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Android Phone to Get Netflix Watch Instantly

Android Phone to Get Netflix Watch Instantly

Netflix has confirmed to be working on building an app for the Android phone; it has been confirmed by Netflix and an online job listing. The company has two jobs listing on its website; both postings are for Android developers. One of those job posting is specifically asking for an “Android Video Playback Expert”.

The company is looking for a veteran in apps development with 10 years of experience, someone who has worked previously on an droid app with the same qualities as its postings, with more experience on video streaming apps. It notes that applicants must have expertise in digital rights management experience and other smart-phone application development. It all would imply that they are going to create one of their Watch Instantly apps which they have already done for the IPhone and IPad. These two apps serving as a building ground for the Android Phone app.

There is already an unofficial Netflix app for the Android Phone, but with it being unofficial it does not do a great job. The problems which make it unsuitable include its ability to consume a phone’s battery and its desire to display ads like a maniac. So there is definitely a need by Netflix subscribers to have an official app for their Android phones. Then if it wasn’t complicated enough, a user in a social network site claiming to be an Netflix employee, said that the company was hiring Android apps developers. Yet he was unsure when the company might finish the application and left to the imagination the quality of the app.

At last we come to the conclusion that both Netflix and the Android phone developers want to give their customers the best possible product with both groups being in the tech business. Netflix especially would like its subscribers, with ever changing lives,  to have the ability on demand to watch their favorite movies every where they go. The bottom line is that the product is yet to have a release date, meaning we are going to have to wait some time and hope for the best. Then there is the question that comes to mind, is the app worth the wait? Or will it be just another company producing a pointless app for a new smart-phone?