Where To Find Foreign Dvds

If you’re a fan of foreign film, it’s likely you’ve seen your fair share of foreign flicks and are constantly adding new foreign DVDs to your collection – or at least you’d like to be. Maybe you’re just starting out. You saw a foreign film and much to your surprise, you enjoyed that film! Now you want to see much more of what film makers and acting talents from around the world have to offer. Well, look no further. Here are some great places to find foreign DVDs to rent or  own.

Your Local Video Rental Store

Your local video rental store is sure to carry at least a few foreign DVDs. Some have an entire section dedicated to the “genre” and some will also have films for purchase.


Redbox -though limited by location- does not discriminate when it comes to the films featured in its weekly renewed movie collection boxes. You can save yourself trips around town from box to box by searching online at their website to see what your local boxes have to offer in the foreign category at any given time.


If you haven’t heard of Netflix or signed up for it, your heart will delight in opening up your mail box to find movies you’ll love – shipped to you quickly for your enjoyment, and at a low monthly rate. There’s also the option of choosing films from their extensive online collection and watching them via PC, MAC or television. You’ll get foreign films served up fast!

Film Movement

Film Movement is a DVD club -much like Columbia House- that specializes in bringing you the best in foreign DVDs. Their collection consists of critically acclaimed films from around the world, and you can navigate their catalog by country – if you have a foreign film making location you so favor.

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