of fire is seeking to actively defeat other nations after Aang – the final airbender – as disappeared mysteriously. Then, 100 years later he is seen by two young teens Katara and Sokka as a frozen being. When they revive Aang, he then reveals that he is the final airbender. The two siblings then make it a commitment to protect Aang as he masters the water bending art in order to defeat Fire Lord Ozai – the evil ruler of Fire Nation.

Aang is later captured after he was released from the frozen ice. However, he and his friends later escape. They then go to the Earth Kingdom village by starting a rebellion. Katara also acquires a water bending scroll which assists her and Aang to excellently perform water bending. From then on, they then liberate the villages of the Earth Kingdom. Unfortunately, Aang is apprehended by Admiral Zhao. Fortunately, he is liberated by a masked marauder. Because of this, Zhao the Admiral chases the masked marauder. The marauder later escapes Admiral Zhao’s attempt against his life.

Then, Aang travels along with his companions towards the tribe of Northern Water. Sokka then tries to be friends with Princess Yue. Pakku also teaches waterbending to Aang. Pakku is the village master. Unfortunately, Fire Nation soldiers arrive. Aang is later captured by the son of Ozai, Prince Zuko. When Zuko and Aang fight, Katara arrives and freezes Prince Zuko. The fight then becomes heated until it reaches a grave stage as Tui – the moon spirit – is captured by Admiral Zhao. Admiral Zhao is then murdered. Aang finally recaptures his ability to perform water bending and utilize the ocean to drive back the fleet of the Fire Nation.

By the movie’s end, Aang finally accepts who he fully is and what he is supposed to do. Sokka and Katara then focus their attention onto assisting Aang locate a master of earth bending who then assist him to learn such a skill. Then, Lord Ozai of the Fire Nation appoint Azula – his daughter – to manage the Avatar whilst advising her that she needs to fulfill her mission prior to comet Sozin’s return.

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