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The era of television and television broadcasts has come of age and it is now not impossible to have programs in numerous genres. There is so much television content that no single person can have the time within the hours of day to view all the available content, even if they actually were interested in it. Television content increases by the year because, unlike newspapers, television material has a much longer shelf life. It is possible to view a program in 2010 first aired three years before in 2007 and find that it still has relevance. This is because scripts for television material address human interest issues rather than just news which fade quickly.

One of the ways that this large amount of television content gets to new viewers or to a new audience is by television houses providing free to air (FTA) material to other broadcasting houses. In order to receive these materials a television house will require an FTA receiver to get the programs for onward broadcast to their audience. The programs under this categorization are in an un-encrypted format and the viewer only needs the right satellite receiver to get the content and enjoy whatever they choose for free. The more recent decoders or receivers tend to use modern technology as opposed to the earlier ones which used the analog technology that is quickly becoming extinct in the television world.

One of the most common television content that is available through the free to air satellite broadcast are programs with longevity such as educational ones. Most nations will use this content to broadcast educational programs which do not lose value in a year or two. That means that anyone with the right receiver equipment can receive the program content. This type of content is available from national television stations in their respective countries so as to give people a wide variety of material.

Another type of content that broadcast as free content on television satellite is religious content. This may not really be free because advertisers, in this case the various religious groups, prepay for it so that viewers can subsequently get it free. This method of airing prepaid content though advertisers’ announcements are common too in non-educational and non-religious information. There are certain programs that a sponsor will pay for so that they get to any consumer with the right equipment free. Such a promoting company will however have slots of their advertising message available alongside the broadcast content.

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