3 Ways to Make Movie Night More Interesting

3 Ways to Make Movie Night More Interesting

A movie night at home can provide some inexpensive entertainment, but even your old favorites can become boring after a while. The old stand-by doesn’t have to stay mediocre, however. Here are some tips for turning movie night into an interactive family event.

Girls’ Night / Boys’ Night

Have a girls’ night and boys’ night without even leaving the house. It’s a fun way for kids to spend some quality time with Mom or Dad. Here’s how it works: Girls go to one room and watch a chick flick with girly snacks. Watch the girliest movie you can get away with, just because you can. Bring a pretty dish with chocolate, ice cream, strawberry shortcake or any other distinctly girlish favorite. Giggle, sigh over prince charming and repeat.

The gentlemen go to a separate room with manly snacks like chips and salsa or chili. Watch a movie with lots of wilderness and explosions. Chew with your mouth open. Grunt occasionally. Dad will enjoy quality time with the boys, and the boys will enjoy grunting and belching with no consequences!

Movie Trivia Night

Give everyone some friendly competition with a movie trivia night. You can gather trivia questions about a movie by going online and doing a quick search. If your kids are younger or you would rather not compete, come up with questions yourself as you go throughout the movie. Everyone must watch the movie very carefully to prepare for questions afterward. It turns a mindless activity into a critical thinking and memory exercise. Offer a prize for extra motivation. In my family, the winner didn’t have to help clean up after dinner. That was motivation enough for all of us!

Record a Music Video

Put yourself on the other side of the silver screen and record your own music video. Most digital cameras have a video recording function, and you can set it up on a sturdy surface to record the creativity. Pick a song that everyone knows and start brainstorming!

Everyone gets a part, from costume designer to lead singer, with even the youngest tykes included as backup dancers. Make sure Mom or Dad doesn’t take the role of director or it will no longer be a collaborative effort. Let your kids take the lead – they will enjoy assigning parts and watching you perform. At the end, you will have a great video to enjoy and laugh about for years to come.

Take movie night beyond its lazy stand-by mode. Use these ideas, adapt them to your family and surprise your kids by transforming your family film experience into an event they will never forget.

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